e24650_ ✈❤ Brazil Nudist Beaches: Meet the 8 Most Famous Beaches

Nudist beaches in Brazil exist and can be a very different option to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Can you imagine enjoying the sun and the sea and not having to worry about the color of the clothes you wear?

These beaches are frequented, in general, by people adept at a naturalistic lifestyle. Even so, everyone is welcome, as long as they respect each other’s rules.

We have gathered everything you need to know about Brazilian naturist beaches, check it out!

Nudist beaches in Brazil: from the South to the Northeast

Brazil has about 7,500 kilometers of coastline, with the most diverse types of beaches: surrounded by Atlantic rainforest, with huge colorful cliffs, with natural pools and… nudist beaches!

In eight Brazilian beaches it is possible to do without a bathing suit to enjoy the sun and the sea, in different regions of the country.

In other words, there is likely to be a naturist beach near you, from the south to the northeast of Brazil.

And be warned: at any other beach not on this list, nudity may be considered an obscene act and may even lead to arrest.

So get your notebook and pen ready and check out our tips to make the most of Brazil’s naturist beaches.

Are there nudist beaches in Brazil?

There are, but they are few.

Brazil has a total of 2,095 beaches along its entire coastline, 16th in the world.

Of this total, only eight beaches allow the practice of naturism, or in other words, they are official nudist beaches.

Are they legal?

If you like to get comfortable and are already excited about the idea of bathing in the sea as you came into the world, you’d better look for the right places for it.

According to the Brazilian Penal Code, nudity in public spaces can be considered an obscene act, punishable by detention from three months to one year or a fine.

The good news is that Brazil has eight official nudist beaches, where nudity is permitted. Even so, bathers must abide by the established rules and, above all, be very respectful of other naturists.

Where are the nudist beaches in Brazil?

Brazilian nudist beaches are spread over five states, from the South to the Northeast: Paraíba, Bahia, Espírito Santo, the nude beaches in Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina.

Nudist beaches in Brazil, naturist beaches in Brazil

Some beaches have areas for bathers who have not yet overcome their shyness and prefer to be clothed, while others are exclusive for naturists.

As these beaches are less crowded than the conventional ones and are located in more isolated places, the advantage is that bathers find clean seas and almost virgin landscapes.

Which are the nudist beaches in Brazil?

Is summer approaching and you are already planning your vacation destination? Then check out the best Brazilian nudist beaches!

Tambaba naturist beach, Conde, Paraíba

Praia da Tambaba, in the town of Conde, just over 30 kilometers from João Pessoa, in Paraíba, is the oldest nudist beach in Brazil (naturism has been allowed since 1991) and one of the most popular in the country.

Nudist beaches in Brazil, naturist beaches in Brazil

The landscape is paradisiacal: the calm sea contrasts with the immense cliffs, more than 20 meters high, while the rock formations and reefs become natural pools.

Before booking tickets and hotels, keep in mind that most of the inns in the region have a very simple infrastructure and do not offer many luxuries.

One of the great attractions of Tambaba Beach is the organization of the beach, which has been divided into three zones.

One zone is reserved for families and couples, while another allows men to remain unaccompanied, and in a small section it is not necessary to be nude.

Massarandupió Nudist Beach, Entre Rios, Bahia

In the city of Entre Rios, Bahia, about 90 kilometers from Salvador, is Massarandupió beach, another of Brazil’s nude beaches.

The access, however, is not the easiest: the bather has to walk about 20 minutes, between dunes and coconut trees, to reach the beach itself.

Nudist beaches in Brazil, naturist beaches in Brazil

In total, there are about two kilometers to practice nudism in an area of environmental protection for being a turtle nesting area.

The sea at Massarandupió, unlike Praia de Tambaba, has a strong swell but is also suitable for swimming.

The beach is practically isolated, surrounded by white sand dunes and a cozy fishing village. The landscape is completed with reefs that form natural pools of warm water.

The advantage is that, as the beach is difficult to access, curious and unsuspecting bathers are kept away. In addition, the bather can enjoy the quiet beach day, with good infrastructure and access to bars and restaurants.

If you do not want to take off your clothes to enjoy the beach, better think of another destination: nudism is mandatory at praia Massarandupió.

Barra Seca naturist beach, Linhares, Espírito Santo

Praia da Barra Seca, in Linhares, 120 kilometers from Vitória (ES) is more than 10 kilometers long, but only a 200-meter stretch is allowed for nudism.

However, getting there is not so easy: the beach is on an island, which can only be accessed by boat. In the region, however, there are some camping areas and inns, which makes life easier for the traveler who wants to spend the night there.

mejores Playas-nudistas-de-brasil

However, there are no restaurants or bars on the beach, so be sure to bring your own provisions.

Espírito Santo’s first nudist beach, Barra Seca beach has the wild sea and much of its vegetation preserved, ensuring the wild aspect of the beach.

As in several nudist beaches in Brazil, unaccompanied men stay in a separate space from families and couples.

Olho de Boi nudist beach, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

From Praia Brava it is possible to reach the nudist beach Brasil Olho de Boi, in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro. The trail is not very difficult and takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

The waters are very calm and crystalline: you can swim among colorful fish, rays and many other marine animals, on a beach surrounded by native vegetation, in a paradisiacal environment.

Whether you are on the sandy strip or in the sea, nudism is mandatory. On the rocks, however, clothing is allowed.

As the access to Olho de Boi beach is not the easiest, there are no bars, kiosks or restaurants there, so remember to bring a good snack.

Abricó naturist beach, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Just over 30 kilometers from Copacabana, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, there is a nudist beach: praia da Abricó, once among the most popular in Brazil.

One of the most beautiful and preserved nudist beaches in Brazil and of the carioca capital, Abricó beach has about 850 meters of sand: all this without dirt, without «peat» and in the middle of a paradisiacal landscape.

Nudist beaches in Brazil, naturist beaches in Brazil

The practice of nudism is compulsory on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. From Monday to Friday, clothing is allowed, although it is not recommended.

As in the case of Praia do Boi, the infrastructure of Praia do Abricó is non-existent, that is, there are no bars or kiosks there.

Naturism Brazil and the nudist beach do Pinho, Balneário Camboriú, SC

The first naturist beach in Brazil is located in Santa Catarina, specifically in Balneário Camboriú: Pinho beach was released for nudism in 1986.

The sand is white and fine, while the sea is quite clean, with strong waves, so be careful when bathing!

In addition, the landscape has several rocky coasts to explore, covered with native forest: the landscape looks like a painting, with green sea and golden sand, surrounded by lots of greenery.

Compared to all the beaches on our list, Praia do Pinho has the best infrastructure, with several restaurants, parking, camping areas and quality inns.

If you arrive at Praia do Pinho on foot, you will not have to pay anything, but if you go by car there is a fee of R$ 20.

Galheta beach, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Did you know that the three southern nudist beaches in Brazil are in Santa Catarina? The next representative of the state on our list is Galheta beach, in Florianópolis, which has been approved for naturism since 1997.

The beach is located within a municipal park and is also frequented by surfers. However, the strip of sand is quite extensive and provides some privacy for bathers.

To reach praia da Galheta, it is necessary to take a small trail from Mole beach, which takes about 10 minutes.

Nudist beaches in Brazil, naturist beaches in Brazil

Unlike other naturist beaches, nudism is optional. In addition, unaccompanied men can also go to the beach, which encourages a flirtatious atmosphere in the air.

Near the beach is the «Trilha do Pecado» (Sin Trail), a stretch of rugged terrain, with many trees and twisted trunks, used as a meeting point for sexual practices in the middle of nature.

At Galheta beach there is no bar or restaurant, but, in compensation, the bather finds one of the most preserved beaches in the south of Brazil.

Nudist beach in Brazil Pedras Altas, Palhoça, Santa Catarina

The last of the nudist beaches in southern Brazil is Pedras Altas, in Palhoça, Santa Catarina, which is divided in two: one side of the beach is naturist and on the other it is allowed to wear clothes.

The sea is quite calm and without strong waves, ideal for those traveling with the family or looking for a relaxing vacation destination.

As Brazil da Pedras Altas nudist beach is located in an area of dense vegetation, access is complicated, being done only by footpath. The infrastructure is simple but efficient, with parking, camping, bars, restaurants and kiosks.

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