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Everyone already knows that Florianópolis is the most sought after seaside destination in the southern region of Brazil.

During the summer, tourists from all corners of the world flock to the capital of Santa Catarina in search of its combination of bohemian and natural beauties to make the most of their vacations.

And the northern part of the island, with Ingleses beach, is one of the best exponents of the way of life there.

What to do in Praia dos Ingleses Florianópolis SC

The northern corner of Floripa is where young people are more concentrated, seeking the beaches not only for the scenery and the sea, but also for the parties.

And the region offers some of them that fit this profile, such as Canasvieiras, Jurerê (Traditional and International) and, of course, Praia dos Ingleses.

It is one of the busiest places in the archipelago, especially in high season.

With a great structure of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lodging options, in addition to its beach that caters to both families, with a side of calm waters, and surfers, with another side of sea turmoil, the neighborhood of Ingleses do Rio Vermelho gained more and more projection in Florianópolis.

And today it receives a multitude of people willing to know the Island of Magic with all that it has to offer: emotion and tranquility at the same time, badalação and nature in the same day.

History of Praia dos Ingleses Florianopolis

And you must be wondering the origin of the name, aren’t you? Well, it’s simple. Sometime between 1683 and 1737, historians can’t determine better, a ship from England sank there and the surviving sailors settled on the beach, surviving through agriculture.

Ingleses Beach Florianopolis Brazil

This ancient caravel lies about 50 meters from the beach, two meters deep and a little deeper under the sand, and was discovered in 1989. It has become a dive site ever since!

Praia dos Ingleses Norte: There is no doubt that Florianópolis is one of the best summer destinations in the country. And its northern neighborhoods become the ideal choice for most people with the sum of a state-of-the-art structure and fashionable beaches.

How to get to Praia dos Ingleses Brazil

Hercílio Luz International Airport serves practically all of Brazil and receives frequent flights from the most important cities.

Ingleses Florianópolis beach is located in the southern part of the island and 40 km from Praia dos Ingleses. By car, it is possible to make the trip in about 50 minutes.

Ingleses by bus

For those who go by bus when disembarking it is necessary to take a trip to the Integrated Bus Terminal in Praia dos Ingleses center and take another one to the English Red River – there is no difficulty to get there.

Inside Floripa, when arriving by car over the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, ideally follow the road to the English Beira Mar Avenue, the state road SC 401 and follow right at the fork.

To Praia dos Ingleses by plane

For those coming from the airport, it is advisable to take the Rodovia Governador Aderbal Ramos e Silva (South Highway) and then follow the tunnel to Beira Mar Norte.

Then take the same route along SC 401.

Hotels and apartments in Praia dos Ingleses Floripa

In English, the hotel chain is quite extensive, varied and well structured to receive tourists from all walks of life.


Hostels, inns and even luxury hotels are part of the neighborhood, in addition to a good range of apartments for seasonal rentals. They recommend:

  • Flat Pietra praia dos Ingleses: The Praia dos Ingleses Santa Catarina Flat Pietra offers spacious accommodations, outdoor pool, solarium and beach services and is located on Praia dos Ingleses beach. It offers a bar and hot tub. grade: 9.1!
  • Parada Beach Suítes à Beira-Mar: The Parada Beach Suítes à Beira-Mar is ideally located in front of Praia dos Ingleses, close to bars and restaurants. The accommodation is 3 km from Santinho Beach. rating: 8.2
  • Casa de praia ingleses SC: Enjoy a Rustic House 200 meters from Florianópolis Praia dos Ingleses Brazil and 17 km from the praia dos ingleses center of handicraft Casa Açoriana, and offers accommodation with free WiFi, air conditioning and access to a garden. rating: 9.8!

When to go to praia dos Ingleses Brazil?

Everyone knows that summer is when everything gets crowded and more expensive. In Florianopolis is no different, as well as in Praia Ingleses.

But there is not much to escape: because Santa Catarina is in the southern region, it is common for it to get cold at other times of the year.

Ingleses Beach Florianopolis Brazil

On New Year’s Eve and Carnival in Florianópolis, the whole city, especially the northern part, is crowded with people and parties all the time.

The best option may be to travel between the end of Carnival and the end of March. With the weather still warm and the island less populated, it is possible to better enjoy Praia dos Ingleses.

It is worth remembering that summer is the rainy period in Floripa, but it is not worth going in winter, drier, due to the low average temperature: 17 degrees Celsius is not a beach.

What to do in Praia dos Ingleses

And what to do when you get to Praia dos Ingleses? Enjoying the beach itself, of course, should be the first activity. It is located in an inlet, and ended up divided into two parts.

To the left, in the direction of Ponta da Feiticeira, is the English north. To the right, up to Ponta dos Ingleses, is the English south side and where the Santinho Dunes are located.

Ingleses Beach Florianopolis Brazil

And both have a short strip of sand, although the total length is very long – about 4 km.

Nicknamed Zinga by the natives and other people who adopted the English as their residence, it is located on the open sea side of the island, facing the ocean and not the mainland.

Surfing in Praia Brava

In its northern canton, Ponta da Feiticeira separates it from Praia Brava, and it is there where the surfers are concentrated.

There the waves are stronger and bigger, providing good space for the maneuvers of the sport – sandy bottom and east swell.

But since it is a bay, it is the only place with good surfing conditions in the neighborhood.

Sandboarding in the Santinho and Joaquina Dunes

In the south of the canton, the climate is more favorable for families. The white sand was forming, over time, large dunes that became a leisure spot for people of all ages there – sandboarding is great fun and can be practiced in the Santinho Dunes.

Ingleses Beach Florianopolis Brazil

Although they are not as big as the Joaquina Dunes, the most famous of Florianópolis, you can play and have a good view from above.

And Praia dos Ingleses is good for swimming in the sea: as the water is calmer in this part, it has become the best place to dive and just enjoy the pleasant temperature.

But Praia dos Ingleses does not only live from the sea and the sand: there are other touristic places.

On the south coast itself there is an altar dedicated to Iemanjá and then a path that leads to the Open Air Archaeological Museum.

There you can see prehistoric engravings up to four thousand years old, called petroglyphs, by walking. At the end is the neighboring Santinho beach.

Santinho Beach

This trail is also the Trilha Caminho do Engenho. Ideal for beginners, it passes through some streams and has a beautiful view of Praia dos Ingleses and the nearby islands.

Santinho Beach Florianopolis Brazil

At a bifurcation the visitor can access the Caminho da Grota Trail, of high difficulty and steep terrain, including a climbing wall.

Another is the Caminho da Partida Trail, also steep and full of slopes, but with a beautiful panoramic view of the region.

Praia Brava and Ponta da Feiticeira

On the other side, in the north canton, is the fourth and last trail in English. The Feiticeira Trail leads to Praia Brava, passing by Ponta da Feiticeira, and overlooks the two beaches, as well as the nearby islands.

The trail is 2 km long and requires some experience. It is best not to go alone if you don’t know it.

For lovers of historical and cultural tourism, Praia dos Ingleses Florianópolis has other points of interest besides the inscriptions on the rock.

Museums in Praia Ingleses Florianópolis

The Museu das Oficinas Líticas, known as Museu dos Brunidores, in the southern canton, has circular shapes and large footprints recorded by the prehistoric inhabitants of the region.

It is not very well known and, therefore, it is often overlooked by visitors to the city.

The Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has almost 140 years of history and is very charming.

It also hosts some of the neighborhood’s religious festivals, such as Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, in early February, and Divino Espírito Santo, in May and June.

For Catholics, it is a tourist spot not to be missed at Praia dos Ingleses.

Florianópolis praia dos Ingleses and the Água Show Park

And families with children should not miss the Água Show Water Park, a well-known water park in the region.

With 10 pools and 20 slides, it is very popular in summer, when it operates all week.

At other times of the year, however, it is best to check with the site to find out the days of operation. It is located on SC 403, on the way to the neighborhood.

Bars and restaurants in Ingleses

To top it off, the many lively bars, restaurants and kiosks guarantee good food and drinks, as well as a party for those who seek it, especially in high season.

Seafood dominates the local gastronomy, which is to be expected, but as everywhere in Brazil the cuisine is very varied and you will find everything to eat and pinch. Try the oysters, which are delicious!

Ingleses Beach Florianopolis Brazil

With so many options for leisure and fun, and the structure prepared to receive tourists, the Florianópolis Ingleses Brasil beach has become one of the best in Santa Catarina.

So take your suntan lotion, some money for some caipirinhas… and enjoy!

What to do in Ingleses when it rains?

Tips on what to do in downtown Ingleses and Florianópolis on a rainy day.

  • Casa da Alfândega. It is where the biggest handicraft market of Floripa is located.
  • Municipal Public Market.
  • Cruz e Sousa Palace.
  • Fortresses.
  • Theaters.
  • Santo Antônio de Lisboa.
  • Ribeirão da Ilha.
  • Pellegrino Massas Artesanais.

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