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The ocean shimmers in luminous turquoise, one by one the last rays of the day’s sun disappear on the horizon… and you find yourself with your partner enjoying a glass of champagne.

Dinner on the beach and passion… Sounds good?

Couples should use creativity to keep the romance alive. Especially if you have been together for a long time.

And these experiences and activities added to a romantic night at the beach, simple or glamorous, are a must.

For this, it is a good idea to plan a surprise for your loved one by taking her to a secluded beach for a romantic adventure.

Ideas for a romantic dinner for two on the beach

Beach dinner ideas will not only be profitable, but it will also give you significant points in the romance department ❤️️.

Ideas for a Romantic Dinner on the Beach

How to get romantic beach dinner ideas for your next vacation.

How to make a romantic dinner? Follow these tips that will make you spend a unique moment that you will forever remember.

Romantic evening beach, Tiki torches and a barefoot dinner for two.

A tanned couple, dressed in white, stand on the edge of the waves, feet in the water. They have crystal glasses filled with champagne.

But wait. There’s more! There are tiki torches! And a table for two is being prepared by a formally dressed waiter.

There are two possibilities: This couple is celebrating a very special occasion or we’ve stumbled upon a commercial shoot for a luxury resort.

Planning a «destination dinner» on a beach may not come with all the potential complications of planning a destination wedding, but there are several things to decide and plan ahead.

Set up the romantic dinner on the beach.

Based on your personal definition of barefoot elegance, determine your budget for those romantic beach dinners.

Ideas for a Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Whether you’re visiting Fernando de Noronha, Jureré International or the best beaches in northern Brazil, luxury beachfront resorts around the world often take full advantage of their magnificent locations and on-site restaurants to offer unforgettable private dining experiences.

With five-star cuisine and service, preparing a romantic dinner on the beach is often about once-in-a-lifetime events where every desire and detail is attended to. As you can imagine, hiring romantic beach dinner planners comes at a price.

The best mid-range options can often be found in tourist areas.

Find your restaurant on the beach

There are true geniuses who know how to decorate a beachfront restaurant to offer you a romantic beach dinner. Others set up tables every night on the sand for just a few drinks.

It all depends on the atmosphere you are looking to create in your romantic evenings on the beach, but keep in mind that you will pay a premium for location.

If you’re a gourmand (lover of good food and drink) trying to stretch the budget a bit, it may be best to plan your own picnic.

While some amazing experiences just happen, a romantic picnic on the beach at sunset is not one of them.

But depending on your preferences and planning, the picnic option can fit a wide range of budgets… the goal is to achieve a romantic meal on the beach that becomes a unique experience.

Romantic dinner on the beach and your own picnic

For a simple romantic beach dinner, where to ensure a truly special moment in time, you will need to research and plan before your trip.

Check with destination caterers ahead of time to see what they offer in terms of picnic baskets and a la carte options.

Ideas for a Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Some may even offer private chef services (which can easily be as expensive as the above option).

But whether you decide to put a bottle of Dom Perignon or Totts, caviar or crudités, hummus or pate in your cooler or picnic basket will determine the cost.

In addition, caterers are often well connected to the local destination wedding scene and can make suggestions on the best and most affordable private beach venues.

Always ask about refund, rain check and gratuity policies.

If paying a catering company and/or personal chef, find out exactly what is provided, what is not included and check for reviews both on the company’s website and online.

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Always be clear about exactly what you would like. If there is resistance on your part or if a price quote feels too high, go back and ask yourself again, what is it about the experience that appeals?

Plan your dinner on the beach at night

Private dinner on the beach is about as exclusive as you can get by definition, so be sure to book as far in advance as possible, and keep romantic details on the beach in mind.

If you’re going the DIY route, be sure to make a list of all the details you need to consider beforehand for your romantic dinner for two.

We’ve made a list above to get you started on your romantic beach date. And lastly, remember the sunset, the beach, and being together?

Those parts are free, so you just have to set the stage for your romantic beach dinners.

Dresses for romantic dinner at the beach

For your romantic evening at the beach, it’s important to choose an outfit that matches the date.

You can wear a loose tank top or a tank top with jeans or chinos underneath.

Even, for your romantic beach date dresses, you can wear a swimsuit underneath in case you feel like swimming halfway through your date.

Also, wear some bracelets to add a little more style and color to the look. And don’t forget in your romantic beach dinner ideas your camera! You know you can create those romantic beach dinner photos.

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