During every month of the year, a new Brazilian destination, the best beaches of Pernambuco, are praised by tourists from all over Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

The beautiful landscapes, the fresh breeze and the warm sea provide tranquility and fun for the most diverse ages and preferences.

The 20 best beaches in Pernambuco Brazil tourism

Do you prefer calm or rough seas? Do you like that strip of sand full of tourists conducive to make new friends or do you prefer calmer and quieter corners to relax?

On the coast of Pernambuco it will be easy to find different options. Schedule your trip now to this beautiful and cozy state and really enjoy yourself!

1. Carne de Vaca Beach

Located in the municipality of Goiana, north of Pernambuco, Carne de Vaca beach is ideal for families or for those who like less rough seas.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

The shallow, warm waters and the calm atmosphere of the place make the tour relaxing and even therapeutic.

Don’t expect first-class infrastructure, as this is one of those beaches with an almost desert-like profile. If you want to escape from the world for a while, this is a great destination.

2. Barra de Catuama, Pernambuco

Barra de Catuama beach is also located in the municipality of Goiana. Although it retains the simplicity and tranquility of Carne de Vaca beach, it receives a good number of visitors and vacationers on the hottest days and especially in high season.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

There are modest but pleasant hotels in the region, as well as options for lunch.

A must for that moment of peace and quiet among friends and family.

3. Praia do Forte Orange

Very visited on weekends and in high season, this beach is located on the island of Itamaracá and is highly recommended for lovers of movement and good mood, that typical vacation climate in tropical landscapes.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

Suitable for swimming and for the practice of water sports, the sea is calm and has a beautiful blue contour with the incidence of the sun.

Get ready to spend all day sunbathing by the sea and enjoying with friends while sipping that cold beer.

4. Coroa do Avião Beach

The boat trip to the small island where Coroa do Avião beach is located, in Itamaracá, is already a fun ride.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

When you get there, you will find another charm of the Pernambuco nature: a constant and pleasant wind and a vegetation that harmonizes perfectly with the sea and the clear sands.

If you are taking a child or do not give up that kind of comfort, do not worry because there are kiosks and bars nearby.

5. Pontal de Maria Farinha Beach

In this one of Pernambuco, you should know that before the first dive it will be easy to understand why the beach of Pontal de Maria Farinha, located in the city of Paulista, is considered one of the most special of Pernambuco.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

In addition to the calm sea and crystal clear and warm waters, the sandy strip is wide, that is, ideal for good walks.

Surrounded by native vegetation and beautiful coconut trees, it receives a good number of visitors every year, but nothing to minimize the calm.

It will be a pleasure to sunbathe, cool off and, of course, drink coconut water and enjoy some snacks in the nearby tents.

6. Pau Amarelo Beach

The natural pools of Pau Amarelo beach are a playground for children, young people and even adults who like to relax feeling the marolinha.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

After diving and sunbathing, a good idea is to walk or even run on the sand. Who said you can’t do a little exercise during your free time, right?

Even with a simple structure, the place has bars that offer good examples of Pernambuco cuisine. Another note of attraction 10 of Paulista.

7. Janga Pernambuco Beach, Brazil

Although not so good for swimming, Janga beach is perfect for that morning or afternoon stroll with the whole family.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

It’s a great place for photographic records and to enjoy that coconut water between good conversations.

How about planning a trip to Paulista and get to know these beautiful beaches and have more good surprises? The city is cozy and an indescribable refuge.

8. Recife Brazil beaches of Casa Caiada

The Olinda Carnival is one of the most famous in Brazil, but the city’s beaches, which are less than 10 kilometers from Recife, are also worth a visit.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

At Casa Caiada Beach the tourist can walk on the sand, bathe in warm water and feel the calm and relaxing climate, even if it is full of tourists on the sunniest days.

In the region there are high-end buildings and large hotels and inns, as well as bars and restaurants, if the traveler wants to have a snack, a cold beer or a full meal.

9. Praia Bairro Novo, Pernambuco tourism

A very famous beach in Olinda is Bairro Novo: with a variety of audiences – from complete families, young and old – it usually fills up during the high season.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

The sea is calm and the waters are clean, ideal for swimming and playing with children.

It is common to find groups of friends chatting on the sand at sunset, as the quiet beach puts on a show at sunset.

10. Praia do Farol Pernambuco Brazil

The lighthouse of Olinda is one of the most prestigious tourist spots in the city and the beach is recommended for visitors with small children, after all it will be feasible to enjoy the day in the calm sea of warm waters in total safety.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

  • Tip: play with your children in the sea or on the sand until late afternoon and just take a break to enjoy an irresistible grilled fish.

11. Pernambuco praias do Pina

Very frequented by Recife and visitors, Pina beach is a continuation of Boa Viagem.

There are good restaurants and bars nearby and it is also suitable for those who want to enjoy the sunny days in the capital of Pernambuco and be close to the main neighborhoods.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

Remember to watch out for sharks, because on the beaches of Recife Brazil the incidence of attacks is usually high.

To enjoy the sea safely, read the signs carefully and avoid diving on days of high tide or with skin injuries.

12. Boa Viagem Beach

Recife beaches of Boa Viagem, the most famous of Pernambuco and one of the most visited in Brazil.

Full of tourists throughout the year, it is one of those beaches for those who like to feel the fervor of the city.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

Surrounded by luxurious buildings, it is close to several bars and kiosks, so that the tourist can enjoy the sun and the sea all day long with all the comforts.

You will love this postcard of Recife. Just a warning: pay attention to the shark warnings and don’t go into the sea in forbidden places, okay?

13. Praia da Piedade

The munício Jaboatão dos Guararapes is a mandatory stop in the tour of Pernambuco due to the importance of history and the beauty of its beaches.

Speaking of which, if you are there, do not miss the days of the brigadeiro sky and run to the beautiful beach of Piedade.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

On this beach, the sea is more agitated and has good waves, being conducive to the practice of kitsurfing or surfing.

On the other hand, if you prefer to play soccer, volleyball or even catch that summer color, you will like it the same way.

14. Candeias Beach

What about the image of this little end of the day at Candeias beach in Jaboatão dos Guararapes? It will be a privilege to surf and catch a wave with a bodyboard or even walk the 3 kilometers of one of the most beautiful beaches of Pernambuco.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

There is a good infrastructure of bars and that calm climate that enchants the most peaceful visitor. Great request.

15. Calhetas Beach

Calhetas beach, located in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

So, if you want to have fun in this natural environment that, besides being comfortable and relaxing, has a postcard atmosphere, you can stop here.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

The fun will be complete: you can stay in the sea all day, hike through the surrounding vegetation, take a boat ride, snorkel, go down the zip line and enjoy some snacks while sipping a cold beer. Need more information?

16. Pernambuco Paraíso Beaches

Unlike the previous attraction, this beach is not of the effervescent type and falls into that «non-touristy» line.

The calm sea of transparent waters forms natural pools, which makes the place very pleasant for quiet people and families.

In the surroundings there are thatched bungalows that form very interesting umbrellas. As the proposal is rustic, there is not so much infrastructure, so the best recommendation is to bring food and drinks.

17. Porto de Galinhas

Undoubtedly one of the best beaches near Recife. The district of Porto de Galinhas, belonging to the municipality of Ipojuca, is one of those tourist spots that must be visited at least once in life.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

The beaches surrounded by coconut trees and blue seas are as beautiful as those of the Caribbean, Algarve and other coasts of the world.

On the beach that bears the name of the neighborhood, the traveler will be enchanted by the scenic repertoire.

In particular, they will love the natural pools that allow a relaxing bath, diving and snorkeling. Here is a 10-point destination for adults, children, quiet travelers or party people.

18. Pernambuco Brazil Maracaípe Beaches

Still in Ipojuca, surfers or kitesurfers will feel right at home at Maracaípe beach, a place with big, boisterous waves.

If you have small children, of course you can enjoy the place, but always enjoy it safely, okay?

The soft sands are perfect for the little ones to play in the castles and there are very nice kiosks for a pit stop at lunch time or to eat and drink in a simpler way.

19. Carneiros Beach

The charming Carneiros beach is located in the municipality of Tamandaré and has as one of its attractions the church of São Benedito, built in the 18th century. Weddings and other ceremonies are held there every year.

Beaches of Pernambuco Brazil

Is it a good idea to plan a wedding in this Pernambuco paradise? Even if it is not your case, it will be a privilege to dive in the warm waters, take lots of pictures and feel all the energy of another memorable beach.

20. Pernambuco Praia de Gravatá Beaches

It is unthinkable to close this list without a special attraction. Located in São José da Coroa Grande, Gravatá beach is one of those destinations for the traveler whose greatest impulse is to «hide» from the world and establish contact with nature, only with it.

Basically frequented by fishermen and people who live nearby, it has a calm sea and warm waters. Depending on the tide, natural pools can still emerge.

How to get to Pernambuco Brazil

Recife is one of the main capitals of the northeast and the flow of people in the city is always very large, whether for tourism, business or leisure.

For this reason, there are many options to get there. Here are some details that can help you choose how to get to Recife:

To Pernambuco flights

If you are looking for the best beaches, flights to Pernambuco are to Guararapes International Airport, located in Recife.

It receives direct flights from Aracaju, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Campinas, Fernando de Noronha, Fortaleza, Juazeiro do Norte, Maceió, Natal, Petrolina, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Luís, São Paulo and Teresina.

By bus to Pernambuco

Recife’s bus terminal, the TIP, receives buses from the following capitals: Aracaju, Belém, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Goiânia, João Pessoa, Maceió, Natal, Palmas, Porto Velho, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Luís, São Paulo and Teresina, in addition to several cities in the outskirts of Recife and the interior of Brazil.

To Pernambuco by car

The first capital to the south is Maceió, from there there are two options to reach Recife. Along the coast, take AL 101 to the first town in Pernambuco, São José da Coroa Grande.

From there, follow PE 060, which ends at Cabo de Santo Agostinho. From there, follow BR 101 to Recife. Another possible route from Maceió to Recife is direct on BR 101, but the scenery is different on this road.

From João Pessoa, take BR 101 and go directly to Recife. The trip is short, about 120 kilometers.

The PE 242 opens the way for those in the interior or in the wild Pernambuco to the state capital.

Distances from Recife

If your question is where Recife Pernambuco is, the approximate distances are:

  • João Pessoa: 120 km
  • Maceió: 285 km – Click to learn more
  • Natal: 297 km – Click to learn more
  • Aracaju: 501 km
  • Fortaleza: 800 km
  • Salvador: 839 km
  • São Luís: 1573 km
  • Brasília: 2135 km
  • Rio de Janeiro: 2338 km
  • São Paulo: 2660 km

Pernambuco Hotels

Praia das Candeiras, beaches of Pernambuco Praia Carne de Vaca, best beaches of the north of brazil, beaches of pernambuco

👉 Pernambuco Brazil map
Praia das Candeiras, Playas de Pernambuco Praia Carne de Vaca, mejores playas del norte de brasil, playas de pernambuco

What do you think?

Have you seen how beautiful the beaches of Pernambuco are from north to south of the state?

After this tour, we suggest you visit the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, and be sure that there are no limits to the beauty in northeastern Brazil.

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