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Are you thinking of making an interesting trip during the Easter vacations? I’m talking about one of the most anticipated dates of the year, because it is the time to rest from the rush of work, pay religious homage (if your belief lives this date) and, of course, eat lots of chocolate!

To choose the destination for your trip, it is important to first define what you want, because the range of options is very varied and includes beautiful beaches, historical places, natural heritage and cooler and more elegant places.

The best places to go in Brazil for Easter Week

In this article, I have prepared a guide with 10 incredible destinations that can make your Easter vacations unforgettable. The information reviews the characteristics of the place, the monuments to visit and the best ways to get there. Choose the tourist city that suits you best and have a good trip!

1. Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordão is a charming city located in São Paulo, which has low temperatures during the winter and a mountainous landscape and climate. It is not by chance that the city is known as the Brazilian Switzerland.

This city is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira and close to São Paulo, about 180 km from the capital. There you can enjoy cultural activities, or simply spend an evening enjoying a delicious fondue and drinking wine while contemplating the mountainous landscapes of the region.

The main attractions of Campos do Jordão are

  • Campos do Jordão State Park, which serves to appreciate the natural beauty of the interior region of São Paulo;
  • Felícia Leirner Museum, which has several sculptures by the renowned artist of the same name as the museum;
  • Boa Vista Palace, which has a huge collection of sculptures, silver objects and porcelain.

During Easter Week, the city receives many tourists who wish to «enjoy» the mountain climate during the Easter vacations in Campos do Jordão and, in addition, taste the delicious homemade chocolates of the region.

To travel during Easter, visitors can buy tickets to get to the Campos do Jordão Bus Terminal, as well as take a trip to Guarulhos Airport and request a transfer to get to the city.

2. Gramado – Easter Trips

Gramado is one of the main destinations in Brazil, being the perfect place for couples who want to take romantic walks and families looking for peace and tranquility. This is because the city has museums, parks and good restaurants.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

This municipality located in Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul, has landscapes full of flowers – such as pines and hydrangeas – and has a pleasant cold, which makes the moments of the trip even more special.

At first, the city is also reminiscent of the European region because of the half-timbered houses and its low temperature climate. This setting is perfect for tasting delicious chocolates and pastries, as well as drinking fine wines.

During the Easter vacations in Gramado several events are held, such as Easter parades and decorations. In addition, it is possible to see chocolates and rabbits everywhere. Thus, the delicious chocolates of the region together with its beautiful decoration attract many tourists.

In short, to visit the city, you can buy tickets to Gramado Bus Station or Caxias Airport and then request a transfer to the city. Follow another vacation in Gramado!

3. Canela

Canela is a city in Rio Grande do Sul strongly influenced by the German population. Therefore, it has an extensive traditional European background. The municipality is located in the Serra Gaúcha, and has mountains and waterfalls surrounded by green areas, museums and a rich gastronomy.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

This place is perfect for those seeking the tranquility of rural villages or for those who like adventure in regions rich in natural beauty, so Canela meets the needs of both audiences.

At Easter, Canela is adorned with several rabbits and chocolate sculptures. This embellishes the city even more, doesn’t it? The local cold weather along with its delicious hot chocolates beckon to spend the Easter vacations in Canela.

To get to the city, visitors can buy tickets at the Canela Bus Station or at the Caxias Airport and ask for a transfer to get to the city.

In short, do not miss the opportunity to get to know Canela and get in touch with nature to hear the birds singing and the sound of water and feel the fresh air of nature and smell the wet earth. A trip to this city is simply a must.

+See also the complete guide to Canela.

4. Nova Petrópolis – Easter

Nova Petrópolis is a city located in Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul. The city receives tourists at different times of the year. The gaucho city has cozy environments and amazing landscapes, with gardens and parks everywhere, being ideal for romantic trips as a couple or as a family.


In addition, this city has charming places that delight everyone with outdoor parks and beautiful flowerbeds and trees everywhere; as we can mention: Praça das Flores, Aldeia do Imigrante Park and Pedras do Silêncio Park. It is a great option to visit this beautiful place at Easter, when the city hosts the Chocofest event.

At this time, the city is decked out for the celebration of Easter and there are recreational attractions with rabbit characters performing theatrical shows and handing out chocolates to children.

To travel during Easter, visitors can buy tickets at the Nova Petrópolis Bus Terminal or at the Salgado Filho Airport and request a transfer to the city. See other vacations in Nova Petrópolis!

5. Trancoso

Trancoso is a district located in the south of Bahia, which provides moments of relaxation. But those who also want to enjoy a beach atmosphere will find plenty of that. This is because in the region there are Bahia’s most famous beaches, such as Praia dos Coqueiros, and quieter beaches, such as Praia dos Amores.

best places to go in Brazil for Easter

The Trancoso region has natural pools of clear water, cliffs surrounded by coconut trees and long stretches of white sand. With these lush landscapes that look like postcards, it is possible to contemplate nature protected by the shade of coconut trees and have moments of rest listening to the sound of the sea.

Therefore, whoever wants to travel to paradisiacal places and get in touch with exuberant nature at Easter should take a long trip to Trancoso at Easter.

In short, to reach the city, visitors can buy tickets at the Porto Seguro Bus Terminal and then request a transfer to the Trancoso neighborhood.

6. Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is a cultural city in Bahia with a great historical center. But this is not the only positive point of the place; in addition, the city also has beautiful beaches of blue-green sea and surrounded by coconut trees.

best places to go in Brazil for Easter

It is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the Easter vacations: How about a luau on the beach, hiking through the jungle and taking a dip in the sea? Or visit stores that play great music and offer tasty drinks or spend the day visiting museums and historical and cultural centers? Ideal, right?

And there, did you like it? Do not miss the opportunity to explore the best beaches of Porto Seguro, because it’s worth it! To get to the city, tourists can buy bus tickets to and from the Porto Seguro Bus Terminal. Find other vacations in Porto Seguro!

7. Aparecida do Norte

Aparecida do Norte, São Paulo, is the perfect city for religious tourism because of its sanctuaries and temples. It is also the best place to travel during Holy Week, especially for those who wish to pray during this period.

best places to go in Brazil for Easter

The highlight of the city is the Basilica Vieja, located in the center of the city. This sanctuary has a baroque architecture and receives many pilgrims throughout the year.

This basilica is known for having the footbridge of faith, a long structure that allows people to walk to the sanctuary. It is worth mentioning that this walkway is the place where many people make prayer journeys.

In addition, next to the basilica there is a beautiful lake where people can take a pedal boat ride and contemplate the beautiful local nature.

Finally, Aparecida do Norte is a very good place to travel during Holy Week. This is due to the religious programs that take place in the local sanctuaries. It is a period when many Easter masses are celebrated in the city.

To visit the city, it is recommended to buy tickets for the Terminal Rodoviário de Aparecida or take a trip by car.

8. Ouro Preto – Easter trip

Ouro Preto, a city located in Minas Gerais, is a place also suitable for religious tourism because the city has several churches that look like architectural works, one more beautiful than the other!

best places to go in Brazil for Easter

The churches of Ouro Preto are like museums, because inside there are several works of art to contemplate. We cannot fail to mention its fascinating architecture. But besides the religious centers, this city also surprises for its various tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

The city has mines, museums and places surrounded by nature and fresh air, as well as huge mansions of beautiful architecture. This municipality also attracts attention for its rich gastronomy.

During Holy Week, the Easter holiday, Ouro Preto celebrates beautiful festivities. Huge carpets of sawdust are installed on the streets and hillsides, and the churches celebrate beautiful masses. Thus, the city «celebrates» this beautiful period of transformation.

To travel during Holy Week, you can buy tickets at Rodoviária de Ouro Preto.

9. Bonito

Bonito, a city located in Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of the main Brazilian destinations for ecotourism. It is recommended for those who want to get to know a more isolated place with preserved nature.

best places to go in Brazil for Easter

In this city it is possible to carry out several activities in contact with nature. You can observe the animals and vegetation of the Cerrado and the Mata Atlântica, practice kayaking, bathe in waterfalls and crystalline rivers and jump from a zip line.

During the Easter vacations in Bonito, the municipality suffers light rainfall and enjoys a climate between 22 and 31ºC (72 and 31ºF). This makes the local landscapes even more beautiful. It is a time of high season, as many people visit the city with the aim of spending these vacations more in contact with nature, and away from the «madness» of the big cities.

To travel at Easter, you can buy tickets at the Bonito Bus Station or make the trip by car.

10. Paraty – Holy Week

Paraty is a colonial city located in Rio de Janeiro. This place offers many cultural attractions for those who want to learn more about the history of Brazil.

best places to go in Brazil for Easter

Besides that, the city has beautiful mountain landscapes and dozens of beaches. These attractions attract the attention of people who wish to do activities linked to nature.

During the Easter vacations in Paraty, the streets are decorated with colorful carpets and several masses are celebrated during this period. In addition, at this time the city receives crowds of people to celebrate the Catholic festivities. It should be noted that this is a centuries-old tradition in the municipality.

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