With beautiful beaches and a badalação that envies many cities, Florianópolis is emerging as one of the most sought after Brazilian destinations by Argentines and Chileans during family vacations, and knowing how much to spend (and more nowadays) is something we need to estimate.

How much should I spend on my Florianópolis vacations?

In this price guide we will show you the prices to eat in Florianópolis, meat cuts, restaurants and supermarkets; and not only in the city, but also in the main beaches of the island.

What to eat in Floripa?

As in any self-respecting island, seafood and fish set the gastronomic standard in Florianópolis. In addition to red mullet, clams and oysters, cockles are worth trying, even as a filling for pasta.

One of the most requested dishes is the shrimp sequence, which brings the crustacean to the table in various forms, according to the tasting style: fried, breaded, etc.

The best time for red mullet is from May onwards, during autumn and winter. The fish can be stuffed with farofa, roe, fish offal and shrimp, or eaten with just the basic seasoning, salt and lemon.

If seafood is not your thing, there are several international and Brazilian cuisine options on the island, such as those offered at Rua Bocaiuva, in the central region.

How much can we spend on an afternoon at the beach?

Enjoying the beaches of Florianópolis can never be complete if we do not enjoy a tasty caipira, a milho or a delicious fruit salad. Here are the prices:

food prices on the beaches of florianopolis

Meat prices in Floripa Brazil 2022

Learn the list with the most purchased meat cuts, the prices in different currencies, the name in Spanish and how to order it in your local butcher’s shop.

Meat prices in Floripa Brazil

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants in Florianopolis?

If you don’t want to spend a lot on food, it is possible to find restaurants that serve basic daily meals at a good price.

In the central region and outside the touristic focus, a prepared meal should cost around R$ 17,00. The same meal in Praia Mole, for example, costs around R$ 28.00.

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants in Florianopolis

The most elaborate menus in restaurants on the coast should cost between R$75 and R$110 for two people. A 600 ml bottle of beer, in the same place, should cost between R$ 11.00 and R$ 15.00, depending on the brand.

Also on the beach, a not very big cake costs R$ 10.00, and fish portions should cost between R$ 50.00 and R$ 80.00.

A hamburger of the big kind costs between R$ 25.00 and R$ 35.00. The pizza I mentioned earlier cost R$ 37.00.

Bakery prices

Bakery prices in Floripa Brazil

Food guide in supermarkets in Florianópolis

It goes without saying that the prices are estimates, since the main supermarkets in Brazil have special offers on food and beverages. However, these prices will help you to prepare a good budget for your next vacation.

Price of transportation in Florianópolis

Fuel and transport prices in Floripa Brazil

For Americans the price of fuel in Brazil is lower expensive than in the country, so one of the options to move to the beaches of Florianopolis could be taking an Uber or a Bondindinho!

Here are the costs of fuel, CNG and transportation…


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