«Traveling, creating, falling in love… are three invitations to the same thing, three ways of going to places we don’t always understand».

You already have the dates, the money, the ideas for your best photos and you have calculated the number of days. But… still don’t know where to go for your next family vacation?

Family Vacation If not now, when?

You’re not the only one who has had this problem, it’s happened to us too. And this is the main reason why we decided to learn, take courses, practice and finally create defiestaenamerica.club the place where you can find the main places to go on family vacations in Argentina and Brazil, undoubtedly two of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Argentina has all climates, the most varied customs and services ranging from 5 stars to simple camping by the river.

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But there is one thing that all these places have in common, and that is their people.

Always with a great predisposition and good treatment, which makes Argentina a special place for tourists from around the world.

The landscapes combine in their tours the Argentine Patagonia or the jungle climate and the Iguazú Falls, passing through the tango districts or the Boca stadium. Museums, tickets, visits… in short, Argentina is for you.

The best family vacations

Family vacations are a true source of wonderful and unforgettable memories (so relax and feel no pressure, hey!).

In addition to good planning and realistic expectations, you may want a little inspiration to help you create an unforgettable getaway for the whole family, no matter what your budget.

Argentina with kids can be a little tricky…. Not at all.

We’ll show you special places created to make the most of your family vacation, with hotels staffed by professionals who can entertain people of all ages, so that every member of the family group enjoys a complete vacation.

We will show you where to spend the best vacation with children.

What to do in San Martín de los Andes

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Knowing what kids want during their vacation can solve many problems (not to mention issues), so we sought informative data for those looking for luxury with all-inclusive vacation deals, and also for the less demanding, where budget accommodation such as a family hotel allows them to enjoy a comfortable and affordable vacation, but with lots of style and fun.

From a 3 month old baby on the beach, to teenagers in the snowy mountains, defiestaenamerica.club brings you ideas for a comfortable, safe and fun vacation.

Why going out with kids won’t be a problem

Paradisiacal places where your children can spend incredible days, full of emotions and fun.

Programs, maps and options that will give you many ideas, whether you decide to schedule privately or hire all-inclusive services, where tourism experts will always be ready to guarantee a unique family vacation.

But what about… What to do on vacation?

All the climates that Argentina offers make it a unique country. Where you can enjoy the wonderful Patagonia both in winter and summer.

When would you like to visit Patagonia?

With incredible places for trekking or hiking like the Llao llao hill trails, or to visit cities like San Carlos de Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes and Villa la Angostura.

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Or spend a few days touring and learning all the culture of Tango and the suburbs, visiting the most beautiful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

And if you don’t know what to do when it rains, we also have articles that will help you enjoy a day under the water.

Friendship and Landscapes, defiestaenamérica.club in the City, the Snow or the Jungle

The world has wonderful and very interesting people… travelers around the world, tourists enjoying beautiful cities or people who enjoy and make this place something extraordinary, and that I would like to share with you.

Looking for the note of the moment, to provide reports on places to go on vacation, with some other interesting and very interesting articles, where Argentina, Brazil and part of the world are the main protagonists.

Whether you are looking to schedule your winter vacations, summer vacations or looking for the best places in Argentina to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Where to Spend the Best Vacation in Brazil?

High dollar, economic crisis… it is difficult to save to enjoy the vacations traveling.

But some small successes in the work routine can help us keep the accounts in green and allow us to save a few dollars for when the long-awaited vacation days arrive.

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When to go to Búzios on vacation

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And the job of defiestaenamerica.club is to find those places that allow every pocket to give them their getaway to celebrate New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve in Brazil, or a well-deserved vacation and leave.

Beauty, music and carnival. Brazil is synonymous of sea, of Yemanyá… of guaranteed fun, color, sand and beach. Paradisiacal places like Recife, classics like Copacabana and its sugar loaf or mega cities like Rio and Sao Paulo.

Brazil The Yemaya-loving Religion

Several are the names that identify her: Iemanjá, Yemanyá, Lemanjá, Orishá, Mother of the Sea. But all these names have something in common, the adoration and the great affective value of the Brazilian people that through their offerings and prayers, unite the culture with the sea.

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During the New Year in Rio de Janeiro Brazil thousands of faithful dressed in white make offerings to Yemaya in the sea, with baskets of fruits and flowers. A spectacle worth seeing. capoeira meaning, smart bracelet decathlon

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A World for You

The main activities that each city offers us, those events that are only known in the area, but of great importance and tradition.

Or the major festivals that each destination has to offer. This, and many other topics that will help you to prepare your next vacation in a short time.

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