Getting to the beaches of Brazil and enjoying a well-deserved family vacation can be an exhausting trip.

And this is where Piratuba will turn out to be one of the most beautiful stops you could make on your way to the waves.

Want to know why? Hot springs, a spectacular city and lots of fun… that’s what Piratuba has to offer. Here is the report that will surely make you stay a few days.

How did this beautiful city of Piratuba come about?

Piratuba SC welcomes tourists of all ages, attracted by the thermal waters, the tranquility of the place, the security and the quality of the services, since it has a qualified hotel network, with more than 2000 beds, as well as an excellent gastronomy.

Piratuba Hot Springs Brazil

Piratuba emerged in 1910, during the construction of the São Paulo – Rio Grande do Sul railroad, when the Vila do Rio do Peixe was established.

In 1964, Petrobras drilled a well in an attempt to find oil. However, it ended up finding the greatest wealth of Piratuba, some channels of sulfurous waters, 674 meters deep, which gave origin to the hot springs spa.

Where is Piratuba?

How to get to Piratuba by car:

If you are coming from Argentina, you must first determine which of the crossings are the most accessible from your city of departure.

  • The crossings of Porto Javier: by the R392, 285 to Ijuí, continue to Passo Fundo and take the 153.
  • By Dionisio Cerqueira: take the R 163 until it meets the R 282, go to Chapecó, take the 283 and in Concordia, access the 153 for a few kilometers.
  • By Sao Borja: take R 285 directly to Passo Fundo, then go up R 153.

For those coming to the hot springs in Rio Grande do Sul Brazil, there are two alternatives: through the Machadinho hydroelectric dam (via RS-135 and SC-150), or through Erechim via RS-153 and SC-390.

From the Catarinense side, the accesses are by Joaçaba (by SC-390), by Concordia (by BR 150), and Campos Novos-Capinzal (by BR-470, BR-283 and SC-150). From Florianópolis, it is 450 km.

How to get to Piratuba by plane

The nearest commercial airport is Chapecó, located 130 km away, receiving cheap daily flights from Florianópolis, São Paulo, Brasília, Porto Alegre and Campinas.

What to do in Piratuba, a Paradise in the Middle of Santa Catarina

Located in the Rio do Peixe Valley, in the midst of privileged nature, Piratuba Spa is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Santa Catarina.

Piratuba Hot Springs Brazil

The rural landscape of the region becomes evident on the Engenho route when the small properties open their arms to visitors who marvel at their landscapes, contemplate their lakes, forests and trails and can still delight in the colonial products produced there.

Another way to see the beauty of the region is aboard the SPA train. This tour that goes to the gaucho town of Marcelino Ramos (also a seaside resort) passes over the bridge over the Uruguay River and through unforgettable landscapes. But the great request of Piratuba is its Spa.

Piratuba SC Hot Springs

The sulfurous thermal waters, the rich mineral and therapeutic properties that spring naturally from the ground, are ideal for soaking baths, bathtubs, showers and other relaxing options that are available to visitors at the Parque das Termas de Piratuba rasil.

Piratuba Brazil hot springs: There the hot pools are in the middle of a large and beautiful green area, in a complex that offers besides soaking baths, alternative therapies such as lodotherapy and massages.

A Beautiful Park to Enjoy

In the park itself, the ecological trails and picnic areas are another way to take advantage of the local infrastructure, which also offers high quality hospitality and gastronomy.

Throughout the year, the hotels promote dances, pranks and events for guests to enjoy.

And in high season the high point is the demonstration of the water jet of a thermal spring that reaches 25 meters high.

Weather in Piratuba

What to do in Piratuba when it rains?

Visit the Hot Springs Park: The hot springs are the city’s main attraction. The hydro-mineral complex is supplied with water with a temperature of 38° C, excellent to enjoy the contact with nature, relax and enjoy Piratuba in winter inside the pools.

Piratuba Hot Springs Brazil

Do the Maria Fumaça attraction: The Maria Fumaça attraction, known as Trem das Termas, is the highlight of the visits to Piratuba. The attraction is made with a steam locomotive from 1920, with capacity for 250 people.

Enjoy the winter attractions: Since the idea is to visit Piratuba in winter, you can’t miss the attractions of this season, right? Piratuba’s Winter Thermal Festival has five central events, with different schedules and dates, to please all audiences.

Enjoy the gastronomy: At any time of the year, there is nothing better than eating well, right? In winter, the gastronomy warms the cold of the tourists.

Piratuba Colonial House

The colonial house is a beautiful typical German building where the sign of the city is located, where the tourist finds the rural products of the interior of the municipality, such as cookies, cakes, fruits, drinks and handicrafts.

Railroad Square

Beautiful square located just after the train station. A good place to sit in the late afternoon and have a chimarrão.

Piratuba Event Center

The Piratuba Events Center has a beautiful construction that is worth the photo.

The large structure serves to hold conventions and balls, with amphitheater for theatrical performances and two rooms for more restricted events, in addition to all the infrastructure. pay, offer, now, buy online, free shipping

Cascade Park – Ipira

Cascade Park is a beautiful pleasure area that has a beautiful natural landscape with waterfalls, rock walls, caves and native vegetation, as well as trails and walkways.

The waterfall park is located in the neighboring municipality of Ipira, just 1 km after the Rio do Peixe bridge that divides the two cities.

Maria Fumaça Ride

The Thermal Train is a tour of Maria Fumaça made with a locomotive over 100 years old that crosses a 25 km stretch from Piratuba to the gaucho town of Marcelino Ramos.

Gardeneira City Tour

The «gardeners» are personalized and open buses that make tours around the city, where the guides pass the information of each visited tourist spot to the passengers during the trip.

The places visited during the City Tour in Piratuba are: House of Memory, House of Culture, Avenue Fountain, Catholic Church and train station.

The tour also goes to the neighboring city of Ipira, where tourists know the plant waterfall, a cookie factory, a slipper factory. OBS: the schedules are made in hotels.

Accommodation and hotels in Piratuba Brazil

Thermal baths in Piratuba Brazil, the hotel capacity is very good, it also has very comfortable apartments with affordable prices.

If you are going to enjoy the hot springs in Santa Catarina in the winter season, everything is reduced to less than half!

Piratuba Hot Springs Brazil

Also, if you are planning a family vacation, the best option is to stay at the Hotel Vila Germanica, one of the best hotels in Piratuba. The Hotel Paraiso Piratuba or the hotel villa das termas Piratuba Brazil, as it has staff that is in charge of gathering your kids and doing activities throughout the day.

And for the grown-ups, bowling, hiking, enjoying the thermal pools.

And in the evenings there are various tournaments and even costume parties with lots of music and fun.

Piratuba’s Summer Season Opening

One of the most awaited parties of the year, where about 10,000 people enjoy themselves, with several attractions. The event is already consecrated in the whole south of Brazil.

The opening of the season takes place from 11/30/2022 until 12/02/2022, where music, dance and fun transforms the whole city.

And the main event takes place at the Piratuba Events Arena where the party takes the most beautiful color.

Termas Brasil and Kerb Fest 2022!

The biggest and most traditional party of the region from 11 to 15/01/2022! Music, Chopp, typical food, Queen, princesses and sangria from the first barrel of Chopp.

The schedule is extremely lively during the holidays with typical dances, kizomba and pagode, parade of floats and pranks.

Some distances to Piratuba:

How to get to the hot springs. Here some distances and the map of Piratuba:

  • The Best Beaches of Brazil 759 km
  • Iguazu Falls 603 km
  • Argentina 477 km
  • Christ the Redeemer 1313 km
  • Buzios 1466 km

Tips for Visiting Piratuba

I recommend you to set aside a couple of days to fully enjoy this place. Do me a favor! You will not regret it, since the accommodation in Brazil is affordable and with a spectacular attention.

Piratuba can be visited at any time of the year, but in the winter months, the thermal shock is higher when you leave the hot pools due to the cold air, even in the closed pools.

Always have your camera ready, because at every meter you will find a souvenir to take a good picture.

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