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Before you ask yourself if it’s worth taking your baby to the beach, we’ll answer: it’s worth it.

You can escape from your little one’s routine and have a delightful family trip without worries: you just have to choose the right places and plan everything.

That’s why we made a selection of the best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies, thinking about the infrastructure, amenities and also the points that serve for possible emergencies.

Don’t forget your travel insurance (here are some tips on how to choose it).

Are there the best beaches in Brazil with children?

Yes, there are. Traveling with a baby requires care and perhaps a place isolated from the world is not the best option.

Best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies

Leaving the routine, the little ones may feel wanted out of the time, and nothing worse than being away from everything soon when it is most needed.

They always prefer family vacations to have beaches with infrastructure, either in resorts with assistance, or near markets, restaurants and health posts.

The best beaches to travel with your family in the northeast: Tatuamunha

Tatuamunha is on the Ecological Route of Alagoas, on the sides of São Miguel dos Milagres and Patacho, making it one of the recommended places in Brazil to go with children in our guide.

It is one of the best beaches in Brazil to go with the family, because it is a quiet, preserved and unspoiled place without being isolated, with intense turquoise blue beaches with no tents and no clutter.

It is a perfect place to connect and enjoy your family vacation.

Where to stay in Tatuamunha

They recommend the Pousada Borapira. It is one of the few pousadas on the Ecological Route that accepts children of all ages, and is focused on traveling families.

It is not about entertainers and such, but a tender service, with all the attention for those traveling with babies: from the crib to the menu.

Best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies

Borapirá is cozy, quiet, surrounded by lawns and coconut trees, by the sea and in front of a beach of calm waters protected by coral reefs.

Walks in Tatuamunha

Getting around: if you want to get to know the neighboring beaches, it is worth having a car or renting excursions.

Tours are offered at the pousada, but if you want the car, the recommendation is to rent it at Rentalcars.

The ideal is to fly to Recife or Maceió (fly with Avianca, which usually has the best prices).

Where to eat and what to do in Tatuamunha

The hotel has a restaurant open until 9:00 pm, and with children’s menu, berries, soup.

Enjoy the beach in front of the pousada, which is beautiful. In addition, you can take a raft ride to the natural pools and visit the Peixe-Boi project (an outdoor sanctuary where several fishbois live).

You will also like the Tatuamunha river (especially at high tide), and Lage beach.

Porto de Galinhas with babies (PE)

If you are looking for recommended beaches to go with kids, Porto de Galinhas (see here our complete guide to Porto de Galinhas) is already a suitable destination for those who want more excitement, people, several restaurants and beaches with tents.

Porto has all this and the beaches are beautiful and perfect for babies. The main one, which is close to the city center, has the protection of coral reefs, forming shallow and calm pools.

Pontal do Cupe is a bit more agitated, but still has rocks protecting the shore, and being far from the center is super quiet.

Where to stay in Porto Galinhas

Most of the local resorts and pousadas have a structure to welcome the whole family, including little ones under 3 years old.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

We recommend in town La Fleur Polinésia, the Porto de Galinhas Loft no Cupe Beach Living, the Porto de Galinhas Flat Malawi resort dream and the Palm Village em Porto de Galinhas, all with crib availability, recreational area and special children’s menu.

Walks in Porto Galinhas

You can discover one of the best family beaches in Brazil, ideal to go with babies on foot, as you don’t need a car.

But there is a buggy ride to Muro Alto (a nice beach for children). To get there, hire a transfer from Recife.

Where to eat and what to do with babies in Porto Galinhas

Some restaurants in downtown Porto de Galinhas offer a children’s menu and also a drawing kit and games for kids to spend their time.

This is the case of Pizzaria Paulista, in front of the chapel of Nossa Senhora, and Farofa fina, almost in front of the beach.

What to do: Porto de Galinhas has many boat trips, but some of them last all day, which can tire babies.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Our advice is to take a raft ride to the natural pools, which are short and easy to navigate (and the pools are full of small fish).

It is also worthwhile to enjoy the beaches with children on vacation near the city, especially the one downtown, where you can find the coral reefs that used to be natural pools.

Another interesting activity is to know the streets of downtown, where you can buy souvenirs and visit excellent restaurants with children’s menu.

Best beaches in the northeast with babies: Costa do Sauípe (BA)

This is the beach destination for families who want tranquility, shade and fresh water.

All-inclusive resorts offer a wide range of activities, are fully structured and stand on the sand to enjoy the view.

Where to stay in Costa do Sauípe

Two resorts are the best in the region for your next Brazil vacation with kids.

First is the Sauipe Resorts, a sprawling complex with spacious rooms, availability of cribs, babysitting and children’s recreation.

The second is Sauipe Premium, with one of the best beaches to go with babies, which follows the same line of services. Both also offer an all-inclusive package.

Costa do Sauípe transfer, where to eat and what to do.

  • Travel: on foot, no need for a car. To get there, hire a transfer from Salvador.
  • Where to eat: There are not many dining options in the region, as the resorts offer all the amenities and meals for guests (also with children’s food), but if you want to go out, we recommend Jerimum Café and Nega Fulô Pizzaria and Restaurant Sombra Da Mangueira, which have a children’s menu.
  • What to do: Enjoy the beach with children and all the amenities offered by the resorts. Every day there are different activities in the swimming pools and playgrounds.

The whole family can also take the opportunity to walk along the nearby sandy paths, where there are shallow and calm natural pools.

Beaches with babies in Brazil: Praia do Forte (BA)

Praia do Forte is one of the best beaches in Brazil to go with small children in the northeast.

Best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies

It is a destination to always go with the whole family, whether with babies or older children.

The beach shore has calm waters, which form natural pools at low tide, great infrastructure and a breathtaking view.

Where to stay in Praia do Forte

If you want a resort, we highly recommend the Tivoli Ecoresort, which is just a few minutes’ drive from the town center.

It has everything a family with a baby needs, starting with the availability of cribs and safety bars in the rooms, babysitting service, entertainment staff and a children’s play area.

But it’s not close to the village. If you want to be near the center, Refúgio da Vila, Pousada Ogum Marinho and Casa do Forte (all have restaurants with children’s dishes).

Praia do Forte transfer, where to eat and what to do.

  • Travel: on foot, you don’t need a car. But if you don’t want to walk, you have the bicitaxi, which is a lot of fun. To get to Praia do Forte, rent a transfer from Salvador.
  • Where to eat: The center of Praia do Forte concentrates the restaurants of the city, with great options for the little ones.

At Risoteria Terra Brasil there are dishes with noodles and homemade sauces that are not too spicy and at Papa Gente the children’s menu also serves meat accompanied by rice or mashed potatoes.

  • What to do: In addition to the quiet beaches and natural pools, Praia do Forte has to visit one of the headquarters of the Tamar Project, which promotes contact with marine life, making it one of the most recommended destinations in Brazil to go with children.

During the nesting season (between September and March), turtles can be seen leaving their nests and going to sea. A trip to Imbassaí is also worthwhile.

Best beaches in southern Brazil to go with children: Ilhabela (SP)

There are more than 40 beaches in Ilhabela, but the best ones to go with babies and toddlers are the ones on the west coast, facing the mainland.

In the north our favorites are the beaches of Sino and Armação, and in the south those of Curral and Veloso.

Best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies

All of them have clear and calm waters and an extensive shallow part to get wet with the baby without worries.

Where to stay in Ilhabela

Being one of the best destinations in the south of Brazil, you can opt for hotels or pousadas that are also on the west coast, making it easy to move between beaches.

Almost all in the region accept small children, but some have a better structure, such as the Hotel Real Villa Bella, which offers free cribs and a children’s menu, and the Hotel Ilhasol, with the same amenities.

What to do, transfer, food in Ilhabela

  • Getting around: you need a car to get around. You have to fly to SP and drive 200 km. I recommend renting from Rentalcars or in any case moving around in Uber.
  • Where to eat: Besides enjoying these quiet beaches in Brazil, and although the center of the islands has good restaurants, the best ones to go with children are further away.

One of them is Ben’s Bar and Comidaria, near Veloso beach, with dishes adapted for the little ones. The other option is the Creperia N’areia, on Perequê beach.

The children’s menu is varied and the crepes are well served.

  • What to do: Being one of the ideal beaches in Brazil to go with children, the first activity is to enjoy the calm waters of the beaches on the west side.

They are even the quietest, as the others, on the opposite side, are sought after by adventurers, young people and of course, the ideal beaches to go with children.

If you want a little more structure, go to the Beach Clubs, such as the NYPD and the Sea Club, but go before sunset, because the night is very busy.

Travel with babies in Brazil: Bombinhas (SC)

If you are wondering where to go to Brazil with kids, looking for peace and quiet for your family, among the tourist spots in Brazil, Bombinhas is your destination.

Best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies

The city located on the north coast of Santa Catarina is a quiet place with calm waters.

It attracts many surfers, but the beaches with few waves are still little frequented.

Where to stay in Bombinhas

The city of Bombinhas does not have a large hotel structure, so the best inns in Bombinhas are the pousada Bora Bora, with special beds and room for children, and the Hotel Atlântico, with its crib and children’s pool.

  • Getting around: you don’t need a car to get around. You have to fly to Florianópolis and hire a transfer to Bombinhas.
  • Where to eat: There are few restaurants that offer children’s dishes.

The first is Berro D’Água, with a children’s menu and a playground outside. The second is Tatuíra Petisqueira, in Canto Grande Bay.

There is a simple selection of dishes for children and it is located in front of a very quiet beach, ideal for the little ones.

Beaches with children, what to do in Bombinhas

The north coast is ideal to go with small children. There the waters are clear, calm and with a good structure nearby.

Some of the best beaches are Bombinhas, Bombas, Lagoinha Beach and Retiro Beach.

In addition, the family can also approach the ECO 360º viewpoint, with a beautiful view of the city.

Discover Ponta das Canas (video Sub)

Baby beach destinations in Brazil: Florianópolis (SC)

In the southern region, Florianópolis is one of the best beach destinations to go with babies.

It has many amazing beaches from north to south and some of them are ideal to go with toddlers and also with babies.

The city has a good hotel structure, restaurants and points like shopping malls and malls in case of emergencies.

Where to stay in

The region of Jurerê Internacional is the best for those traveling with children. Besides being close to the beach, it has a good structure.

It still has its own center, with commerce and several restaurants.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

The two favorites to accompany the little ones are the Jurerê Beach Village and the Hotel Sete Ilhas, both with babysitting service on request, crib in the rooms, children’s room and recreational activities.

What to do, eat and move around in Florianópolis with children

  • Getting around: you need a car to get around. I recommend renting from Rentalcars.
  • Where to eat: the beaches for kids in Florianópolis have a great variety of restaurants, but the specialty of the island is seafood and fish.

The good thing is that most of them offer simple menus for children, usually with rice, mashed potatoes, fish fillet or meat.

Our advice is Casa do Chico, in Lagoa da Conceição, and Tico’s in Jurerê.

  • What to do: The ideal beaches to go with babies and children are Lagoa da Conceição, which has calm waters, without waves or shallows, Cacupé and Santo Antônio de Lisboa, which go to the mainland and have calm seas.

And do not forget the two Jurerê (Nacional and Internacional), which are in the north and have a good structure of clubs and restaurants with feet in the sand, undoubtedly the best beaches in Florianópolis to go with children.

To Buzios with babies (RJ)

If you are wondering which is the best beach in Brazil to go with children? The coast of Búzios is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil to go with children.


The beaches are clear waters, almost Caribbean, many of them without waves and with a good structure of restaurants, inns and hotels.

Lodging in Búzios

We recommend two excellent hotels in Búzios to go with children without worries.

On the one hand, the Ferradura Resort Hotel, which offers cribs and safety bars in the rooms, has indoor and outdoor recreation for various ages and has an extra babysitting service.

There is also the Corais e Conchas, which in addition to its crib, has areas with toys and even a video library.

Where to eat and what to do in Búzios

Búzios is a busy destination, but there are still good restaurants that serve children’s meals or have activities for the little ones.

At Aquele Abraço, the waiters serve the kids’ drinks in fun glasses and also offer different toys for them to play with while the food is not there, Lorenzo is also great, with fresh pasta.

Best Beaches in Brazil to Go with Babies

What to do: The beaches in Búzios are, in general, calm seas. However, two of them are our favorites to go with babies and toddlers, the beaches of Tartaruga, Forno, João Fernandinho and Armação.

They are good precisely because of the tranquility of the places, the shallow sea and the infrastructure.

Which is the best beach for the family?

  • Ubatuba is one of the most incredible destinations in Brazil to go with children on the coast of São Paulo……
  • Praia da Ferradura is located in Búzios…..
  • Praia da Daniela is one of the most popular beaches in Floripa…..
  • Praia do Forte is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia……
  • Muro Alto – Porto de Galinhas……
  • Fortaleza has culture and beautiful beaches.

Which is the best beach for babies?

  • Muro Alto – Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco.

What are the quietest beaches in Brazil?

  • If you want to enjoy Brazil with your family, Bonete, Ilha Bela is one of the most suitable São Paulo.
  • Icaraí de Amotada, Ceará
  • Boipeba, Cairu, Salvador Bahia
  • Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, beaches Rio de Janeiro with children
  • Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco
  • Gunga Beach is another great option for traveling to Brazil with kids if you visit Alagoas.

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