e24650_ ✈❤ What to do in Canela and Gramado: 12 Must-See Attractions in Southern Brazil

As in Gramado, the options of attractions in Canela Rio Grande do Sul are very large.

In Canela the tourist spots are more nature-oriented, at least compared to its neighbor Gramado.

To guide you, here is a list of tips on what to do in Canela RS, which are the best tours and must-see places.

Gramado and Canela Brazil are neighboring cities, very close to each other. We mostly forgot that they were two different cities and spent our days there as if they were one and the same.

To find out what to do in Canela Brazil this 2023, we’ve listed it all below!

How to get to Canela Brazil?

If you want to travel by plane, the transfer should be made from Porto Alegre airport to Gramado or Canela.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

The distance is about 110 km which can be done in about 2:15 hours.

Going by bus to Gramado or Canela may be a little cheaper, but make sure that the transfer will leave you at the door of your hotel and you will have space to store your luggage quietly.

Canela can be reached by car via routes BR 116 and 290 if traveling from Argentina and RS 235 if arriving from the coast of Brazil.

Distances to Canela city in Brazil:

  • To Florianópolis: the distance is 438 Km and the approximate duration of the trip is 5h 19 min.
  • Misiones (ARG): the trip is 656 km long.
  • Blumenau: The distance between Canela and Blumenau is 560 Km.
  • Piratuba: The distance in a straight line between Canela (Rio Grande do Sul) and Piratuba (Santa Catarina) is 235.57 km.
  • Distance between Gramado and Canela: 14 min (8.8 km) via Av. das Hortênsias and Av. Don Luiz Guanella.

Will you rent a car in Gramado and Canela?

Having a rental car is certainly a good option to move between Gramado Brazil and Canela and even to go from Porto Alegre airport to your hotel.

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What to do in Canela 2022

You will find in Gramado and Canela the most varied gifts of nature.

They are rivers, secular araucaria forests, wild animals, beautiful waterfalls and the most simple and at the same time essential: clean air.

With the arrival of tourism, these cities have been transformed, have grown and today offer a rich and varied tourist structure. Let’s go!

1) What to do in Canela: Cathedral of Pedra

The Parish of Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, better known as the Cathedral of Stone, will surely appear on all lists of what to do in Canela.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

The cathedral is the main postcard of the city and is located in the central region of Canela.

For God’s sake, don’t forget to visit it when you go to Gramado and Canela!

You will be very impressed to know this cathedral, its size is impressive!

Next to the parish is the written «Canela» where you usually have a line to take a picture.

  • Stalking the vendors offering lunch flyers like «buffet with barbecue for 20 reais», in the surroundings is great, but, I advise you to ignore them and invest to go for lunch at the Emporio Canela, which is located a few steps away from the Stone Cathedral.
  • Important: try to visit the Catedral da Piedra de Canela, during the day, and also at night when it is most illuminated.
  • Where is the Stone Cathedral? Praça da Matriz, 69 – Centro, Canela – RS

2) Snail Waterfall

Along with the Cathedral of Stone, the Snail Waterfall is one of the main attractions on what to do in Canela.

It is a 130 meters high waterfall of baita where you can just enjoy.

How to visit the Snail Waterfall in Canela? Through the parks: Bondinhos Aereos Parques da Serra and Parque do Caracol, which are even the next two on this list.

For the bravest, it is possible to fly over the Snail Waterfall by helicopter.

3) Bondinhos Aéreos – Serra Parks

Bondinhos Aéreos is the name of one of the parks from where you can see the Snail Waterfall.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

The good thing is that in this park there are 3 cable car stations, from where you can have a beautiful view. The cable car stations are the following:

Central Station.

This is the station you will see as soon as you arrive at the park, it is the starting point for the rest of the park.

This is where you have access to the new Eagle Zip Line, which we talk about next.

The Animal Station

After a quick cable car ride from the central station you arrive at the animal station.

Walk a few meters in the middle of nature where you can see the species that live there. After this stretch you reach the Talking Sculpture Space.

You will discover many wooden animal sculptures, where visitors can interact by passing a piece of wood over the animal, thus reproducing its respective sound.

Waterfall Station

Here you have a viewpoint with a frontal view of the Snail Waterfall. The perfect place to take beautiful pictures.

Eagle Zipline in Canela

This is a different zip line and one of the new attractions in Canela.

You sit on a chair, and the zipline includes the outbound (which is a climb), and the return, which has a nice adrenaline rush.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

How much does it cost to enter the Bondinhos Aéreos and the Águila Tirolesa?

  • Entrance to the park costs R$ 42.00 per person. Children up to 5 years old do not pay and from 6 to 12 years old pay R$ 21,00.
  • The Águila Tirolesa is paid in part and costs R$ 35,00.
  • Buy here the ticket in BONDINHOS AÉREOS + ÁGUILA DE TIROLESA, with discount.
  • Buy here ONLY the entrance ticket at BONDINHOS AIRPORT
  • Where is Bondinhos Aereos? Estrada da Ferradura, nº 699 – Caracol, Canela RS

4) What to do in Canela: Parque do Caracol

This is another park that gives you a good view of the Caracol Waterfall, it is near Bondinhos Aereos.

We would say that this park is for those who like to walk a bit more.

For example, one of the activities there is the Escada Perna Bamba, which is a 730-step staircase where you contemplate those who reach the end with a beautiful view of the Waterfall.

In addition, the park has ecological trails, a lookout point and a very nice panoramic elevator that takes visitors to a glass platform 27 meters high.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

There is an extra fee to access this elevator. Another attraction at Parque do Caracol, which requires an extra fee, is a train ride that takes visitors to the Vila dos Imigrantes, telling the story of what immigration was like in the south of the country.

How much does it cost to enter the Parque do Caracol de Canela?

  • Admission to the park costs R$ 18.00 for adults.
  • Children from 6 to 12 years old or over 60 years old pay R$ 9,00. The panoramic elevator costs R$ 12,00 per person, children up to 8 years old do not pay.
  • The train to Vila dos Imigrantes costs R$ 12.00 per person.
  • Where is Parque do Caracol? RS 466 Highway, km 0, s/n – Caracol, Canela – RS

5) What to see in Canela: Alpen Park

Alpen Park is basically an amusement park for all ages and a great tip on what to visit in Canela.

And the great thing is that the entrance is free, you only pay for the toy you use.

It has several attractions such as: roller coaster, strollers, 4D movie, zip line, ATV, several toys for kids, it has the Big Game Alpen Interactive which is a very cool interactive game.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

But, in our opinion, it’s worth going to the park mainly for one toy: the alpine sled.

Basically you sit on a kind of sled and go with good adrenaline on a trail in the middle of nature.

You go up and down at high speed. One of our favorite attractions in Canela!

How much does the Alpen Park cost?

  • As we said the entrance is free, but we leave this link with a great price to buy 6 activities, including sledding.
  • Each activity has a different price, for example, just the sledding costs 35 reais per person.
  • Where is the Alpen Park? Arnaldo Opptiz Highway, 901. Canela – RS

6) Rides in Canela: Terra Magica Florybal Park

Florybal is a brand of homemade chocolate, you can see in Gramado and Canela several of its stores.

But in Canela is the Terra Magica Florybal Park, which was considered one of the best theme parks in Brazil by Tripadvisor.

The park has more than 40 attractions that have as a proposal to take its visitors on a journey through time showing from dinosaurs to a 7D cinema.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

One of the attractions of Terra Magica Florybal that we highlight is the Flight of the Pterodactyl.

It is a kind of zip line that gives you the sensation of flying on the wings of this species of dinosaur.

How much does it cost to enter the Magic Land Floral?

  • R$ 70 reais per adult. Children from 4 to 12 years old, seniors and students pay R$ 35,00.
    The small problem with this park is that it has many attractions paid for part, see below.

Attractions not included in the Terra Magica Florybal ticket, purchased only on site

  • Cinema 7D Adult: R$ 20,00
  • Cinema 7D Senior/Student: R$ 10,00
  • Velociraptor: R$ 10,00 (minimum size: 1,20m – maximum weight: 100kg)
  • Pterodactyl Flight: R$ 10,00 (minimum size: 1,20m – maximum weight: 100kg)
  • Parquinho Up: from R$ 5,00 per toy
  • Buy your ticket to Florybal’s Magic Land here and win some free gifts.
  • Where is the Florybal Magic Land? RS 466 Km 5, number 1630. Canela RS

7) Tours in Canela: Night of the Gaúcha (dinner+show)

Going to Rio Grande do Sul and not seeing a show with regional dances, and not eating typical food would be a shame!

So, going to Canela, be sure to visit Garfo e Bombacha.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

It is a baita restaurant where you can have dinner or lunch with typical gaucho food, buffet style. There is nothing gourmet here! It’s a barbecue on the coals!

Everything to taste and with many options for all tastes. And while you dine or have lunch, there is still a super show.

Wait until you see a musical with many typical gaucho and folkloric dances. All with a lot of quality!

  • Dinner time: buffet open from 8pm. Live music: 9pm. Folkloric show: 9:30pm.
  • Important: check in advance for available dates, but normally dinner is only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Dates for lunch with a show are already more limited, as they only take place on some specific Sundays.
How much does it cost?
  • On Garfo e Bombacha’s website dinner+show costs around R$ 190,00.
  • Lunch + show is cheaper, around R$ 120,00. But in this link you can buy your ticket at a discount.

There are other typical nights in the region of Gramado and Canela, for example:

  • Italian Night at Cantina Linha Bella: Buy with discount your Dinner+TIME+TRANSPORT FROM YOUR HOTEL to the Italian Night.
  • German Night at Lindenhof Restaurant: Buy here with discount your DISCOUNTED DINNER+TERATORY+FREE TRANSPORT FROM YOUR HOTEL to the German Night.

8) Tours in Canela: Territorio dos Horrores (Territory of Horrors)

This is one of Canela’s attractions located inside the Play House Park.

There are several interesting attractions in this park such as the 12D cinema, the roller coaster, among others.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

But, one of the attractions that has attracted the most attention in the place is the Territory of Horrors.

It is a path with six scenarios characterized, and based on horror stories and movies. This is the only horror attraction in the region.

How much does the Territory of Horrors cost?

  • The entrance to the Play House park is free, you only pay for the attractions you want to visit.
  • On the Play House website you can see that the entrance to the Territory of Horrors costs R$ 20,00. But at this link you can buy at a discount.
  • Where is the Play House dos Horrores in Canela? Av. Don Luiz Guanella, 264. Canela RS

Tip: Check here for hotels in Canela with great prices and free cancellation.

9) Skating in chocolate

Another very interesting attraction in Canela is skating on chocolate, which is also located inside the Playhouse park.

At Snowland, in Gramado, you can skate on an ice rink, but here the visitor has a chocolate rink, which is even the only one in Brazil.

How much does it cost to skate on the chocolate rink?

  • On the Play House Park website, the price of a 15-minute chocolate skate ticket is R$ 20,00. But at this link you can buy the ticket at a discount.
  • Where is the play house in Canela? 264, Avenida Don Luiz Guanella. Canela, RS

10) Rides in Canela: Sonho de Natal Show

This is a Christmas themed show that happens every year.

These performances begin in the last week of November and last until mid-January of the following year.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

If you are in town at this time, the show is one of the main attractions in Canela.

How does the Christmas Dream work?

Similar to the New Year’s festivities in Gramado. There are several shows, concerts and parades dedicated to Christmas, most of them at the Pedra Cathedral and some others at João Corrêa Square.

Every year there is a different program of shows, places and schedules that you can consult here.

The big difference between Natal Luz in Gramado and the Sonho de Natal in Canela is that the second one is totally free.

The Christmas Dream is an event with great infrastructure and receives a good investment from the city hall. It is worth checking it out!

How to buy a ticket for several attractions in Canela and Gramado, and get another one for free.

  • Prime Gourmet is the book, or app, that gives you this possibility. Basically you pay one fee for the book and get back much more than you invested in discounts at virtually every attraction in Gramado and Canela.
  • Learn more and buy Prime Gourmet at this link, and do not forget to say that they were found here in Viaje tu Mundo, at the end of the purchase.

11) Tours in Canela: The Gelato World of Capitão

For those looking for what to do in Canela, the Captain’s Frozen World (Mundo Gelado do Capitão) is a super cool tip.

It is a very cold and enclosed cave that reaches a temperature of 23 degrees below zero. Inside you’ll find several ice sculptures, including sofa and tables.

The place provides a thermal jacket and gloves so no one freezes to death. But if it’s really cold, bring your own jacket or you won’t be able to stay in the place for long.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

Actually, it’s a fast attraction, no one can stay there for long.

In Mundo Gelado do Capitão is allowed to enter with camera and cell phone to take your own pictures.

Opening hours: from 9 am to 6 pm Mundo Gelado do Capitão works. From 7pm to 11pm the Canela Ice Bar operates, in the same place and the ice cream in the same way.

The difference is that in the Ice Bar we find a bar where you can enjoy a few drinks in ice glasses.

  • Buy your discounted ticket to Mundo Gelado do Capitão here
  • Buy your discounted ticket here for the Ice Bar Canela

Where is the Capitão’s Ice World in Cinnamon? RS 466, Nº 3915, Canela/RS

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12) Places of interest in Canela RS: Steam World

The Steam World is one of the most sought after attractions in Canela. It is a park destined to show a world where everything works with steam. And all this in perfect miniatures.

The highlight is the world’s smallest factory, which produces paper right there, right now.

It is also possible to take a ride on a small train outside the park. Just the facade of the Steam World in Cinnamon convinces you to get to know the place.

How much does it cost to enter the World of Steam in Canela?

  • On the Mundo a Vapor website you can buy the ticket for R$ 38,00.
  • Children from 6 to 15 years old pay half, as well as seniors over 60 years old. But at this link you can buy the ticket with a discount.
  • Where is Steam World in Canela? AV. DON LUIZ GUANELLA, 1247 – RS 235 – ROD. GRASS / CANELA LOL

Guide in Canela RS

It is difficult to suggest a daily route in Canela and Gramado because the options of what to visit in both cities are very varied.

Anyway, here is part of an itinerary in the city of Canela for you to take as a guide.

After a morning in Gramado walking along Rua Coberta and Avenida Borges de Medeiros, before lunch visit Mundo a Vapor, then enjoy an excellent lunch at Borbulhas.

What to do in Canela and Gramado Brazil

Next to the restaurant visit the Chocolate Kingdom and then you can get lost in the Outlets of shoes that are in the region.

There are several gigantic stores next to each other on both sides of the avenue: Universo dos Sapatos, Mundo dos Sapatos, Reino dos Sapatos, Quintal dos Sapatos, etc….

All near the Bubbles and the Chocolate Kingdom (in fact the only attraction above that is in Canela is the World of Steam, the others mentioned are on the road that connects Gramado to Canela).

Early the next day you can visit Bondinhos Aéreos in the morning. At lunchtime go to the Pedra Cathedral and there have lunch at the excellent Empório Canela.

After lunch, and after a good digestion, go straight to the Alpen Park by sled.

In one of the evenings you can go to Garfo e Bombacha.

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