Covering from north to south of Brazil, from Pará to Rio Grande do Sul, this list includes some must-see destinations in our continental country without suffering from the rising dollar.

However, we must recognize that the concept of cheap or expensive is relative from person to person and that the trips will be more salty or more economical depending on the travel style of each one.

You also have to take into account the timing of the trip, because, of course, during the peak of the high season, all prices will go up.

20 cheap destinations in Brazil

Recognizing these challenges, we focused on making a list of some amazing and minimally accessible national destinations, even for those who don’t always have a car available.

Meet some paradisiacal beauties that should not go at all to overseas destinations and that will give you a relief not only for your body and mind, but also for your pocketbook, when compared to destinations that use the dollar as their currency.

1. Alter do Chão, Santarém – Pará

Elected in 2009 by the British newspaper The Guardian as the best beach in Brazil, Alter do Chão, in the city of Santarém, brings the river beaches to the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

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In addition to the white sand beaches and crystal clear water of the Tapajós River, the place brings other attractions, such as the meeting of the Tapajós and Amazon rivers, whose waters do not mix, the water mirror of the Maicá Lake, the Tapajós National Forest, the welcoming riverside communities and the ZooFIT, a center for the recovery of the fauna of Pará.

Fortunately, Santarém has an airport from which flights from Brazil’s major urban centers arrive.

But if you can and have time to enjoy the true Amazon region experience, it is recommended that you arrive in Manaus and travel down the Amazon River by boat to Santarém, a two-day trip.

2. Maragogi – Alagoas

You take your cheap flights to Brazil and arrive at the place known as the Brazilian Caribbean, the municipality of Maragogi offers one of the most admired landscapes of the northeast, with natural pools formed during low tide, where you can see corals and colorful fish.

what to do in maragogi brazil

The city also has beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and it is still possible to take buggy and boat trips to see the coastline of more than 20 km long.

A tour of the region also offers hiking trails, river tours and visits to historic churches.

This little paradise is located halfway between two major Brazilian tourist capitals, Recife and Maceió, and is about 2 hours from each capital.

  • To learn more visit our article Maragogi

3. Cabo Frio – Rio de Janeiro

One of the most popular cities in the Lake District, Cabo Frio offers great infrastructure and beautiful beaches just two hours from the state capital.

Tourists can enjoy Praia do Forte, the city’s most famous beach, with greenish waters and a view of the island where the Forte de São Mateus is located, listed as artistic and cultural heritage.

Cabo Frio brazil

Another cultural visit is to the Convento de Nossa Senhora dos Anjos, which houses a historical heritage of the seventeenth century.

In addition to the cheap beaches in Brazil of Cabo Frio, it still has other unmissable beaches, where it is possible to rest surrounded by the local beauty and also offers areas for the practice of diving.

Handicraft and gastronomy fairs, as well as large shopping malls complete the tour.

4. Curitiba – Paraná

The capital of Paraná has a wide range of parks and cultural centers, and all its main attractions can be visited in a single day even by tourists who have never been to the city.

This is thanks to the Tourist Line bus, which gives the right to one boarding and four transfers without having to pay the ticket again.

Curitiba brazil

It is one of the cheapest cities in Brazil for your family vacation, and among the main tourist attractions are several parks and forests, in addition to the Botanical Garden, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum or the Opera de Alambre.

In addition, the gastronomic center of Santa Felicidade, the Panoramic Tower, from where you can see the whole city from above, and the historical center of Largo da Ordem, where the night of Curitibana boils.

Another must is the train ride through the Serra do Mar to Morretes, a charming and traditional village 70 km from the capital.

5. Foz do Iguaçu – Parana

One of the world’s top tourist destinations, Foz do Iguaçu is best known for the exciting beauty of the Falls, which can be seen from both Brazil and Argentina.

The city still borders Paraguay, offering another type of tourist activity: shopping.

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Near the Falls, on the Brazilian side, is the Parque das Aves, with hundreds of species typical of the Atlantic Forest.

The Argentine side has the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), a magnificent fall, and still offers many beautiful trails and waterfalls.

Other tours worth visiting are the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant and the Argentine border town of Puerto Iguazu, which has restaurants, popular markets and a lively nightlife.

6. Lençóis Maranhenses – Maranhão

Lençóis Maranhenses brings sand dunes that are surrounded by freshwater lagoons, when flooding occurs during the rainy season in the first half of the year.

It is a unique combination of desert soil and abundant water. In addition to the tasty baths surrounded by the beauty of the dunes, visitors to Barreirinhas can enjoy different lagoon circuits.

Lençóis Maranhenses brazil

Enjoy aerial tours along the mighty Preguiças River, cross the buoy along the Formigas River and fly over the National Park to see the dunes from above.

Located 260 km from the capital São Luis, Lençóis Maranhenses has more than one entrance gate, the most popular being Barreirinhas, reached by a fully paved road from São Luis.

Other less accessible entrances are those of Atins and Santo Amaro, but precisely because they are less visited, they bring the most beautiful landscapes.

7. Morro Branco Beach, Beberibe – Ceará

Located 79 km from the capital Fortaleza and easily accessible by land, Beberibe offers a beach that was once the setting for Globo soap operas such as Tropicaliente and Final Feliz, thanks to a rare combination orchestrated by nature.

Morro Branco caera brazil

Cliffs, geographical formations of steep slopes that abruptly meet the sea and that, in the case of Morro Branco beach, are reddish and jagged, forming labyrinths that are in themselves a tourist attraction.

But Beberibe is not only its most famous beach and has more coastline of singular beauty, in addition to offering an encounter with the local culture, strongly based on handicrafts and fishing.

8. Xingó Canyon, on the São Francisco River

Organizing cheap trips to Brazil can take you to the Xingó Canyon, formed by the damming of the waters of the São Francisco River for the construction of the Xingó Hydroelectric Power Plant, the largest navigable canyon in the world emerged in the 1990s, when the riverbed rose about 100 meters covering the caatinga and forming a kind of lake between millenary rock formations.

Xingó Canyon brazil

On the catamaran tour, you can navigate the rocks at a height of about 50 meters, visit caves and still bathe in natural pools delimited by retaining bars.

To reach this magical place that borders Sergipe, Alagoas and Bahia, the most common are two ways:

  • The exit from Aracaju to Canindé de São Francisco, more than three hours by car or 213 km from the capital of Sergipe,
  • The exit from Maceió to the historic city of Piranhas, almost 280 km away.

9. Taipu de Fora Beach, Maraú Peninsula – Bahia

The beach of Taipu de Fora is considered one of the most beautiful in the country and it is not for less: with crystal clear waters, clear sand, coral reefs and giant coconut trees that stretch along its 7 km of coastline.

Taipu de Fora bahia brazil

The great attraction of the place are the natural pools, which are formed at low tide and where visitors can appreciate a real natural aquarium, diving and underwater observation.

On the outskirts of the Maraú Peninsula, it is still possible to visit the calm waters of the Camumu Bay, in addition to the lagoons and the Giant Bromeliad Forest.

To reach the peninsula, 200 km from Salvador and 150 km from Ilhéus, there are several ways of transportation by land and also by sea, through ferries, ordinary boats or motorboats.

10. Chapada dos Guimarães – Mato Grosso

The Chapada dos Guimarães is one of the easiest to reach among the main chapadas of the country that will make you live a new experience in your vacations in Brazil.

Chapada dos Guimarães brazil

About 75 km from the airport of the capital, Cuiabá, the Chapada has its walks accessible to those who go by car or rent ecotourism agencies.

In addition to the waterfalls where you can take refreshing baths, the place has guided circuits within the National Park, with several options of trails and arrivals to viewpoints with breathtaking views.

There is also the option of more adventurous hikes, including crossings in inflatable kayaks, zip lines, tree climbing, rappel and horseback riding.

11. Chapada Imperial – Federal District

Caldas Novas and the nearby town of Rio Quente form the largest hydrothermal complex in the world, with waters that naturally have a higher temperature, around 37ºC, and are believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties.

The small town has a variety of hotels, resorts and water parks for all tastes and styles.

Visitors should also go to the Parque Estadual da Serra, a protection area for hydrothermal springs, which has waterfalls, viewpoints and trails.

Getting to Caldas Novas is not difficult: besides the fact that the city has an airport, it is about 170 km from Goiânia.

12. Itaúnas – Espírito Santo

Almost on the border of Bahia and part of the municipality of Conceição da Barra, 270 km from the capital Vitória, and accessible by car or bus, the village of Itaúnas is a refuge of very rustic tone and away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

itaunas espirito santo brazil

We can also enjoy bathing in the Itaúnas River, which forms lagoons near the dunes during the floods, which are another of the attractions of the place.

The town also offers beaches of almost untouched beauty, which can be reached by dirt roads.

The town also has the Itaúnas National Park, declared a World Heritage Site, and the Tamar Project.

Forró is another great trademark of Itaúnas, which offers a lively nightlife, where people from various places go to enjoy the music scene.

13. Guarapari – Espírito Santo

Unlike Itaúnas, Guarapari is a much more popular destination with a structure closer to urban centers.

Only 50 km from the state capital, the city is easily accessible not only by car, but also by bus, with routes departing from the main capitals of the country.

In addition to a variety of more than 20 beaches, it is possible to enjoy a good leisure structure for the whole family, with water parks, places to practice extreme sports and a lively nightlife, with several nightclubs and concert halls.

The place also has the Paulo César Vinha State Park and the Morro da Pescaria Park, two points of preservation of flora and fauna, open to visitors.

14. Serra do Cipó – Minas Gerais

Serra do Cipó is one of those destinations for those who like to venture into the most beautiful landscapes of nature and one of the recommended places to rest in Brazil.

Serra-do-Cipó-Minas-Gerais brazil

At 100 km from the capital Belo Horizonte and 60 km from Confins, both accessible through airports, the Serra do Cipó has one of the most exuberant ecosystems in the world, with several unique plant species and several endangered animals.

Part of the territory is protected by the Serra do Cipó National Park, which is open to visitors and has a diversity of vegetation, as well as rivers, waterfalls, canyons, caves and preserved archeological sites.

With a good infrastructure of hotels, inns and camping areas, hiking trails (on foot, by bicycle or on horseback), rappelling, canoeing, hiking, mountaineering and cycling are some examples of possible activities in the Serra do Cipó.

16. Where to go on vacation in Brazil? Brumadinho – Minas Gerais is your place.

Quite accessible 65 km from Belo Horizonte, the city of Brumadinho is home to one of the most important and dazzling contemporary art museums in existence, the Inhotim Institute, surrounded by imposing botanical gardens that dialogue with the works of art.

Brumadinho - Minas Gerais brazil

There are more than 20 exhibition galleries with hundreds of works by artists from various countries and the visit, to be fruitful, needs at least two days.

But Brumadinho is not only the Inhotim Institute: among the various charms of the city is the Rola Moça Park, with several trails and viewpoints, the White House neighborhood, which has waterfalls and spaces for ecotourism activities, as well as the town of Piedade de Paraopeba, with churches from the eighteenth century.

17. Boiçucanga – São Paulo

Located 170 km from the state capital and easily accessible via the Rio-Santos highway, Boiçucanga beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast of São Paulo.

The sunset is one of the most admired beauties of the city, which offers cultural spaces and infrastructure to receive visitors.

Other activities include boat trips to nearby islands with pristine beaches, where diving is practiced, as well as the Brava Beach trail, which is 2 km long with a steep ascent, and a trail that winds through the Atlantic Forest and reaches the seven waterfalls of the Itu River.

18. Cheap Brazil and Guarda do Embaú – Santa Catarina

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Guarda do Embaú is located in the municipality of Palhoça, 50 km from the capital Florianópolis, and is accessible by the Madre River, which runs parallel to the beach and can be crossed by swimming or canoeing, or even on foot, when its bed is low.

Guarda do Embaú - Santa Catarina brazil

Located in an area of environmental preservation, Guarda do Embaú has the calm climate of a fishing village, offering white sand and clear sea and a unique beauty in the middle of the Atlantic Forest.

The beach still offers a natural viewpoint at the top of Pedra do Urubu and is a great destination for surfers, sandboarders and climbers.

19. Imbituba – Santa Catarina

One of the cheapest beaches in Brazil, with lagoons, dunes and mountains: these are some of the attractions of one of the cheapest places in Brazil, the city of Imbituba, 90 km from Florianopolis.

Imbituba brazil

Imbituba is one of the main places for surfing and windsurfing in Brazil, but the city is also the ideal destination for those who just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Between June and November, the place receives illustrious visitors in the figure of the right whales, which come there to reproduce and nurse their calves.

Historically, they have been heavily hunted in the region, but today there are cultural and study centers dedicated to their preservation.

We recommend traveling outside the high seasons, when it is cheaper to travel to Brazil.

20. Canela- Rio Grande do Sul

Our list of cheap cities in Brazil ends with the city of Canela, next to the famous Gramado and 120 km from the capital Porto Alegre.

canela and gramado brazil

One of the cheap places Brazil and main destinations to enjoy the winter, the place is an invitation to tranquility and encounter with nature, with its natural beauties such as native forests, waterfalls, trails, hills and valleys with great views.

The city still has an open viniculum to visit, the Castelinho Caracol, legacy of the German colonization in the region, and the beautiful Stone Cathedral.

There are several parks, museums, viewpoints and ecotourism activities that are worth a visit to this gaucho corner, which offers attractions for all tastes.

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