The beautiful beach of Florianópolis Ponta das Canas, is one of those that Argentines and Uruguayans love to visit in high season.

Near Lagoinha beach, Canasvieiras and a little further, Jureré Internacional; being this one, the ideal to enjoy with the family.

They stand out in the north of the island, overlooking some beaches such as Canasvieiras Beach, Bom Jesus Waterfall Beach, and just after Lagoinha Beach.

History of Ponta das Canas Beach

The denomination of this beach follows the history of the previous one and others to follow, of the geography and of the greenery found in the place.

A sandy point, part clay with stones, next to which flourished a plantation of sugar cane and of the scallop variety or «cane scallop«.

The place served to make a community that worked with crops associated with fishing, since the beach offered, in fact, still offers, great conditions for these activities that are still practiced by native residents.

With the arrival of the summer practice and the rest houses, the region was chosen by more than two hundred families who began to dispute with the natives the residential spaces and the beach. This became a bathing area.

Where is Ponta das Canas located?

Ponta das Canas beach is located in the north of the island of Florianópolis and has about 3,170 inhabitants. Ponta das Canas is located near Lagoinha.

Structure of Ponta das Canas

The beach has several options of Hotels, Pousadas and Hostels.

Bars and restaurants by the sea are also available to swimmers, in addition to the pirate boat ride to the island of Anhatomirim.

What to do in Ponta das Canas Brazil

  • Suitable for: With calm and warm waters, Ponta das Canas beach is ideal to enjoy with the whole family. Great for taking the kids.
  • Tip: When visiting the beach, stay until later and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Magic Island.
  • Distance to the city center: 30,5 Km

Praia Ponta das Canas Florianópolis is the last beach that forms the beaches of Canasvieiras and Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, heading north.

Small beach that attracts a large number of tourists in summer.

Mainly by the characteristic of offering tranquility is very chosen by families with small children.

It is a very safe seaside resort with a small urban structure.

The center is formed only by a couple of blocks. It has a small avenue next to the sea of approximately 200 meters.

Lodging in Ponta das Canas Florianópolis

There are some traditional lodging options and many beach houses for vacation rentals offered by the natives of the neighborhood.

Hotels, Inns, Houses and Apartments are the properties and options at your disposal. Among the most prominent:

  • Boulevard Ponta Das Canas residence: In front of the quiet Ponta das canas beach, with excellent service and a breakfast that you will not stop eating! Good prices, with swimming pools, accessories and exit to the beach.
  • Floriparadise pousada Ponta das Canas: Sensational apartment, comfortable and very well located, that’s why it gets a score of 9.5!
  • Ponta das Canas hotel Costa Norte: This hotel is located on the seafront of the quiet beach of Ponta das Canas, surrounded by idyllic scenery and the charm of a fishing colony. A score of 8.8!

Praia da Ponta das Canas begins at Ponta da Lagoa and extends to the end of Ponta das Canas, when Praia da Cachoeira begins.

Ponta das Canas Beach Brazil

It is a quiet beach, with clear waters and fine sand and the sea bottom descends in a gentle slope.

The water temperature is pleasant and the whole neighborhood offers attractions for leisure and recreation, especially for children.

The sea is a place considered as a lagoon for the tranquility of its waters.

It is located between the high sea and the sea of the bay, in fact the North Bay of the Island of Santa Catarina can have as a mark the tip of the Reeds and, therefore, can be considered geographically as a beach of inland sea and tame.

What to do in Ponta das Canas Brazil

The entire Ponta das Canas area suffers the erosion process caused by sea currents and therefore the beach is slowly loaded, requiring studies and execution of works to reduce the impact of the phenomenon.

The width of the sand strip varies from year to year. However, in the last season there has been a very good extension of the sand strip, favoring the tourists who have chosen it.

It integrates the territory of the District of Cachoeira do Bom Jesus.

Dimensions Ponta das Canas beach

  • Extension – 950 meters
  • Width from 1 to 18 meters

Uses and customs at Ponta das Canas Floripa Beach

Ponta dos Canas is a recreational and vacation area for families.

It seems to be a familiar territory and at the same time has many native inhabitants who are dedicated to fishing and providing services to vacationers and tourists.

What to do in Ponta das Canas Brazil

A small group of stores form the so-called commercial center of Punta das Canas.

Some convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies are included in this place.

It has a very quiet environment, away from roads and stressful movements with restaurants (we recommend Canto do mar Ponta das Canas), bars and support services.

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