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Enjoying your vacation in Porto de Galinhas Brazil is to imagine white beaches and natural pools… one of the most outstanding places in all of Brazil, where thousands of tourists seeking to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy beaches, walks and connect with nature offered by the sea.

Located in the municipality of Ipojuca and 50 km from Recife, Porto de Galinhas is the main tourist pole of the coast of Pernambuco; and its fame is due to the diversity of its natural beauty, where white sand beaches, coconut trees and crystal clear waters, form a paradisiacal scenery combined with coral reefs.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

How to get to Porto Galinhas? center

Driving in Brazil

Leaving from the north of the state, Recife or Recife airport, the main access is by BR-101, where you take the PE-060 to Ipojuca. From Ipojuca, you have to take the PE-038 to Our Lady of the 3rd and then br-009, which passes near the high wall beach, CUPE and heads to the center of Porto de Galinhas.

Leaving the south, access is given by BR-101 and PE-060.

The advantage of renting a car at the Recife airport itself is to be free to drive around the chicken harbor and other beaches in the region.

Renting a car is especially recommended for those staying far from the «centrinho».

To Porto de Galinhas by bus

For those who want to leave the airport and take a bus, there are no difficulties, just leave the landing terminal and then exit through the door next to the tourist information office.

You have to wait for the vehicle next to a bus stop that is located before the entrance to the parking lot.

Cab and transfers

Anyone in a small group (4 or 5 people, depending on the vehicle), can make the transfer with a tour company or a cab. The values range between R $100 and R $130.

This is a fast and comfortable way to get to Porto, with a good price guarantee, if the value is divided between people, and it leaves travelers exactly where they want to stay.

However, to enjoy a quiet trip without haste, enjoying every corner, it is advisable to rent a car as there are many options and at a good price.

Porto Galinhas Brazil, Beaches for a lot of fun

The destination offers excellent services and an infrastructure with bars, restaurants and handicraft stores, as well as recreational activities: buggy rides.

Jangada rides in the natural pools; canoe rides in the mangrove; visits to environmental projects, historical sites, sugar cane plantations and centenary trees, practice of nautical sports, diving and ecotourism.

The destination vacation in Porto de Galinhas hotels

Porto de Galinhas is an old fishing village full of legends that blend with the history of Colonial Brazil.

Located on the south coast, the beautiful beach of crystal clear waters is accessed by the Atlantic Route, a renovated and safer road.

Full of natural wonders and cradle of a rich marine ecosystem, the fauna and flora are exhibited among the coconut trees and dense mangrove vegetation.

The scenery is an inspiration for the refined gastronomy of the restaurants and for the best hotel service offered by the luxurious resorts.

Where and how to get to Porto de Galinhas Map

An enchanting place

The sun and the blue sky reveal magnificent beaches of warm waters, with average temperatures of 28ºC.

This is the scenery appreciated by those who visit this magical destination, surrounded by resorts, hotels and inns, full of restaurants offering an attractive regional gastronomy.

Porto de Galinhas airport

The closest airport to Cabo de Santo Agostinho is Recife (REC), 21.1 km away. Other nearby airports are Joao Pessoa (JPA) (126.9 km), Maceio (MCZ) (160.4 km), Natal (NAT) (282.8 km) and Aracaju (AJU) (374.7 km).

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

All this is 50 km from Recife International Airport, or less than an hour’s drive.

The place is a true aquarium that shows off its beauty through a rich marine biodiversity, especially in the Coral Coast region, which preserves an extension of coral and sand reefs, with mangroves and exuberant fauna and flora.

History of Porto Galinhas

The crew’s secret password to the smugglers was «there are new hens in port», which meant that a new shipment of slaves had arrived. This is how the name Porto de Galinhas came about.

The history of Porto de Galinhas does not stem from the colorful hens that we see today in the village.

In 1850, the slave trade was prohibited in Brazil so that to circumvent the law, ships docked on the beach with cargo holds full of slaves covered with Angola chicken transport boxes.

Hotels to enjoy your family vacations


The seaside resort of Porto de Galinhas is among the ten most sought-after destinations by tourists.

The hotel industry is diversified and offers the best deals in family hotels and inns, accommodation for couples and also for fun with friends.

Porto de Galinhas Beaches map and lodging: Get to know the hotels and inns and schedule your trip to paradise.

The all-inclusive tour packages vary according to the demands of each tourist, but if there is something that this paradisiacal place offers, it is the variety for every pocket.

Find your hotel in paradise

ARMAÇÃO HOTEL: One of the best places to stay in Porto de Galinhas. The closest hotel to Vila de Porto, all apartments are equipped with split air conditioning, cable TV, minibar, telephone, safe and private bathroom.

It offers a large recreational structure and also for events with 02 Convention Centers with total capacity for up to 2,500 people. WiFi is available free of charge. PORTO de GALINHAS White beaches and natural pools

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

HOTEL VILLAGE PORTO DE GALINHAS: Beautiful 04 star hotel. There are 184 apartments and 7 exclusive bungalows, all equipped with telephone, minibar, split air-conditioning, cable TV and a net on the railing.

With a large recreational and entertainment area, it is one of the best accommodations in Porto de Galinhas.

KEMBALI HOTEL: The Kembali presents a new concept of hotel with an impeccable design.

Themed rooms, with differentiated decorations in the musical style of Bali, spa and retro decor, a perfect destination for couples on honeymoon, as it does not accept children under 13 years. It offers free internet for all guests.

POUSADA DAS GALINHAS: It is a themed inn, with characters that tell with a lot of fun the history of Porto de Galinhas.

We can highlight the infrastructure with a large swimming pool, waterfall, water slide, whirlpool and pool bar, where we serve delicious drinks and snacks in a very cozy and charming atmosphere. PORTO de GALINHAS White beaches and natural pools

MARULHOS SUITES RESORT: Located on Muro Alto Beach, 10 km from Porto de Galinhas Village, all apartments are equipped with railing, TV, air conditioning, minibar, safe and cable internet access.

For events, the hotel has an auditorium for 100 people, two support rooms and a refined living room.

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What to do in Porto de Galinhas?

The wonderful beach of Porto de Galinhas that for 11 consecutive years was chosen as the best in Brazil offers not only crystal clear waters, tranquility, infrastructure for visitors such as hotels, Hostels, Inns and restaurants; But there are also many activities to do in Porto de Galinhas.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Porto Galinhas best beaches for your family vacation

According to our followers, the Top 3 activities in Porto de Galinhas are the following:

  • Surf lessons
  • Diving with snorkeling in the natural pools
  • Buggy ride from end to end

Porto de Galinhas is the destination in Brazil that is most concerned about valuing its environmental heritage, according to the Ministry of Tourism. The resort has a rich coastal ecosystem formed by corals, mangroves and incredible vegetation.

It is also the habitat of an exuberant fauna, formed by mangroves, oysters, crabs, turtles and sea horses, which are preserved by environmental projects.

The best beaches in Porto de Galinhas

Meeting point to start surfing lessons. And Maracaípe gets busy, especially when stages of important championships are organized.

Maracaipe Beach

Maracaípe is beautiful. Strong waves, very conducive to extreme sports. The scenery is like a movie.

Charming! It is the spot for high income people, where beautiful and attractive bars and villas, combined with the landscape, form something unique and exclusive in the region.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

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So the prices there are a bit salty, but if you can invest in a few days or take a look it’s worth it!

Praia da Gamboa

Gamboa is a different beach from all the others, because Gamboa is a village beach.

The drive is beautiful, to the point that you do not realize the 15 km distance from the center of Garopaba: the road includes dunes, rivers, mountains and even a heart-shaped lagoon.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Upon arrival, you will find a quiet beach with few locals, a true haven of fluffy white sand, ideal for hiking and trekking.

It has about 450 meters of quiet beach, but if you want something bigger, you can go all the way to Praia do guardião for another 6500 meters, on a pure nature walk. «good in Gamboa,» that’s what they say….

Praia Muro Alto, Praia dos carneiros

Muro Alto is a beautiful beach in the municipality of Ipojuca, more specifically in the region of Porto de Galinhas.

It was this beautiful beach, the place chosen to host the most luxurious condominiums and some of the best resorts in Brazil.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

With a sea of extremely calm waters due to the large reef formation in place, a real natural pool, surrounded by thousands of coconut trees, mangroves, reserve areas of the Atlantic rainforest, and a tropical garden by the sea, the beach of muro Alto is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful corners of all Brazil.

Besides admiring the beautiful scenery and taking a pleasant sea bath, in Praia da Parede are also quite common sailing and kayaking as a leisure option, in addition to the practice of some water sports.

One of the curiosities is related to the origin of the name of the high wall of the beach.

Its name does not refer to a wall itself. This «wall» is actually a sand wall, about 3 meters high, formed in the region.

How to get to Praia da Parede: located on the southern coast of the state of Pernambuco, about 65 km from the capital, the beach can be accessed by buggies, rented in the region of Porto de Galinhas, or inside one of the condominiums in the region.

Gastronomy in Porto de Galinhas

In Porto de Galinhas there will be other charms besides its natural beauties. Its colors and regional aromas together with the highest gastronomy in the various restaurants will be the perfect complement for your vacations in Porto de Galinhas. porto de galinhas geographical location

The experience begins with a breakfast with regional fruits, tapiocas and the famous bolo de rolo (roll cake). The Pernambucano seaside resort is a must for those with a refined palate.
Get to know the exquisite gastronomy of Porto das Galinhas.


The success story of this restaurant began in 1998 and today its manioc au gratin is already part of the tourist script of the place.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Filled with chicken, steak, shrimp, broccoli, cod, beef, cheddar cheese and Catupiry brand cheese.

Located in one of the busiest spots of the seaside village of Porto de Galinhas beach. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-1913


A few steps from a beautiful sea, using rustic elements of the region and harmonizing perfectly with the climate of the Northeastern Brazilian beach, it offers a menu of differentiated meals that mix fish with local fruits, such as Camarulu, Beijucastanha and Lagostanga. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-2354


The restaurant has an air-conditioned cellar at 18ºC, an air-conditioned room for up to 20 people and another more exclusive room.

Some events are already traditional during the year, such as the Sunday Feijoada, always held on Carnival Sundays. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-1464


Operates daily from 8am until the last customer. Accepts all credit cards. Bathroom adapted for people with special needs.

Price per person from R$ 30,00. Internet access. Contact: +55 (81) 98876-4794


João Restaurante is by the sea at Maracaípe Beach. In a relaxed atmosphere, it has a swimming pool, nets in the garden and live music.

With contemporary Brazilian cuisine and seafood, they have customer service staff focused on serving customers with friendliness and efficiency. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-2495


Located in the heart of the Village of Inhabitants of Porto de Galinhas beach, La Crêperie is one of the most charming and oldest restaurants of the prestigious Pernambuco seaside resort.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

It offers its menu, with various ingredients prepared in an artisanal way, such as savory and sweet crepes, salads, soups, homemade dough. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-1831.


Founded in 1991, the Peixe na Telha was the result of the ideal of reconciling the beauty of the dishes with the beauty of the place.

Porto de Galinhas enchants swimmers with its warm and crystal clear waters, and at the same time the Peixe na Telha enchants its customers with rich, authentic and tasty food. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-1323


The Pescaria offers a complete and diversified menu, with countless options of main courses, snacks and drinks, providing guests with a great gastronomic adventure, which combined with the beauty of the beach of Porto de Galinhas results in an unforgettable experience. Contact: +55 (81) 3552-1117

What to do in Porto de Galinhas when it rains?

Although it is difficult, you may face a rainy day during the high season in Porto de Galinhas, so it is good to know what you can do there even without sun.

Galleries and stores in downtown Porto de Galinhas: although there are many stores open and with tables in the middle of the street, it is also possible to find galleries and leisure and shopping options inside.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

In downtown Porto de Galinhas you will find everything you need, including enclosed spaces to enjoy the beauty of the city even in the rain. The stores and handicrafts are worth a visit.

Even in the rain, the beaches of Porto de Galinhas can be visited in light rain. As in the region of the natural pools the sea is not open, it is safe to go into the sea even in the rain, but great care should be taken on the other beaches.

It is worth remembering that summer rains in Pernambuco are usually quick, so if it starts to rain during the high season, don’t stress or despair. Take advantage of these options and wait for the rain to subside.

Summary porto de galinhas tourism

Galinhas is a beautiful beach with attractions for all ages and pockets. The center is refurbished and has good options for restaurants and snacks.

Business tourism is gaining more and more importance in Porto de Galinhas, influenced by the economic growth of the region and by the modern structure of events.

The venues already receive national and international conventions and congresses. There are two convention centers located in resorts and hotels that offer infrastructure and recreation in the right measure.

Questions about Porto Galinhas

  • Distance from porto de galinhas to maragogi: 1 h 33 min (88.4 km) by Rod. Armínio Guilherme/Rod. PE-60
  • Which is better Porto de Galinhas or Maragogi? Maragogi is a quieter place, Porto de Galinhas has a better structure, better hotels and more restaurant options.

Best beaches near Porto de Galinhas center

Beaches are the main activities in the district which is by the sea and has beautiful natural pool formations!

  • Porto de Galinhas beach and natural pools.
  • Muro Alto.
  • Cupe.
  • Merepe.
  • Maracaípe.
  • Pontal de Maracaipe.
  • Serrambi.
  • Visit to the natural pools of Porto de Galinhas.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil

What to do in Porto de Galinhas in 6 days?

What to do in Porto de Galinhas Brazil – Itinerary Day by Day

  • Day 1: Arrival in Porto de Galinhas.
  • Day 2: Buggy ride from end to end and natural pools of Porto de Galinhas.
  • Day 3: Carneiros Beach.
  • Day 4: Round trip to Maragogi or Milagres.
  • Day 5: City Tour Recife and Olinda.
  • Day 6: Santo Aleixo Island.


  • Porto de Galinhas information best beaches in porto de galinhas, where to eat
  • Porto de Galinhas Weather

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