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Each region, each family, each person has its own method of how to prepare mate, however there are guidelines that we must consider so that our bitter mate, sweet mate, mate with milk, or with any additive that we want to be the tastiest.

How to Prepare an Excellent Argentine Mate

Drinking a mate on our vacations with family or friends, enjoying it and sharing it, requires some care when preparing and priming it.

Some steps to take into account are:

  • 1. This point is very important, to know how to heat water so that our mate is perfect, the recommended water temperature should not exceed 70 to 80°C.
    And there is a reason for this, since exceeding this temperature will cause the oxygen contained in the water to be lost and with it the intensity of the flavor.
  • 2. Pour yerba mate into the mate until it reaches a little more than half and not more than three quarters of the mate. Although it is not recommended, you can add a pinch of sugar if you wish, so that the first gourds are not so bitter.
  • 3. Cover the mouth of the mate with one hand, invert it and shake it for a few moments, then return the object to its normal position. This will allow the dust accumulated at the bottom to rise a little, allowing the beginning of our mate not to be so bitter and above all, not to obstruct the bombilla. Make sure that the yerba is lying on one of the walls of the mate and that a small hole is formed.
  • 4. To start the mate, gently pour warm water into the hole left in the yerba. Starting the mate with lukewarm water will prevent the yerba from burning and losing its taste. Let it rest for a few moments so that the powder does not cover the bombilla.
  • 5. Insert the bombilla in the wet hole.
  • 6. Once you have done these steps, you can start priming the mate.
  • 7. Try not to move the bombilla and always prime in the same place, this will allow you not to wet all the yerba mate and thus you will enjoy longer some exquisite mates.

How to Prepare mate

How to cure a Mate de Calabaza

The steps to cure an Argentine mate are not very complex, however we must be patient, as it takes time to wait.

Choosing the mate: the best mate to use is the one made of pumpkin, and for this we need it to have a wide mouth, thick walls, to be dry, without cracks and a uniform color.

New yerba should always be used, since these properties should be absorbed by the mate in its entirety.

Place water at a temperature of 75 to 80 °C and let it rest for 12 hours.

Remove the yerba and scrape the walls of the mate, eliminating all the fleshy pulp. It is left to dry for a few hours.

Repeat the process 5 to 10 times. We will notice when no more remains of the gourd can be removed.

If you drink sweet mate, you can do this process with a little bit of sugar (not too much).

Dreaming of yerba mate

According to Freud, dreams are images of a desire or impulse from childhood that has been repressed since then.

That is why Freud studied dreams to understand the unconscious mind.

yerba mate legends

Dreaming of yerba mate changes its meaning depending on its characteristics:

  • Dreaming of a yerba mate plantation: it is the contact with the littoral, the red land and the Guarani tradition.
  • To dream of drinking mate: It depends with whom, but this is an infusion in which you will never drink it when you are angry, and you will never share it in that state. Because mate is friendship… and you will surely have a meeting with someone you appreciate very much.
  • When you dream that you feel like having some mate and you can’t: Something is coming into conflict between you and someone close to you. It is not a good sign. Free yourself and face it!

Tips to prepare the best mate according to your city

One of the most important points to consider when preparing an exquisite mate is to know the type of water you have.

There are several reasons for this, for example the variety of minerals and different ions such as chlorides, nitrates, nitrites.

Another factor is from the basin that belongs at the moment of extracting the water.

But let’s be clear, although we have given you the best advice, the best mate is the one that is the tastiest to your taste.

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