The capital of Paraíba Brazil, João Pessoa, as a good northeastern city is synonymous with beautiful beaches, landscapes formed by coconut trees and warm weather all year round.

For many Brazilians, the city is still a novelty, as it is still in the process of growth compared to other famous nearby capitals.

Whoever travels to the city will find a good structure for its visitors: quality gastronomy, good value for money and the possibility of buying handicrafts from the northeast are the strong points of the capital.

It is in this northeastern city where the sun rises first and the forró (traditional Brazilian dance) is the noisiest, but above all where tourists find some peace and quiet.

Holidays in João Pessoa!

Affectionately known as Jampa, the city is a true mix of beauty and tranquility. With its slower pace, tourists can easily enjoy the small pleasures.

So diving into the sea or walking along the sand feeling the breeze with tranquility is a guarantee in João Pessoa.

What to do in Joao Pessoa, subtitled video

Among its attractions are sea-green beaches such as Tambaú, Cabo Branco and Bessa.

In the latter, it is possible to see the nests of adorable turtles. Among the must-see excursions are those that lead to the natural pools of Picãozinho, in front of Tambaú, and to the island of Areia Vermelha, a sand bank formed at low tide.

At the end of the day, it is traditional to go to the river beach of Jacaré to enjoy the day that is coming to an end.

At the end, it is possible to listen to the chords of one of the most famous melodies: Ravel’s Bolero. From Jurandy’s saxophone come the notes that sway the sunset on the beach while the sun bids farewell in shades of red, orange and yellow. The ceremony is so famous that it has become part of the cultural and intangible heritage of Paraíba.

In addition to the wonderful natural beauty of the Paraíba coast, there are the human works.

Among them, the Cabo Branco Lighthouse, which symbolizes the easternmost point of the Americas.

There is also the Cabo Branco Station, a Niemeyer project that houses educational and artistic movements. The city still preserves its historic center, with the colorful mansions of Antenor Navarro Square, the Globo Hotel and the São Francisco Cultural Center.

At Carnival time the city is crowded, but not for the festivities. The destination is ideal for those who want to escape the revelry and relax. In June, the city dresses in color and, like the cities of the interior of the state, João Pessoa triumphs for the characteristic São João.

When to go to João Pessoa

As a typical northeastern city, João Pessoa is hot all year round, but although the average annual temperature is around 25°C, this does not mean that it is always favorable for a day at the beach.

what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

In the months from April to July the rains are frequent, so it is recommended to go from September to January, the driest time in the region.

The best time to surf in Jampa

Also, keep in mind that in the rainy months and in the winter (July to September), it is very windy in João Pessoa, which makes the waters turbid, but it is the most suitable period for kitesurfing and windsurfing!

So if the visitor wants to see the blue or green sea, as in the characteristic photos of the city, the ideal months for a visit are December and March.

João Pessoa has some tours that only take place if the tide is low, so it is important to take into account the phase of the moon in which you are going to visit the city.

what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

The best option is to go on a full moon or new moon, because this is when the sea reaches its lowest level, allowing access to the natural pools and the red sand «island».

If you feel like doing these excursions, consider booking your trip five days before the full or new moon and also the third day after moonrise.

These are the peak periods for these trips. Another fact is that the day of the entrance of these moons, the tide reaches its minimum level at 09h30 and the next day at 10h.

How to get to João Pessoa?

The capital of Paraíba is one of the main tourist attractions of the Northeast, and one of the capitals with the best quality of life in the region.

It is located in Ponta do Seixas, the easternmost point of the Americas, but do not worry, this does not hinder access to the city.

Flights to Joao Pessoa Brazil

Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport is less than 20 km from downtown João Pessoa. Gol, Latam and Azul are the airlines with routes to the capital of Paraíba.

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Direct flights depart from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador, Recife and Campinas.

From João Pessoa airport you can take a cab to the center, but it may cost a bit for a solo traveler, but if you have company, it is a good option.

There is also a transfer option that is cheaper for those traveling alone and want a little comfort.

For the more economical travelers, there is a city bus line that takes you from the airport to the bus station. Depending on the location of your hotel, you will have to walk about three minutes to the Terminal de Integração and take another bus to a point closer to your accommodation.

In addition, there are places to rent a car at the airport, making it easy to get around the city and to nearby beaches.

João Pessoa by car

Tourists can also opt to leave the city by car and take a trip by car. The main access road is BR-101, but for those coming from Fortaleza it is best to follow one of these roads: BR-116, BR-304 or BR-406.

To João Pessoa by bus

In addition, you also have the option of taking a bus – the main means of access to the city – and the main companies that have routes to João Pessoa are: São Geraldo/Gontijo and Itapemirim.

What to do in João Pessoa? Complete tourism guide

The beaches with a Caribbean sea are the main attraction of João Pessoa, but the city offers attractions beyond the beaches.

what to do in maragogi brazil

The city was founded in 1585 and, although today the city is best known for its seaside extension, the capital of Paraiba has a lot of history to tell, so the tourist cannot miss a visit to the Historical Center. A must visit is the São Francisco Cultural Center, with a lot of architecture and history, the guided tour lasts about 60 minutes.

In the neighborhood of Cabo Branco it is worth visiting the Cabo Branco Station, a cultural center with the signature project of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. Another important excursion is the sunset at Jacaré beach. There the musician Jurandy do Sax plays during sunset.

The magical sunset in João Pessoa

The visitor has two options to watch the sunset, he can stay just on the fence or hire a boat trip. Besides listening to the musician play, you can enjoy a forró.

It is important to book the tour in advance or arrive early as the boats are usually full. You can also book a private tour in Joao Pessoa.

João Pessoa Brazil beaches and fun!

The busiest beaches are Tambaú and Cabo Branco, centrally located and close to the hotels.

In addition, the wide sidewalk is full of kiosks that function as bars and restaurants, even at night. Chairs and umbrellas can be rented at the beach huts on the sand.

For those who want to enjoy other beaches, it is worth renting a car, it is cheaper than taking a cab to the farthest beaches.

Surfing in João Pessoa

On the north coast, Intermares beach is the meeting point for surfers because of its rough sea. Still to the north, you can find some beaches with a calmer sea and the color of the Caribbean, in summer. Camboinha, Praia do Poço and Ponta da Campina, where the Lovina kiosk is located.

best beaches for surfing in brazil, surfing brazil, what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

Towards the south coast, you will find the «wildest» beaches, some travel agencies offer day trips to see all the beaches of Costa do Conde.

These beaches are: Barra do Gramame, where the meeting between the river and the sea takes place, it can get crowded on the weekend. Praia do Amor is famous for its pierced rock where everyone likes to take pictures.

Carapibus beach, at low tide, has natural pools on the beach. Tabatinga beach is the most deserted, with poorly signposted access and some hidden kiosks, such as Tabatinga Arte Bar and Bar Nativo.

Coqueirinho Beach is one of the best, being in an inlet the sea is calm at any tide, excellent for a swim, besides having some kiosks.

It is important to arrive early enough to park near the beach or go on weekdays to get away from the traffic. Further south, Tambaba beach has a naturist and a non-naturist part.

Excursions in João Pessoa Paraiba

The main excursions in João Pessoa are to the natural pools. The catamarans to Picãozinho leave from Tambaú beach.

From Seixas beach, there are boats to the pools of the same name. For the visit to the island of Areia Vermelha, it is necessary to take a boat from Camboinha beach.

what to do in João Pessoa Brazil 8

It is possible to hire all the tours on site, it is only important to remember that the best conditions are the day before or up to three days after the full or new moon.

Pay attention to the tide table, the ideal is 0.3 m, but up to 0.5 m is acceptable.

Where to stay in João Pessoa

The city has a wide variety of hotels available for visitors. A special feature of João Pessoa is that the buildings closest to the beach cannot be too high, so hotels by the sea have few floors, allowing tourists to enjoy the sun on the beaches without the shadows of the buildings impeding the tan.

The most important thing to consider when booking accommodation in João Pessoa is whether you will be renting a car. If not, it is essential that the hotel is located near the beaches of Tambaú, Cabo Branco and, as a last option, Manaíra.

Tambaú, Cabo Branco and Manaíra

Tambaú is the district with the greatest variety of food options, entertainment and with an excellent beach near the hotels.

Cabo Branco follows the same line as Tambaú, but does not have as many entertainment options, nor as much movement on the street as the other beach.

Manaíra is quite different from the other neighborhoods, it is a little far away and, besides everything, it is a more commercial neighborhood.

This ensures that there are good food and entertainment options, but no beach options.

The beach in this neighborhood, unfortunately, is not suitable for swimming. Which may disappoint tourists looking to be as close to the beaches as possible.

To rent a car or not?

If the idea is to rent a car, it is not so important to choose a hotel in one of these neighborhoods, i.e. near the best beaches or downtown, because it will be easier to move around by car.

Moreover, it is possible to save money with more affordable accommodations, even if they are farther away from the center.

Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate if it is worth the economy, taking into account the travel time of the car and the concern with vacancies, but also with the freedom of being able to visit all the places and even the nearby beaches of João Pessoa.

Joao Pessoa hotel reviews

These are the places where things to do in João Pessoa, so if your idea is to move around the city on foot, ideally you should stay close to the main attractions, so you don’t waste time during your trip and don’t spend money on transportation to the main attractions in João Pessoa.

what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

Accommodation in Tambaú beach

This is the area where everything happens in João Pessoa. For those who like to do everything on foot, this is the ideal place to stay.

The wide sidewalk is very busy during the day and night. Here you will find some of the best restaurants in town, as well as small stores, beach bars, bars with live music and nightclubs.

Here is the Cervejaria Devassa, where every Monday the traditional «Forró do Turista» is held. In addition, it is also the handicraft market of João Pessoa, where the visitor can find local handicraft products.

The hotels located on this beach have very varied prices, so the visitor can choose between luxury, comfort and even cheaper hotels, for those looking for economy.

Hotels in João Pessoa Cabo Branco (Cabo Blanco)

It is a little farther away from the hustle and bustle of Tambaú, but also offers a variety of restaurants, bars and stores for visitors.

Hotels in João Pessoa Cabo Branco

Here it is still possible to do many things on foot and the beach is good for swimming. If the tourist wants a hotel near Tambaú, it is important to choose an accommodation as close as possible to Epitácio Pessoa Avenue.

This is a great option for those looking for a quieter environment to stay in, but still want to be within walking distance of Tambaú beach to enjoy some of the excitement of the place as well.

The difference in the daily price of hotels here and in Tambaú is not very big, but in Cabo Branco the price is a bit more affordable. Therefore, it is up to the tourist to evaluate what his preferences are, to decide the place that best meets his expectations.

João Pessoa hotels in Manaíra

This neighborhood is more focused on the commercial part of the city, so it is possible to find there the largest shopping center in João Pessoa. In addition, there are also several options of restaurants, stores and bars near the accommodation in this neighborhood.

Hotels in João Pessoa marania

Here the tourist will be farther away from the hustle and bustle of Tambaú, but this neighborhood leaves nothing to be desired. However, for those who like to stay a few meters from the beach, this is not a good option.

Although Manaíra has its own beachfront and boardwalk, the sea is not suitable for swimming. Therefore, you need to think about the time and means of transportation you will have to take each day to go to the beach.

However, here there are options of more luxurious and larger hotels, for those looking for this type of accommodation. The price of the daily rate follows, more or less, the same pattern of hotels in other locations.

What to eat and where to eat in João Pessoa

Whatever your taste, the capital of Paraíba has a wide range of restaurants to please the different preferences of its visitors.

From typical northeastern food to lighter seafood dishes. In addition, there is no shortage of delicacies to please all palates, such as the well-known tapioca and the unique Paraíba hot dog with minced meat sauce.

Food from Brazil Picanha, what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

Restaurant dishes are usually well served, so two or three people can share a meal without anyone going hungry.

Thus, even in restaurants where the prices of the dishes are higher, the cost-benefit ratio is still very good. From the most renowned restaurants in João Pessoa to the simplest ones, everyone values the quality of the food and the service.

Nau: Good price, plentiful and excellent seafood

Nau is a well-known restaurant in town, located in Manaíra, and its menu includes a variety of seafood dishes.

The service is excellent and, although the price of the dishes will not please any customer, the food will serve two or three people – depending on hunger – and the visitor will not leave disappointed, as the quality of the food is highly praised by those who have visited the restaurant.

As it is a well-known restaurant, it is important to arrive early to avoid queues and get a table more quickly.

For typical meals, Mangai

Another popular restaurant in the area is Mangai, also in Manaíra. Its rustic style, a large number of tables and a buffet serving a wide variety of typical northeastern food options attracts any visitor.

Even with a large space that accommodates many people, at lunchtime the restaurant can be crowded, so it is essential to arrive a little early to easily get a table.

Adega do Alfredo: for a romantic and flavorful night out

For those who appreciate a refined and romantic atmosphere, in Tambaú, the Adega do Alfredo has a varied menu, as well as a delicious buffet of strip flavors. On the menu, there are individual dishes or dishes that can serve two or three people.

The pianist playing in the background is what brings the romantic atmosphere, making the restaurant a good choice for couples who want to enjoy an evening together.

Canoa dos Camarões: live music with a lot of flavor!

Shrimp lovers cannot miss the rodízio at the Canoa dos Camarões restaurant in Manaíra, with 13 different dishes of the delicacy, but for those who are not hungry for rodízio, the establishment also offers a la carte options that please visitors.

Canoa dos Camarões, what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

In addition, every night the restaurant has live music, which makes the atmosphere even more pleasant.

Marítimos Restaurant Tasty and inexpensive buffet style

The Marítimos Restaurant, in Cabo Branco, is a great option for those who like a sophisticated and economical atmosphere. At lunchtime, in addition to the a la carte service, the establishment offers a buffet with several options, while at dinnertime only the menu pleases its customers.

The dishes are well served and serve two or three people; if the visitor wants an individual dish, 60% of the value is charged.

Outside, the restaurant has a pleasant sound environment and has three spaces, two more luminous and one with low light for a romantic atmosphere.

Empório Café: Perfect for breakfast or snacks

At Tambaú, Empório Café offers a wide menu with options of more natural dishes, such as sandwiches, cakes and several juice options.

The atmosphere of the establishment is very lively, with DJs to liven up the night, according to the schedule that varies during the week.

As the place is a meeting point for young people and does not have a very large space, arrive early to get a table and enjoy a relaxed snack or dinner with your group, or even alone.

What to do at night in João Pessoa?

The capital of Paraíba is not a very lively city, compared to other capitals of the Northeast. However, for those visitors who want to enjoy the nightlife, João Pessoa leaves nothing to be desired.

what to do in João Pessoa Brazil night

The traditional forró is the main attraction in some nightclubs, but the city’s discos do not play only forró, the program varies according to the day of the week, so you just have to find the date that suits your personal taste and enjoy the party.

what to do in joao pessoa at night, joao pessoa beaches

For those who want a more «relaxed» evening, the Pontal do Cabo is a simple bar/restaurant with good service, good food and cold beer, plus a great view of the sea.

Another option is to stroll along the wide sidewalk of Avenida Olinda, which is very busy at night, and take the opportunity to visit the city’s handicraft market.

Forró do turista at Cervejaria Devassa!

If possible, it is worth spending a Monday in João Pessoa, and reserve this night to get to know the traditional «Forró do Turista», an attraction that has been held for over 20 years in the city.

Currently, the event is held at Cervejaria Devassa, located on Tambaú beach.

what to do in João Pessoa Brazil

In addition to forró, the establishment offers a variety of tasty beers for lovers of the drink. The place has a young and lively atmosphere, is well attended and has a varied menu of snacks.

For those who like a party atmosphere, the Zodiac Bar is a very famous show house in the city, although the space is small, visitors guarantee that it is very lively!

For lovers of artisanal cachaças, the Cachaçaria Philipéia presents a variety of artisanal cachaças, as well as snacks at very affordable prices, so that no one goes hungry!

Visitors guarantee that a visit to this historic cachaçaria, located in the center of João Pessoa, is an experience not to be missed.

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