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If you still don’t know this paradise called Campeche beach, you need to know it right away, see? Because you have no idea what you are missing.

The beauties of this place are endless. You will be enchanted and you won’t want to go back home.

Even because, you can say that God, when he made the beach of Campeche, was very well inspired, because he was infatuated (and a lot), Viu?

So, those who still don’t know it, need to take some time to check this wonder up close.

Praia do Campeche Santa Catarina

The island Campeche Brazil are 11.5 kilometers of beach, with a strip of white sand, fine and wide. The sea of Campeche is thick, with cold waters and generally high salinity.

The waves are strong and the right-hand south swells provide ideal conditions for surfing, making the beach one of the main strongholds of the sport in Florianópolis.

The Campeche dunes cover an area of 121 hectares and are listed as Natural and Landscape Heritage of the city.

The area is a field of fixed, semi-fixed and mobile dunes, located along the beach.

In these places there is a vast vegetation of restinga, herbaceous and arboreal; and also ground vegetation.

When to go and what to bring to Campeche beach?

Naturally, the weather is better in summer. After all, the beach is combined with lots of sun and heat.

But the high season presents an even more crowded city, and the island of Campeche Brazil also receives more visitors in the season.

Winter is not so recommended because Floripa is in the south of the country, so it can be cold.

The ideal time to visit the place, therefore, can be even the intermediate seasons: autumn and spring. In both it is possible to catch the good weather without being too crowded.

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As it is an island, do not forget to take your sunga or bikini, as the beaches are the major attractions of Campeche Island.

But there are also trails, so it is necessary to bet on light and appropriate clothing for walking in the middle of the bush.

Sunscreen is indispensable, while repellents are welcome. And a camera is a must, of course, to capture all the beauty of Campeche Island.

Campeche Brazil lodging

Before taking the road and going to the beaches of Campeche Brazil, how about leaving everything right for the lodging?


To do this is very simple, you can take a look map of Campeche (Florianopolis) and the accommodation portal Booking and check out the various options of houses in Campeche, hostels and apartments for the Campeche rental season.

Our recommended accommodations to stay in Campeche beaches are:

What to do in Praia de Campeche Floripa?

And, it was thinking about your trip to Florianópolis, that we decided these tips for you to know the beach of Campeche, because when you get there, what you saw on your screen, you can see it live and in color.

Campeche Island: A real dream

Campeche Island is in front of a beach in Florianópolis (which is also an island) called Campeche, in the southern region.

There, the clear sand, crystal clear waters and green vegetation create a unique contrast. And this makes the island an incredibly special place.

But to get to this paradise, there are 3 starting points for boats: Praia da Armação, Praia do Campeche and Barra da Lagoa.

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Oh, and it is worth remembering that it is best to start the tour early in the morning, so that you can make the most of it, as the boat trip to the island takes about 1 hour. Therefore, organize your schedules and plans.

Another important point to highlight is what to bring.

What to eat in ilha do Campeche

Campeche beaches, food and fun, can be found in a charming restaurant that exists there, but still consider the option of carrying a backpack with some basic items: water, sunscreen, sunglasses, 1 dry clothes, money and a tennis shoe if you decide to walk the trails.

And, for those who enjoy snorkeling, it is worth taking a skornel and «balling» in the crystal clear waters of Campeche Island.

The prices charged on this route may vary according to the season, the day of the week or even the high demand for the tour.

It is interesting to bring cash, since most of the boatmen do not accept credit cards.

Gastronomy at Campeche Beach Florianópolis

The bars by the sea offer several options for tourists, but the specialty of the bars in Campeche beach are seafood and shrimp sequence.

On the main street that enters the beach there are several restaurants, which are side by side. There is an ice cream parlor to cool off on hot days and a snack bar with the tasty and famous açaí in the bowl.

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During the course of the beach there are few establishments. Only in high season there are many tents, with corn, milkshakes, juices, natural sandwiches, etc.

Campeche, places with various specialties: vegetarian, barbecue, hamburgers, snacks, ice cream parlors, sushi, pizzerias, more sophisticated Italian food, among others.

In other words, there are restaurants for all tastes. Enjoy!

Is it possible to camp on Campeche Island?

The main one is the Trapiche in Praia da Armação. But, you can also use the transportation in boats that leave from Campeche Beach and the boats that leave from Barra da Lagoa.

However, it is important to know that the place is a preservation area and that you cannot camp there, not even light a fire.

Riozinho: Meeting point

On the beach of Campeche Florianópolis, there is a place called Riozinho.

That by fame, is very busy, mainly, when they receive young people, who are looking for water sports options and others to be practiced on «dry land», such as beach volleyball, since in Riozinho, there is a special court for the practice of the same.

Not to mention, there are bars and ramps for those who want to exercise.

It is an excellent option for those who want to take care of their body and also have a good view.

History of Campeche: Two versions

Have you ever stopped to wonder where the name Playa Campeche comes from? I don’t think so… And look, there are two versions of the name Campeche.

The first, more elegant, refers to an illustrious and frequent visitor to the region, the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Legend has it that the name Campeche comes from the French nickname the visitor called the place: «caladero», that is, «Champ et Pêche«.

As the island in front of the beach already had this title since the last century, historians say that it comes from a vegetable called pau-campeche (Hematoxylon campechianum) of the Fabraceae family, which was used as a medicinal and dyeing plant of the same name that, like the pau-brasil, was highly sought after in the early colonization.

Data from the Florianópolis City Hall

According to data from the City Hall, the 1786 map shows that the entire east coast was considered the only beach, Mandú beach.

Paulo José Miguel de Brito’s map reveals that the island of Campeche already had that name since 1790.

From 1860, the beach also began to be called Campeche. There was a lot of Campeche or Campeche pau on the island, during the period of colonization, so the name came about.

Lagoinha Pequena: Ideal for fishing

Lagoinha Pequena is another of the attractions of the neighborhood. It is located on Campeche Avenue and, one day, it was already bigger.

However, it is still very much visited by residents and tourists, since besides being beautiful, it has a large amount of fish.

Some of the visitors enjoy fishing, swimming and even sailing.

But for those who don’t want to get wet, the good thing is to enjoy the new lounge area, which has benches, lighting and a small area of trees.

What to do at night in Campeche Beach?

The nightlife on Campeche Beach is very crowded and with attractions for all tastes.

When returning from Campeche Island, the tourist can get off at Barra da Lagoa and go to Conceição Lagoon, for example, always full of people in search of its famous nightclubs, bars and restaurants, considered the most fun neighborhood of the capital of Santa Catarina.

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Campeche Brasil and Armação Beach, the other landing points, are not lacking in alternatives either, although the structure is not the same.

Whoever is in the mood can go to the North Coast, especially in the modern Jurerê Internacional, with its beach clubs.

There, parties roll along the beach during the day, but many extend until after dark.

You just have to choose the one you like and enjoy the most, but don’t forget to rest to have much more fun the next day, after all, the name Isla Magica was not given by chance.

Trails in Campeche Island Santa Catarina Brazil

If you like hiking, you should know that there are 6 good options in Campeche beach.

Some of the available options can only be done with an environmental monitor.

The trails are paid (something between R$10 and R$20), being the money used for the maintenance of the island and the rest for the Campeche Island administration fund.

In total there are 6 trails, but one (caverna dos morcegos) is closed indefinitely.

The longest trail can only be done after prior programming, and must be done by visitors in good physical condition. The other trails present on the island are:

  • Letreiro
    Duration: 30min. Difficulty: Medium.
  • Pedra fincada
    Duration: 30 to 40 min. Difficulty: Low.
  • North turn
    Duration: 2 hours. Difficulty level: High.
  • Pedra preta do sul
    Duration: 40 to 50 min. Difficulty level: Medium.
  • Watchtower rock
    Duration: 40 min. Difficulty level: Medium.


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