e24650_ ✈❤ Meet the Official Beaches to Practice Nudism in Argentina.

Naturist activities are becoming more and more popular among tourists looking for a new experience. Know the places where you can connect with the sea without clothes.

On the Atlantic coast there are places where you can feel the freedom of the body, walking stripped of all prejudice and clothes. Little by little the naturist beaches, better known as nudist beaches, are gaining public among those who are looking for a place to vacation. Today there are two nudist beaches in the country.

Welcome to de Fiesta en América, in this article we will tell you all about naturism in Argentina.

Beaches to practice nudism in Argentina

Apanna, the Association for Argentine Naturist Nudism, brings together, among others, Playa Escondida, the first optional nudist resort in Argentina located in Chapadmalal; the Yatan Rumi nudonaturist reserve in Córdoba; Quinta Edén, a sort of club for nudists with different activities; Querandí beach, also an optional nudist beach, in Villa Gesell; and even institutes with yoga classes or artistic workshops without clothes.

In Argentina, the nudist movement began to be practiced in 1934, although there were already isolated people who practiced it, in that year the naturist communities began. But it was not until the 2000s that nudist beaches got their respective approvals.

As I mentioned, in the country there are two places in front of the sea enabled by the control organisms, where to live a nude experience.

Mar del Plata

The first and most important nudist beach in the country is «La Escondida», located at the southern end of Mar del Plata.

It was born in 2001 with the purpose of offering a new alternative for tourists arriving to La Feliz. Nudism in this beach located in the middle of Route 11, at kilometer 552, is optional.

Beaches to practice nudism in Argentina

Querandí Beach, Villa Gesell

Another nudist place in the coast of Buenos Aires is Querandí Beach, located in the district of Villa Gesell. There, nudism is also optional and was enabled by the municipality in 2008.
Conceived as a wild space and stripped of infrastructure, it differs from the great naturist beach of Mar del Plata for the few tourist services it offers.

Although the beaches have the same code of coexistence, both offer different experiences for each tourist profile. While «La Escondida» has several services such as spas, parking or umbrellas, the beach of Gesellina seeks to encourage the connection with nature, offering a simple experience.

Beaches to practice nudism in Argentina

Their differences are also presented in the ways to access them. While the first can be reached by car, motorcycle, bicycle or bus, making use of the wooden walkways with stairs leading to the sand, the second can only be reached by 4×4 vehicles, walking 5 km along the coast from the last stop in Mar Azul.

Although it is normal to arrive with prejudices or preconceived ideas, the beaches are exactly the same as any other, with similar rules of behavior and respect for others, but with only one difference: there is the possibility of undressing without anyone prohibiting it.

Rules of coexistence on nudist beaches

It is important to emphasize that all nudist beaches have a strict code of coexistence, indicated by the International Naturist Federation, to ensure harmony among visitors. «Nudism is something serious. While everyone lives it in his or her own way, it’s about not making others uncomfortable.»


Among the rules that regulate naturism are respect for oneself, for others and for the environment. These are some of the most important codes that are mandatory in all naturist places in the world:

  • Nudity is advisable, but not obligatory on public nudist beaches. However it is the characteristic of the beach. If you are not interested, perhaps you are in the wrong place.
  • No hawkers or distribution of advertisements on the sand.
  • No photography, videotaping or filming without the express permission of others.
  • Do not make annoying noises, shout, or use loud noisemakers.
  • Not to throw garbage or bottles outside the places designated for that purpose, or pollute the environment. Respect the fauna and flora of the place.
  • Be friendly but do not disturb with invasive behavior.
  • Do not engage in obscene displays, proposals or comments with sexual connotations. Sexual activity is considered a private act.
  • Any conduct of a sexual nature will be grounds for warning and/or expulsion.
  • Do not look at people in an annoying, provocative or persistent manner.
  • The beach has limits indicated by signs, do not cross them. It is not allowed to circulate outside the beach area.

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