e24650_ ✈❤ Praia do Pinho Camboriú: Meet the Most Controversial Beach of the Balneário Brazil

Who does not like the beaches of Santa Cantarina? The coast very visited by tourists throughout the year.

Known for having one of the best beaches in the south and Brazil, the coast of Santa Catarina draws attention for its simplicity, glamor and tranquility. Mainly for the Praia do Pinho.

We have prepared this article to introduce you to one of the 8 liberal beaches that Brazil has to offer.

You may have heard some comments about Praia Pinho, but we will tell you all about it in this article.

Which are all the naturist beaches in Brazil (legal)

Praia do pinho balneário Camboriú Santa Catarina

Get to know Praia do Pinho SC

The exclusive Praia do Pinho, famous and beautiful beach on the coast of Santa Catarina, is located in the city of Balneário Camboriú, the Praia do naturism is only 80 kilometers from the capital of Santa Catarina.

As common as it may seem, Praia do Pinho is, yes, the most controversial of Santa Catarina and known to the world.

But why? Because it is the first official naturist beach in Brazil. That’s right, its public is open and proposes a new lifestyle for society.

Why and how did Praia do Pinho become naturist?

In the mid 80’s, a group of naturists started going to the beach. At first the idea was not so well accepted, some local residents did not like the idea and began to question the practice.

Praia do Pinho became known as a naturist beach when an old magazine published an article about naturism in the region.

It was on this beach that the Brazilian Federation of Naturism was created, and over the years it ended up being considered one of the best naturist beaches in the world.

But what exactly is naturism?

I understand the confusion that many people have in relation to the terms used and related to nudity.

To give you a better understanding, nudity can be seen in three ways, being them:

  • Erotic
  • Naturist
  • Sensualized

As naturists, the population that frequents Praia do Pinho appreciates freedom together with nature, with principles and values oriented to equality and freedom as human beings. A lifestyle as a form of liberation.

Praia do Pinho Camboriú brazil

Was it easier to understand why nudism and the Brazilian Naturist Federation mentioned above?

Well, very interesting, the region has been gaining more and more followers and, of course, curious.

Praia do Pinho nudism and rules to visit the region

As you may have noticed, to go to the beach and the region as a whole there are some rules to follow. We have listed the most important ones to help you with this:

  • You can only enter the sand strip when you are completely naked;
  • Cameras, camcorders and the like are not allowed;
  • Praia do Pinho pousada and camping leave the use of clothing as an option;
  • Visitors who do not adhere to naturism can visit the beach as long as they do not reach the sand strip;
  • To stay at Praia do Pinho it is necessary to have the passport of the Brazilian Federation of Naturism;
  • Animals are not allowed on the beach.
  • Now it is very easy to know how to get to Praia do Pinho, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at some accommodation options and prices.

How much does it cost and when to go to Praia Pinho?

Praia do Pinho has been improving its infrastructure over the years, so the accommodation options are still paid.

What’s not to stop you from taking advantage of all the region has to offer, right?

With only 50 meters of sand strip, the beach receives many visitors in high season, taking away privacy and complicating a bit the reservations in hostels and campsites.

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If you are a beginner in the style of naturist vision, you may choose to visit Praia do Pinho in a quieter season.

All options can be found directly on the site of the Federation.

Praia do Pinho naturism and the local public

The public that visits Praia do Pinho is very eclectic, you can find people of different ages and of all types.

It is usually more frequented by couples, but this does not mean that this is a rule.

Like all beaches, Praia do Pinho is open to the public as long as you follow the pre-established rules of the place.

The place is wonderful, according to visitors the beach is a bit wild, with white sand and clean sea.

Praia do Pinho Camboriú brazil

Divided into two areas, Praia do Pinho Santa Catarina offers tranquility for couples and families, separating them from singles in general.

It is not because the region is oriented towards naturism that it is not organized.

It is not because the region is oriented towards naturism that it is not organized.

By the way, the beach is very structured, which makes it attract even more the attention of travelers and residents of the surrounding area.

What to do in Praia do Pinho?

The small and cozy Praia do Pinho offers few extra activities to do. The main goal is to enjoy the beach and the pousada, chalet, cottage or camping.

But of course, options like volleyball and frescoball are always a great choice for a sunny day.

The clear, clean waters and plenty of nature can be very attractive for pioneering, uncompromising hikes.

But be careful not to go too far and get lost in the middle of the trail.

When it comes to gastronomy, near the beach you can find some options of bars and restaurants.

Usually the restaurants have a typical menu, with seafood and other spices. If you are not much into seafood, there are other options to eat.

Comments from those who frequent the place

Although they like Praia de Pinho very much, those who frequent it believe that they have little security in the area and the federation, together with the local police, could act to avoid this situation.

Another negative point for some is that the infrastructure on the sand is very weak, so the options for drinking food are practically non-existent.

But what most visitors have said is that praia do nudismo is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weekend or the afternoon.

Whether with family, friends or even alone with a good book.

Recapping all about Praia do Pinho

To help you establish the main points of this article, let’s recap what has been seen?

  • Camboriú Praia do Pinho is one of the best naturist beaches in the world.
  • The beach is very organized and has rules that must be followed by those who visit.
    If you make a visit, you can stay in the pousadas, cabins or camp.
  • Praia Pinho SC is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the weekend.
  • At the end of the day, after a tasty beach and a renewal of energy, nothing better than closing the night at the Indaiá Restaurant which is located a few minutes from Pinho beach! 😉

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