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Defiestaenamerica.club brings you in this report the Most Important Mega Parties in Brazil, where music, dance and joy come together in the same place.

Let’s know a little about UMF, Lollapalooza, Rock in Rio, the electronic party XXXperience, Tribaltech and Universo paralello, as well as a review of the guide with the best Brazilian party.

Mega events that we can make as an excellent option for a weekend getaway or include them in our family vacations.

Most Important Festivals in Brazil

Brazil has parties for all tastes, rhythms and styles… do you want to wear your best gothic clothes? or maybe something futuristic Steampunk? beach or gala clothes?. Find out everything!

Many of us have known parties like reveillon in Brazil or Copacabana, enjoyed the beautiful beaches as if they were postcards from Games of Thrones, such as Meia Praia…

But not all that is Brazil, because it has incredible parties! From Religious as the festa de Sao Joao or yemanya.

Although in this article we will refer to the new parties that set a global trend ….

What are the main electronic mega parties in Brazil?

There are many names for electronic parties, but few with the magnitude and excitement of these.

That’s why, in this tour you will find out which are the main Brazilian electronic mega parties to finish in the main ones. Let’s go?

BRMC (Brazil Music Conference)

The BRMC (which in its day was the Rio Music Conference) is the main conference that brings together the electronic music and entertainment market in Latin America and serves as a platform for curating trends and a space for connection between industry professionals.

There are eight years of history and more than 13 cities traveled.

  • When: October 30 to November 2
  • Where: São Paulo (SP)

Hell & Heaven – O inferno e o céu

The Hell & Heaven (H&H) festival is a weekend focused on the gay public, which for 10 years has transformed Porto de Galinhas into a space to celebrate diversity with a program that brings together great DJs from the national and international scene.

  • When: November 14 to 17
  • Where: Porto de Galinhas (Pernambuco)

Most Important Festivals in Brazil

Kino Beat festival

The Kino Beat festival is an event of exploratory music, multimedia audiovisual shows and integrated arts.

From the pillars, image (Kino) and sound (Beat), multidisciplinary artists and activities are presented, who use technologies in various ways in the creative process of their works.

This plurality makes the festival one of the most interesting events on the current scene.

  • When: In November, but the date will be announced.
  • Where: Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul)

Time Warp Brazil

The Time Warp Brazil techno festival, held since 1994 in Mannheim, Germany, is one of the largest and most acclaimed techno events in the world, and is going to its second edition in São Paulo, produced by Entourage.

The Most Important Mega Festivals in Brazil

The expectation is that the festival will improve some of the problems that were present in the first edition in 2018.

  • When: In November, but the date will still be announced.
  • Where: São Paulo (SP)

Novas Frequências – New Frequencies.

In its ninth edition, the New Frequencies Festival always prepares a cultural calendar full of shows, performances, sound installations, lectures, workshops and other contents that value experimental music, the largest festival of its kind in Latin America.

  • When: in December, but the date will be announced.
  • Where: electronic music Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Red Bull Music Festival Brazil

The Red Bull Music Festival aims to reveal the most original sounds in several places around the world, as it has editions in culturally rich cities such as New York, Johannesburg, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Berlin. DJs stand out at the festival, which in Brazil takes place every year in São Paulo.

  • When: in December, but the date will still be announced.
  • Where: São Paulo (SP)

Tropical Burn

The first Brazilian event of Burning Man is already dated. The Brasil Burn community will still make many announcements and release several details about the «Tropical Burn» in the country, but one thing is already certain: we are extremely curious and afraid to check everything closely.

  • Where: 2022 electronic music festivals to be revealed
  • When: June 19 to 25

Shiva Ohm – Mystical Nature

The Shiva Ohm festival arrives in its sixth edition, bringing to Minas Gerais a rave that offers an immersion into psychedelia.

In addition to music, the event brings culture, art and a visual always highly praised for its differentiated structure.

  • When: February 16
  • Where: Andradas (Minas Gerais)

Rio Music Carnival

Excursions in Rio de Janeiro will take you to the 11th edition of the largest electronic Carnival on the planet takes place again on the terrace of the Marina da Glória, with a unique view for 5 incredible nights and lots of music, promising to repeat the success of the ten previous editions.

  • When: March 1st to 5th.
  • Where: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Soulvision Festival

The Brasil Soulvision Festival takes place at the Vale das Grutas agritourism, in Altinópolis, and brings together nature, music, gastronomy, art and culture in a way that allows both enjoyment and connection with an incredible energy during the days of the event.

  • When: March 01 to 06
  • Where: Finca Florada, Altinópolis (São Paulo)

Featured artists: Illusionize, Tron and Bruno Mattos.

Sonoora Festival

Also in Altinópolis happens the seventh edition of the Sonoora Festival with a special edition that brings together important names of the national and international scene, and promises a very different structure!

  • When: April 13th
  • Where: Finca Florada, Altinópolis (São Paulo)

Warung Day Festival

Warung’s traveling parties land in several Brazilian cities, but it is in Curitiba where the festival is full of national and international names, and that will require more than 24 hours of music and songs full of good energy.

  • When: April 13
  • Where: Curitiba (Paraná)
  • 3 featured artists: Anna, Joris Voorn, Gabe.

Warm Up Respect Woodstock

This year, Respect will have a special edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, held during the Easter vacations.

The festival offers a camping structure and fair for those who choose to camp at the festival itself, plus many performances, film sessions, holistic therapy, children’s area and more.

The Most Important Mega Festivals in Brazil

  • When: April 18 to 21
  • Where: Tapiraí (São Paulo)
  • Main artists: Zanghini, Haze and Fuuton.

The World of Oz

The World of Oz festival celebrates 10 years of mixing art, ecology, culture and lots of music, points that are the bases that sustain this multicultural festival.

For five days, the event explores the concepts of an alternative community that seeks peace, love, unity and respect through music.

  • When: April 26 to May 5
  • Where: Lagoinha (São Paulo)


Tribe already has many years of journey among the country’s electronic music festivals, and in 2022 the festival returns with another almost mandatory edition for those who enjoy this style. It’s worth keeping an eye out for announcements that the festival will continue to make.

  • When: April 27
  • Where: São Paulo (SP)

DGTL São Paulo

Already well consolidated in Brazil, the successful Dutch festival returns for its third edition promising novelties and an even better event.

Although the program has not yet been published, it is possible to subscribe to the festival’s website to receive first-hand information and news about the event.

  • When: May 4th
  • Where: São Paulo (SP)
  • 3 artists: Amelie Lens, Bonobo and Jeff Mills.

Brazil major festivals UMF Brazil, Lollapalooza, Rock in Rio, XXXperience Party, Tribaltech and Universo paralello.

What is the Ultra music festival Brazil

While dance music was created in the United States, Europe took the first lead when it came to hosting major events.

Most Important Festivals in BrazilIn the early 2000s, local laws and regulations made it very difficult to take on large electronic music gatherings.

As a result, many popular DJs jumped to the U.S. entirely on their tours, or performed in clubs in only a select few cities.

The UMF Ultra music festival was founded in 1999 by business couple Carlos Noguez and Ricardo Macdonel in Miami, where it grew into a remarkable mega party. ultra music festival live, ultra music festival live

UMF Tickets

At the beginning of the new millennium, this festival was one of the only places in the United States where electronic music fans could see a large number of DJs and live acts that had received international acclaim in one place.

Although they share the same names, UMF is not directly linked to Ultra Records, an electronic music record label.

However, the two entities announced a «global alliance» in August 2012, allowing them to collaborate on marketing and cross-promotion.

Ultra music festival also holds its festivals in South Africa, Seoul, Singapore, Split, Shanghai, Bali, Bogota, Tokyo, Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Spain.

It was clear to everyone involved that those first years were the beginning of something very special…

  • More information ultramusicfestival.com

What is Lollapalooza!

Lollapalooza! After all, what is this festival, where did it come from, where is it going and what the hell does that name mean?

These were some things I asked when I started to see several people talking about that year’s lineup, with a weighty headline, but that was already reason for the near end of the Lolla.

Most Important Festivals in Brazil

First, the word Lollapalooza originated in American English, it was an idiomatic expression meaning «an extraordinary person, event or thing, a situation or an example of something that is exceptional,» and became the name of a music festival only in 1991, when Jane Addiction band members decided they were going to make their last tour.

Contrary to what it is today, Lolla was a full tour even, which went through several states in the United States and Canada.

Current Lollapalooza party Brazil

And who would have thought, that’s just one of the many differences between the 1991 festival and the Festival as it is today.

The bands that played on this tour were mostly rock bands unknown to the general public, and Lolla ended up serving as a platform for many people to launch their bands and gain the fans they so desperately wanted.

Mainstream bands like Metallica, for example, were not well regarded by festival-goers, and it was the reason for Lolla’s main founder ─ Perry Farrell ─ to quit the tour in 1996 and only return in 2003.

Line up lollapalooza

In addition to all this, Lolla had several attractions besides music. It had performances by a Bizarre circus ─ The Jim Rose Circus (Google this name so you have a notion), which probably could never be part of the current line up, there was art exhibition, Shaolin Monk, non-governmental organizations arguing For or Against some cause, anyway, it had a little bit of everything.

Today, it’s a little different. Although it has many rock bands, it is not possible to deny that the core audience has changed, diversified, and Lolla became a festival for unknown bands of all genres, and that does not have as many alternative attractions (sometimes, none) as before ─ Something that would have been good to keep, in my own simple opinion.

The Most Important Mega Festivals in Brazil

One of the most important parties in Brazil is undoubtedly the Lollapalooza festival, originated by the singer of Jane’s Addiction in 1991, which originally gathered alternative rock, punk and indie bands, and later added comedy and dance performances. It was held annually until 1997, to resurface with much more strength in 2003.

According to the dictionary, Etymologists do not know precisely the origin of the word, but estimate that the first use occurred in 1896.

Oh, and if you’ve ever caught yourself spelling Lollapalooza wrong, no idea where you double the «L» or the «o», you don’t have to feel any less smart about it. Know that there are records of many spellings throughout history:


Artists like The Killers and Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and David Byrne. Imagine dragons and many more…

  • More info lollapaloozabr.com

Rock in Rio 2022

Is there a formula for creating a music festival? Maybe. But the fact is that Roberto Medina invented his own, and with it he made one of the biggest festivals in the world.

And he did that when that dream seemed almost impossible, that of getting a festival in Brazil.

In one of Brazil’s major cities, between January 11 and 20, 1985, in a 250,000 square meter Okefenokee ground in Jacarepaguá (the equivalent of 12 maracanãs), Rio de Janeiro hosted about 1.4 million people watched what would be the country’s largest rock festival to this day.

Most Important Festivals in Brazil

Rock in Rio 2022: September 2-4, 2022 & September 8 – 11, 2022

It was a moment of great symbolism in the life of the country: the same day of the show of the carioca band Red Baron, Tancredo Neves, the first civilian president after 21 years of dictatorship, was elected.

For ten days, 14 international artists and 15 national attractions performed in a ritual of mud and peace and love.

But it was not easy to do the business: businessman Roberto Medina tells that, shortly after doing the Sinatra show, he went to New York with his project of a mega rock festival in Latin America and tells him that he got tired of knocking on the door of businessmen in the show business.

The mega rock festival

«I stayed 40 days in New York and got nothing.» received refusals from 200 businessmen.

Until he enlisted the help of Sinatra’s manager, Luis Soto, who asked him to create a cocktail party in his hotel suite for 30 people.

He sent journalists from all the major American newspapers, who published the Brazilian’s initiative.

«Then, my friend, the next day there was a line of sponsors outside my apartment,» he recalls. «I closed the cast in two days.»

In that year of 1985, Freddie Mercury, the queen was so impressed with the audience’s enthusiasm that, during the song love of my life, he decided to lead the audience in a scene that became mythical in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

This is how the website of his page reads. And no wonder, since one of the most important Brazilian Festivals in its editions that began in 1985, more than 1,588 artists stepped on its stages, 182,000 jobs were generated and at the moment it garners about 11 million fans on social networks.

The Australian band AC/DC was adamant about at least one requirement: it would only play in Brazil if it could bring its mythical gigantic 1.5-ton bell, used in its song «The Bells of Hell».

AC/DC and their Hell’s Bell

The Rock in Rio production accepted the challenge and brought the bell… but what nobody expected happened: the stage could not support the weight of the bell.

In the end, AC/DC took the stage with a plaster replica, an improvisation made by the Festival production.

The Most Important Mega Festivals in Brazil, ac dc hells bells rock in rio

In the same edition, Ozzy Osbourne led the Flemish fans to madness by going on stage wearing a Zico shirt.

Iron Maiden made its first concert in Latin America at Rock in Rio in 1985.

The band took the stage at 11:58 (a reference to the two-minute song at midnight) and did one of the most historic concerts of the band and the Festival, with the presence of Eddie, the group’s monster mascot.

The biggest festival in the world

It is known worldwide as «The World’s Largest Festival».

It currently has seven editions in Rio de Janeiro, seven editions in Lisbon, three editions in Madrid and its first edition in Las Vegas.

This festival featured big names such as: Queen, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Rod Stewart, Avicii, The Police, System of a Down, The Who, Stevie Wonder, Roger Waters, Rihanna.

The Rolling Stones, N’Sync, Rammstein, Shakira, Foo Fighters, a-ha, Prince, Elton John, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Miley Cyrus, Linkin Park, Maná, Bon Jovi, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Metallica, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Slipknot, Aerosmith, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Pet Shop Boys, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, among others.

  • More information rockinrio.com

XXXperience Festival

Festival experts say they are the best reflections of their times?

If this is really so, understanding the history of the XXXPERIENCE electronic festivals is a great step to understand the birth and development of electronic culture in Brazil.

Most Important Festivals in Brazil

Recognized as the oldest Brazilian open air festival of electronic music still in activity, created in 1996, it accumulated a series of important feats as the first party of itinerant electronic music in Brazil, the first to perform 100 editions (in 2007, electronic party Rio de Janeiro) in addition to numerous other awards.

XXXPerience festival has today as the main controller the group no limits, but it was always so.

Before changing hands in 2010, the party came to gather around 20 to 30 thousand people in editions occurring in several cities throughout Brazil.

Its format and concepts formed a legacy followed by several other festivals during the first decade of the 2000s.

What is the biggest electronic party in the world? Tomorrowland is currently the largest electronic music festival held in the world.

Rich Amaral

And here it becomes essential to mention the great responsible for the creation of this concept: the DJs and producers Rica Amaral and Luiz Sala (aka DJ Ugly).

Rica Amaral had his first contact with psychedelic Trance in 1995, at a time when it was not even possible to dream of the stage in the way we know it today in Brazil.

Rica abandoned his career as a dentist and together with some friends held the first edition of the party originally called «rave XXXperience Curitiba«.

Luiz sala was a professional stylist and surfer when he met electronic music and euro trance.

Feo then suggested that they make a second edition of XXX on the beach of beaches, on the coast of Sao Paulo to about 1500 people.ultra europe 2022 lineup, typical brazilian parties

Like a viral effect, the thing spread like wildfire, but why did it spread? how did it spread? through whom did it spread? where did it spread? and how intense has it spread?

Festivals Brazil Ultra 2022 Lineup

Considered one of the important Brazilian Festivals and «the mother of Brazilian electronic music festivals», XXXPERIENCE was still a Rave when the rich dentist Amaral promoted its first edition, on November 22, 1996, «in a forest 15 minutes away from his house».

These answers can be found in the documentary «XXXPERIENCE: 20 years for Brazil», produced by DPmovie, with testimonies of the founders Rich Amaral and Ugly, besides the current member-directors Érick dias and Edson Polka, as well as dozens of artists, such as The martinez brothers, astrix, Amina Edge and Dance, Alok, Blasterjaxx, Gabe, ilusionan, Neelix, Boris Brejcha, Skazi and infected mushrooms, among others.

  • More information http://xxxperience.com.br/

What is Tribaltech 2022

A little more than half a century ago, the urbanization of Curitiba was in full steam, when a complex of warehouses was built where sugar, salt and coffee were produced.

Located in the old prairie, in an industrial zoning area near the PUC and the green line, it enjoys a strategic location, easily accessible to any region of the city.

tribaltech brazil, The Most Important Mega Festivals in Brazil

After decades of operation and expansion, about 15 years ago the complex was abandoned, a space of almost 50,000 square meters in a central region of Curitiba was completely abandoned and without maintenance.

Undoubtedly one of the Most Important Mega Parties in Brazil happens during two days you can live this experience, besides knowing the south of the country that is more than happy to show you the strong electronic scene that moves in Curitiba.

More than 70 artists in an unusual environment, completely revitalizing a marginalized urban space, bringing life to the city and helping to build the Future.

It is for this journey that we invite you: the best and most unusual TribalTech ever!

  • More information tribaltech.com.br/

This Paralello Brazil Universe

The Paralello Brazil universe rolls on the paradisiac beach of Pratigí, in the municipality of Ituberá in Bahia.

Now imagine a deserted beach, surrounded by a coconut farm, where 2 km are reserved for the party where the music rolls, preferably electronic 24 hours a day and there is a structure that has camping, food stalls, drinks, showers and improvised toilets and a presentation of DJs and national and international artists in the 7 days of the Festival.

Most Important Festivals in Brazil

In fact, a large part of the audience of 20,000 people who attend each year at the Festival are from outside Brazil! People who had never come here before and decided to get to know the country through this festival in this secluded corner of Salvador Bahia.

The Festival is equal to one of the largest in the world called Boom Festival that happens annually in Portugal.

The Paralello universe is not a widely publicized party and this is not the intention. The audience is made up of people from all tribes who have in common the love for music, art, nature, diversity.

The Most Important Mega Festivals in Brazil, universo paralello brasil festival

In the festivities of Parallel Brazil one must have a very open mind because there we find people with very different ideas of life, such as hippies, people who live in alternative communities or artists who really live in art.

This is one of the greatest experiences of the Festival. Respect the diversity and dance together with everyone in the same place, in the same song, in a place blessed by nature.

Even if you don’t enjoy electronic music, maybe you will be there, because there is a part of the festival dedicated to chill out music, reggae, world music, as well as several presentations and workshops with ethnic instruments.

The 18 years of Universo Paralello Festival

With more than 18 years of history, the Festival is held today in Bahia, while its first editions were held in Chapada dos Veadeiros and started with a small audience.

Today, it is one of the most important festivals in Brazil and can be considered one of the largest in South America.

Argentina’s tango neighborhoods come together in group trips, backpacks and caravans to enjoy this experience; and it brings not only the alluring electronic music, but also a wealth of art and culture and a spirit of fun and energy sharing in the community like no other.

  • More information universoparalello.com

What are the main traditional festivals in Brazil?

  • Lavagem do Bonfim – January. It is one of the most traditional festivals in Bahia and has been celebrated since 1974, always on the second Thursday of January.
  • Carnival – between February and March
  • Virada Cultural SP. May.
  • Festa de São João – June
  • Parintins Folkloric Festival – June.
  • Winter Festival of Ouro Preto and Mariana (Minas Gerais) July.
  • Salvador Summer Festival. November
  • Oktoberfest – October.
  • Rave no Brasil -December

What does it mean to dream of music party Brazil

Dream party symbol – To dream that you are at a party is a sign of your feelings and attitudes towards social life.

If you dream that you are having fun at a party, it means that you feel comfortable and strengthened by other people.

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