e24650_ ✈❤ Tambaba Nudist Beach - The Controversial Beach of João Pessoa Brazil

Tambaba beach became very famous in the 90’s for being the first official nudist beach in the Brazilian northeast.

Besides its controversial fame, Tambaba naturist beach has a unique beauty: a beautiful sea, cliffs all around, coconut trees and a small strip of sand that gives even more charm to the place.

It should be noted that Tambaba beach has two parts: one for the practice of nudism where you have to take off your clothes and another part where you don’t have to take off your clothes. Access is well signposted on each side of the beach, so don’t worry.

  • Check out now where to stay in Tambaba, how to get to each side and more tips on the northeast’s first official nude beach!

The first nudist beach in northeastern Brazil

Did you know that Tambaba beach is the first official nudist beach in northeastern Brazil?

In 1991, Tambaba beach allowed naturist practice on the beach and is one of the most popular in the country.

It is worth noting that Tambaba beach is legalized, so there is no risk of being arrested. This is because, according to the Brazilian Penal Code, being nude in public spaces is considered an obscene act, with a penalty ranging from three months to one year in prison or a fine.

In Brazil there are only 8 official and legalized nudist beaches where this practice is allowed. And for this to happen there are established rules that must be respected, which we will talk about below.

Where is Tambaba beach?

Tambaba beach is located in the municipality of Conde, less than 40 km from the capital of Paraiba, João Pessoa.

The beach is part of an APA (Environmental Protection Area) and has already been chosen as one of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast.

How to get to Tambaba beach

Tambaba is a short distance from the capital, João Pessoa, so it is easy and quick to get there….

If you are curious, intrigued to know what it’s all about and get to know the beach for a short time, we recommend you take a buggy tour along the south coast and stop at Tambaba.

You will have about 30 minutes to explore the common beach, and if you are daring… go to the nudist beach.

Another option is to rent a car, hit the road and enjoy a whole day at the beach as God brought us into the world.

  • 1st tip: If you have never been to a naturist beach, prefer to go during the week. Yes, there will be people there!!!! hahaha but it will be less busy than weekends and holidays, right?

Next I will talk about the main means of transportation to get there:

A praia do Tambaba by car.

Leaving João Pessoa, Tambaba beach is less than 40 km away, it will take you about 45 minutes to get there.

The best way to get to the municipality of Conde is to take highway PB-08 and follow the signs to the south coast of Paraíba.

The road is quite quiet and the road is good. Use Wase or Google Maps and you will be on the right track.

Tambaba beach nudist brazil

At some points, you may find your (dead alive) cell phone running out of area. Luckily, the roads are well marked and there were plenty of signs pointing to João Pessoa.

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of Tambaba, you will find a viewpoint from where you can see some cliffs and part of the beach of Coqueirinho, one of the most beautiful in Brazil.

The whole road is paved, and in this part the street is also paved, but with cobblestones. Good road! On this descent you will see some parked cars, you can also leave your car there if you want!


When you arrive in Tambaba you will have 3 options of places to park your car.

  • You can park your car on the descent and walk down (10 minutes down and 20 minutes up). R$0,0
  • Leave your car in the parking lot near the entrance to the beach. R$10
  • Stop at the revolving parking lot in front of the beach, where locals watch your car.
  • Stop at the parking lot for R$5 and payment has to be made in cash.

The best time to visit Tambaba beach.

Undoubtedly, the best time to travel to Tambaba is from December to March. At this time of the year the sea is very clear and the scenery is more beautiful.

A second good time to visit Tambaba beach, which has a history of low rainfall, is during the months of October and November, which is the low season, so you can find more attractive prices.

One of the things I liked most about this trip was the affordable prices. See here how much it costs to travel to João Pessoa.

Access to the two parts of Tambaba Beach

As I said at the beginning of this article, Tambaba beach has two sides, one where you can wear clothes and one where you can’t wear clothes.

Non naturist side – where it is mandatory to wear clothes.

The side of Tambaba beach where everyone is dressed is also very nice, although it only has a small strip of sand, I estimate about 50 meters, the landscape is unique.

With its white sand and warm, crystal clear waters, where natural pools form at low tide, it is the ideal place for a swim.

Tambaba beach nudist brazil

But what will most catch your attention of this beach, will be the solitary coconut tree that rises on top of a rock, it is inexplicable how it grew there.

We were told that it has been there on the rock for a long time and, of course, the coconut tree is the postcard of Tambaba beach.

Next to the lone coconut tree you will also see curious rock formations scattered all over the beach. very cool people! Well worth a visit.

At the entrance of the beach, there are still restaurants, as well as some bars and also the Tambaba shopping center, where you can find handicrafts, hats, sarongs and other things.

You can’t see the naturist side of Tambaba without being inside! If you want to satisfy your curiosity, do like us, stop by the little house!

There are some rocks and a small hill surrounded by nature dividing the two sides of the beach.

The naturist side – where it is obligatory to take off your clothes.

Continuing along side 1 of the beach, just at the end is the nudist beach.

The access is through a wooden staircase, where at the top there is a kind of little house, where you can find the rules that you have to read and follow.

Also, near the little house you will see a chair with a person who inspects if the rules established by the municipal law are being followed.

On Monday the chair was empty when we entered, I think the inspector should be walking along the beach.

Rules for access to Tambaba

At the entrance there are signs indicating the rules of conduct:

  • It is mandatory to remain unclothed;
  • No unaccompanied men without a nudist passport;
  • It is forbidden to perform sexual acts;
  • It is not allowed to take photos and videos of other people without consent;
  • It is forbidden to take or consume drugs.

Keep in mind that naturism has nothing to do with sex, the essence of the concept is freedom and the natural state of how the human being came into the world.

How Tambaba beach looks like from the naturist side

When you pass the little house you will be able to see a part of the beach and there will be a small wooden ramp. At the end of the ramp you will see a small sign that says.

«Take off all your clothes, take all your belongings with you, avoid very deserted parts and do not perform sexual acts.»

To the left of this sign is another little house, where you have to take off your clothes!

Nudist restaurant in Tambaba

Once you are more comfortable, you can sit at a table and call the manager to order something to drink.

The waiter was without clothes: The waiters wore normal clothes, I asked one of them why, and he told me that it was for hygiene reasons, that as they handle the food they can’t be naked too.

It made sense to me, but what about you?

Naturist pousada

In Tambaba there is a naturist pousada, and yes, we asked to meet it and get as much information as possible to pass it on.

The Pousada Naturista de Tambada can be a good option to enjoy the place to the fullest. There you can be as comfortable as you want. The rooms are simple, but they have wifi and air conditioning.

Tambaba beach nudist brazil

And no!!! the people who work in the naturist inn are not naked, but dressed like the ones who work in the restaurant hahaha.

The daily rate for a couple at the Pousada Naturista in Tambaba is 260 reais with breakfast.

What to do at Tambaba beach

If you are going to spend a day or more at Tambaba beach, you should know that there are several options of what to do there besides practicing naturism.

surfing at Tambaba Nudist Beach

See now some tips on what to do at Tambaba beach.

Practicing naturism

This is the first thing to do at Tambaba beach because it is not every day that you find a naturist beach.

Besides being a very different experience to practice, the beach has several rules that we have already mentioned that help the place work in the best way.

Surfing at Praia do Arapuca

A beach that is right next to Tambaba beach and has a strong swell and attracts many adventurers is Arapuca beach. The big waves make it the place chosen by surfers in the region to practice this sport.

  • Fun fact: Tambaba is home to the world’s largest naturist surfing competition. The Tambaba Open brings together the world’s top surfers, all as they came into the world!

Enjoy the natural pools

Along Tambaba beach it is possible to find small rocks near the sand strip, where natural pools form at low tide.

This is certainly an excellent choice of what to do with kids on Tambaba beach.

Yes, children can enter Tambaba beach.

Go for a hike

For those who want to explore Tambaba in a different way, the trails are a good option. With short and easy trails you can reach viewpoints with a beautiful view of the beach.

Also, the trails are safe and most of them take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

Photography at Tambaba Beach

If you like to take pictures, take advantage and make a book in Tambaba, the beaches are paradisiacal and the sea is very beautiful.

But remember that you cannot take pictures of other people without their consent. You can take pictures of yourself and the nudist beach (without showing other people).

Marcelia Beach

This is a beach that can be accessed by a path. It has a small strip of sand and an almost untouched nature.

If you prefer a quiet place without many people this beach is an option, it is almost deserted.

Arapuca Beach

Praia Arapuca is another beach that can be accessed by trails. This beach is a small paradise for surfers because of its perfect waves.

Tambaba Viewpoint

After Tambaba beach, this is the second most visited attraction by visitors to the region.

The Tambaba lookout offers a full view of the sea and the cliffs and rocks that are part of this beautiful landscape.

Is Tambaba worth a visit?

Well, we have reached the end of another article, and after this incredible experience of visiting Tambaba beach in Paraíba, I can only say that it is well worth knowing and visiting both sides!

Don’t be afraid, the embarrassment will pass and you will see how good it is to not have to worry about your clothes. go and be free!

Tambaba will surprise you without any doubt.

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