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City among millenary forests, snow-capped mountains and crystalline lakes. San Carlos de Bariloche is a postcard of our Patagonia

A host city par excellence, framed by some of the most important natural beauties of the country and ideal for adventure tourism activities and to enjoy your family vacations.

San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the southwest of Argentina, in the heart of the country’s lake region.

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Located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and its corresponding national park, Bariloche offers travelers exciting outdoor activities, as well as a pretty Swiss-style town full of chocolate stores and boutiques.

What to do in Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is the most visited destination in Patagonia and one of the most visited destinations in Argentina.

It receives about one million tourists annually, mainly in winter season, where they can do activities such as adventure tourism, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, canoeing, with tourists who enjoy their family vacations among which stand out for their influx from countries in Europe and South America.

It is known for being the main destination for high school graduates in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Thousands of students party every night in the Boliches of San Carlos de Bariloche.

Although there are also some romantic restaurants for those more adult couples.

Located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, next to the Andes Mountains.

In 2012 it was declared national capital of adventure tourism, and in 2015 national capital of chocolate.

Tourism is the main economic activity of the city. Due to its geographical characteristics, there are activities that take place during the summer months and others during the winter.

The city is located in the center of Nahuel Huapi National Park and is the gateway (by water) to Los Arrayanes National Park, which protects an esteemed myrtle forest.

A series of specially equipped catamarans allow lake tours and excursions on Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Traditional excursions, lake tours, snow for all tastes, the best gastronomy, young tourism, romantic outings, family activities, adventure, tranquility and a diverse cultural agenda.

The city offers so many options that you will want to visit again and again, with a group of friends or on family vacations.

Where is San Carlos de Bariloche

The city of Bariloche is located 1650 km from the city of Buenos Aires, in the Argentine Patagonia and next to the Andes Mountain Range.

Among the main points of reference we can mention:

San Carlos de bariloche, san carlos bariloche, family vacations, defiestaenamerica.com, Patagonia,What to do in Bariloche

As we mentioned, tourism in San Carlos de Bariloche is the main economic activity of the city. Due to its geographic characteristics, there are activities that take place during the summer months and others during the winter.

Bariloche Civic Center

In addition to its beautiful landscapes and its national park, Bariloche is famous for the chocolate-box architecture found in its city center, the Civic Center.

Any tourist who has visited Switzerland will be impressed with its beautiful alpine houses as they stroll through the city.

The log and stone buildings house souvenir stores, unique boutiques and outdoor activity stores that cater to Bariloche’s main tourist population.

The center is small enough for a pleasant stroll, and is lined with restaurants and cafes. The highlight is the cathedral, with its great stone walls in a privileged position, looming over the lake.

Sightseeing from the Civic Center

Among the tours and activities in Bariloche we can mention the beautiful rides on the specially equipped catamarans, which allow lake excursions on Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Practice activities such as trekking bariloche, rafting Bariloche, excursion to Victoria Island and arrayanes forest, or look for a car rental in San Carlos de Bariloche to travel the circuit of the 7 lakes.

In certain seasons you can practice snorkeling, which is one of the favorite activities because you can put on the snorkel and explore the depths of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

San Carlos de bariloche, san carlos bariloche, family vacations, defiestaenamerica.com, Patagonia,

Snowboarding, Mushing, snow polo in the snowy mountains and beautiful ski resorts.

Among others, besides skiing, mountain boots or snowshoes… mountaineering, climbing, canicross, snowmobile rides and cross country skiing. Biathlon competitions, hiking on trails, trekking, mountaineering.

In short, there are many opportunities to have fun in the postcard of Patagonia.

Museum of Patagonia

Inside one of the Swiss chalets of the Civic Center is Bariloche’s museum.

It contains a series of exhibits related to the history of the national park and its surroundings, particularly archeological finds, natural history and indigenous artifacts.

The highlight is the Pueblos Originarios Room, which explores the aboriginal people who inhabited the region’s surroundings, especially the Mapuches, whose practices are still common today, just across the border in Chile.

For a break from outdoor activities, this museum offers a wealth of information visitors will find that adds to their appreciation of Bariloche and what it has to offer.

Bariloche and its Chocolate Shops

Matching Bariloche’s famous alpine architecture, downtown Bariloche has numerous stores specializing in chocolates for visitors to enjoy.

Most are located on the main shopping street, Bartolomé Mitre, making them hard to avoid and resist temptation.

The most popular store among locals is Chocolates Rapa Nui, which has existed in town for generations since it was founded in the early 1900s by an Italian immigrant.

The store also houses a coffee shop that serves desserts and other pastry items, as well as ice cream.

Other popular stores include Chocolates del Turista (especially for free samples), Mamuschka and Bonifacio.

Night clubs in Bariloche

When the night comes, the city is known for its discos and its night tourist circuit, where Spanish mixes with an endless number of other languages.

San Carlos de bariloche, san carlos bariloche, family vacations, defiestaenamerica.com, Patagonia,

You will be able to visit the variety of thematic pubs and bars while enjoying drinks and good music.


Bariloche Restaurant

The gastronomy for your family vacations, with the highest quality of services, fuses European culture with new flavors: game meats, fish, smoked meats, cheeses and fruits of the forest are the raw material for the most exquisite dishes of the region.

Enjoying a Berlina beer or Patagonian beer, going to Manush or the Ice bar are very good options.

A journey of flavors that will remain in your memory: trout carpaccio, lamb strudel and the traditional curanto of Colonia Suiza. For dessert, chocolate is always a winner, in fondue, drunk or on a stick… although if you prefer the traditional, there are a good number of places to enjoy typical foods.

Cabins and Hotels in Bariloche

With quality accommodations, the offer of international level hotels such as the Llao Llao, Alma del Lago, Villa Huinid or El Casco. Cabins and Chalets, hostels such as Los Troncos, Che Lagarto or Inn Bariloche.

Posada del Angel, camping sites and mountain refuges are proof of more than eight decades of tourist trajectory. Here are some of them… you can also manage through our search engine.



Extended forecast Bariloche

Keeping informed about inclement weather in the Patagonian region is as important as traffic in Buenos Aires.

That’s why we give you the extended forecast in Bariloche and surrounding cities through Meteored.

Do you know if it rains in Bariloche? Well, check the weather in San Carlos de Bariloche and follow these tips to see all the activities.

Activities for all ages can be found in the city… feel the bite of the rod when you catch a trout, watch the cauquenes, the bandurrias and the teros that nest in the golf courses, listen to the sound of skis on a freshly trodden track and caress the warmth of the sparks from the fireplace that sneak into the snow between flake and flake.

Nahuel Huapi National Park

Bariloche’s biggest attraction is its national park, Nahuel Huapi. Visitors can simply drive in and admire the scenery from the car, or they can park and take a stroll along one of the many hiking trails.

San Carlos de bariloche, san carlos bariloche, family vacations, defiestaenamerica.com, Patagonia,

The more adventurous visitor can raft or kayak on Lake Nahuel Huapi, a lake that was formed from melting glaciers and is surrounded by impressive snow-capped mountains.

Visitors can usually book excursions and activities through their hotel or, alternatively, they can hop in the car and drive around the park and see what’s on offer when they get there.

Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral is a mountain located in San Carlos de Bariloche, 19 kilometers from downtown and within the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina.

It is the largest ski resort in South America and the Southern Hemisphere.

The northeast slope of the mountain has been developed as a ski center for mountain activities, with numerous mechanical lifts, service areas and hotels.

The extreme southern sector of Catedral is highlighted by a series of stone needles that gave the mountain its name and is the scene of an important rock climbing activity, mainly in summer.

The upper third of the mountain has high mountain flora, which in summer offers colorful flowers.

Below 1700 meters above sea level there are coihue and lenga forests, with an abundance of caña colihue in the lower areas.

Day trip to El Bolsón

Near Bariloche is the small town of El Bolsón, to which you can take a day trip (about two hours by car from Bariloche).

Its first non-native inhabitants came from Germany, so it has become famous for its cheese and beer production.

It prides itself on its focus on organic living and organic farming, and is therefore a popular destination for liberals.

There are also several hiking trails nearby, of which one of the most popular is Cajón de Azul, a small lake of vibrant blue where you can swim.

Lanín Volcano

Further away from the city of Bariloche is the Lanín volcano. Not in the Nahuel Huapi, but on the border with the Lanin National Park, it can be seen from all points in the area due to its height of 3,776 meters.

It is possible to climb, but only by experts or within an official guided tour group, and even then it is not recommended for the faint of heart.

San Carlos de bariloche, san carlos bariloche, family vacations, defiestaenamerica.com, Patagonia,

Although the volcano is not believed to have erupted for some 10,000 years, it has not been officially declared extinct, due to occasional tremors.

The crater itself is not visible, and is believed to be beneath the glacier that sits atop the mountain.

Excursions to Villa La Angostura

Another small town that can be visited on a day trip from Bariloche is Villa La Angostura, high in the mountains and home to Los Arrayanes National Park.

A myrtle tree is a species of tree native to the Argentine-Chilean border, and was important to the Mapuche people as a source of medicine.

Visitors can bike or walk through the forest, or alternatively take a boat across the lake to the park.

Nearby trails also offer fantastic views of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Mount Tronador

Cerro Tronador in Nahuel Huapi National Park is the highest mountain in Argentina’s lake region. At the foot of the mountain, visitors can see the glaciers, which can be heard creaking, especially when large chunks of ice fall.

It has three distinct peaks, called Argentino, Internacional and Chileno, so it is easy to identify.

It is an extinct volcano, and the surrounding area is full of small lakes and green forests to be explored.

The Manso River, which visitors will pass when traveling to Cerro Tronador from Bariloche, is a popular spot for rafting. It is only a couple of hours from Bariloche, and most hotels offer day tours.

Victoria Island

Within the Nahuel Huapi National Park is Isla Victoria, a small island in Lake Hahuel Nuapi that can be reached by a short boat ride.

The island has an area of approximately 31 km², but only a third of it can be covered on foot due to the difficult terrain.

In the past it was inhabited by indigenous people, evidence of which can be seen in cave drawings scattered throughout the island.

It is a lovely place for a leisurely stroll through its forests, as it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The trails are also on boardwalks, so it is not too strenuous, and is perfect for families.

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