Are you planning to visit Jurerê Internacional beach? Then stay tuned to everything you need to know about this movie beach in Florianópolis!

Hollywood mansions without walls, beach clubs with electronic music, young and beautiful people.

This is Brasil Jurere Internacional, the most popular spot in the already famous Florianópolis.

And where you will find all the glamour of American movies, with the magnitude and luxury that will make your jaw drop.

And it is the most famous neighborhood of the capital of Santa Catarina, the most sought after by tourists and places that like the excitement and nightlife like few in Brazil.

Jureré International

The neighborhood, in fact, is divided in two. The «International» part is more recent, with the real estate project that developed the most exclusive urbanization (created by the brilliant architect Oscar Niemeyer).

Jureré Internacional

With streets, buildings, stores and everything else idealized in the smallest details with the objective of achieving an attractive residential construction and first class security, making it the safest place in Floripa.

And there is the «traditional» side, the old original Jurerê, once called Praia do Forte, which is quieter and less crowded.

And if one side is more familiar and quiet, the other is definitely for those who like parties and a lot of sophistication.

Jurerê International Brazil

The beach is one, there is no geographical division between them or between the neighborhood, but you can see the differences immediately.

In addition to the luxury and the public, Jurerê is always more crowded and has the famous beach clubs, which in summer make endless parties to attract young people and celebrities looking for fun during the vacations.

How to get to Jurerê Brazil?

For those who disembark in Florianópolis through the Hercílio Luz International Airport, getting to Jurerê Floripa means heading north.

It is about 30 km to reach the neighborhood, a 40-minute drive, going up Rodovia Governador Aderbal Ramos da Silva and then SC 401.

There is rush hour traffic during the high season due to the region’s beaches – which also include other famous beaches such as Daniela, Praia dos Ingleses, Canasvieiras and Costão do Santinho.

For those arriving by car, coming from other nearby cities, passing through the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge is simple.

Just take Avenida Periodista Rubens de Arruda Ramos and then Avenida Governador Irineu Bornhausen until you reach the same SC 401 – and then follow the north direction to Jurerê Santa Catarina without major problems.

For those arriving by bus to the Rita Maria Bus Terminal, the way is the same, as it is right next to the bridge – and there are some lines leading to the destination.

What to do in Jurerê Internacional Br

With planned urbanization, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs and beach clubs, in addition to the stately homes, Jurerê Internacional beach offers many alternatives for fun.

Enjoy the beach of Jureré

The big moment of the summer, however, could not be other than the beach.

With approximately 3 km of sand strip, it is always possible to hear music playing in the kiosks and beach clubs of the place – mainly electronic, but not only.

Jureré Internacional

The public is young and festive, very different from those who stay in the part of Jurerê Tradicional, generally families in search of tranquility.

The beach has calm and crystal clear waters, ideal for that sea bathing – even with children, since the edge is even quieter.

Badalar Beach Club

International Jurere to do? Undoubtedly it is the beach clubs, by the way, that make Jurerê Internacional SC be compared to Miami Beach by many Brazilians.

After all, sand parties with loud music always look like American movies.

The best Reveillon in Jurere, P12 Parador

Jurere’s international beach club Parador P12 is the most famous beach club in the neighborhood, constantly receiving DJ’s and celebrities from all over the world, as its New Year’s Eve parties are as impressive as those at Copacabana.

The 300 Cosmo, La Serena Beach, Café de la Musique and Donna Jurerê International are the other options, each with different characteristics and footprints, for the most diverse audiences. It is worth checking the program before going.

Jureré Internacional

Some of them also function as sophisticated restaurants, among the many that exist in the neighborhood.

Boat, motorboat or jet ski excursions

If you have economic possibilities and also a driving license (Arrais license), you can rent a sailboat, a speedboat or even a jet ski to enjoy the thrill of the sandy sea. However, in rainy days or bad conditions this is no longer an option.

In Jurerê Internacional beach it is very common for travelers to arrive with their own boats – there are marinas for «parking», rest assured!

And sailboats are a favorite, coloring the evenings and making the scenery even more beautiful!

Get to know the Fortress of São José da Ponta Grossa

And, pause in the hype to learn a little of the history of Santa Catarina and visit a fort built between 1739-1745.

The Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa, located on the top of the hill on the border between Jurerê and Praia do Forte, is part of the old defensive group of the island of Florianópolis, along with the Fortaleza de Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim, the Fortaleza de Santo Antônio de Ratones and the Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Araçatuba.

Get to know the Other Beaches of the North of the Island

Whoever goes to Jurerê Internacional certainly needs to stretch out to other nearby places and make the most of the north coast of Florianópolis.

Nearby, just 3 km away, Daniela Beach is considered one of the best on the Magic Island.

With an incomparable beauty and lots of vegetation – which comes to invade the sea – it is quieter, without disturbances.

But there are also houses and luxury stores, although its structure is much smaller than that of its more famous neighbor.

Praia dos Ingleses

Praia dos Ingleses is another neighbor (a little further away) and is about 20 km from Jurerê Internacional beach.

Very crowded in high season, it has a first class structure:

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls and commerce in general. In addition to many summer houses and accommodation options.

There is a quieter stretch of the English Sea, perfect for families and children to swim without fear. And another more agitated one where surfing dominates the waves. Just choose your tribe.

Santinho Beach 2023

The aforementioned Santinho beach is where the famous Costão is located.

Very secluded and open sea, it is ideal for surfing and has beautiful dunes to make the scenery even more beautiful.

Although the high-end hotel complex is the biggest attraction, be sure to visit the largest archaeological site on the island.

The rock art found in Santinho dates back more than 5 thousand years and gives an idea of what the first locals were like. Admission is free.

Trails to the neighboring beaches, English and Mozambique.

And speaking of which, you can also get to know the most extensive beach of Floripa, which is 23 km from Jurerê Florianópolis beach.

Mozambique is located within the Rio Vermelho Forest Park and is just below Santinho beach.

Jureré Internacional

With its 8.5 km of sand strip, it has preserved in nature the great attraction. The landscape is of dunes, native vegetation and rough sea with strong waves – paradise for surfers.

A beautiful destination different from all the rest of the north coast climate, always more modern and sophisticated. Ideal to have the feeling of relaxation during the vacations.

Shopping in Jurerê Florianópolis

In the Jurerê Open Shopping, you will find the most diverse stores and brands, offering women’s, men’s and children’s fashion to the typical handicrafts of the island of Florianópolis, from the art gallery to the spa, from the services to the pleasures of diversified gastronomy.

This is the Open Jureré Shopping style, the most charming meeting point of Jurerê Internacional.

What is the best beach in Jurerê Internacional?

  • 1 – Lagoinha do Leste Beach. The wildest beach in Florianópolis is also considered the most beautiful by residents and tourists.
  • 2 – Campeche Island
  • 3 – Daniela Beach
  • 4 – Joaquina Beach
  • 5 – Mole Beach
  • 6 – Galheta Beach
  • 7 – Jurerê Internacional
  • 8 – Moçambique Beach

Jurerê International Accommodation 2023

As luxury dictates the tone of the place, you can stay there and nearby in your preferred Jurere Florianópolis hotel and resorts of the highest standard or even indulge in a Jurere yacht charter.

Melhores hoteis em jurere!

In the neighborhood itself is the modern Il Campanario Villagio Resort and there are also hostel options.

In Jurerê Tradicional there are other accommodation options, such as the Jurerê Beach Village Florianopolis, the Hotel Sete Ilhas, the Hotel Villas Jurerê Boutique.

In addition to many charming and cozy inns, with many offers with an international all inclusive Jurerê to the fullest.

And not far from there, the famous Costão do Santinho Resort is only 20 km away and less than half an hour from the place.

Because it is recognized worldwide for its urban development and mansions that resemble American movies, you can also rent vacation homes there, but prepare your pocket!

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