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Increasingly popular destination, not least because you will hear often Maragogi beautiful beaches, Maragogi natural pools of clear water and Maragogi a sensational climate.

Located on the Costa dos Corais, in the state of Alagoas and is a pearl of the Brazilian northeast.

In this post we gather all the tips, how to get there, our complete itinerary, where to stay and what to do in Maragogi.

Get ready to make the most of the best beaches of North Brazil and this beautiful destination!

History of Maragogi

The first nucleus of residents of the future municipality of Maragogi was a village known as Gamela, due to a river with the same name.

It belonged to Porto Calvo and became a district in 1796. When it was elevated to the category of village, on April 24, 1875, it received the name of Isabel, in honor of the princess of the Golden Law.

what to do in maragogi brazil

With the Maragogi River passing a little south of the town, little by little the town forgot the princess, until on July 3, 1876, Law No. 733 defined that the place would be called Maragogi. The installation took place on December 2, 1876.

The origin of the name is the 16th century Tupi spoken by the Pitiguar Indians who inhabited the north coast of the current Alagoas.

In the 16th century the spelling «mariguis» appears, and in the 17th century the Dutch wrote «mariguiji».

There is also the 16th century form «maraguí» which comes from the Tupi «moerú-guí-í«, meaning «river of the mosquitoes» or maruins.

By virtue of state law 2264 of July 23, 1960, the district of Japaratinga was dismembered from the municipality of Maragogi. It was elevated to the category of municipality.

In the territorial division dated January 1, 1979, the municipality is composed of two districts: Maragogi and Barra Grande.

Therefore, it remains in the territorial division dated 2007.

What to do in Maragogi Brazil?

Maragogi is, above all, a destination to enjoy the sea and relax. With a coastline worthy of comparison with the Caribbean Sea, this region of the Coral Coast is perfect for those seeking a clear and calm sea.

what to do in maragogi brazil

The day of those who choose Maragogi as a destination is almost always dedicated to the sea or to walks.

The most famous point of the city, without doubt, are its natural pools, named by the Welsh natives, which, visited during low tide, provide a great dive with snorkel mask or cylinder and allow you to admire many fish.

How to get to Maragogi?

There are basically two ways to get to Maragogi: by car or on a closed tour.

If you find yourself making a trip along the coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas, renting a car from RentalCars is an alternative.

And believe me, it will be the best thing you do! Because with a rental car you have a lot of freedom that will allow you to get the most out of Maragogi.

Distance to Maragogi

  • Distance between Maragogi and Porto de Galinhas: Departing from Porto de Galinhas it is 88 km, the trip by car takes approximately 2h20.
  • Leaving from Maceió it is 129km and the trip takes 3h.
  • Distance from Rio de Janeiro to Maragogi: 33h (2,206.6 km) by BR-116
  • Sao Paulo to Maragogi: 36 h (2,537.5 km) by BR-381
  • Distance Maragogi Porto de Galinhas: 1 h 32 min (88.2 km) by Rod. PE-60

The other option, which many people choose, is to close a tour from Porto de Galinhas or Maceió to stay one day in Maragogi. These tours include transportation by van.

Maragogi excursions: We do not recommend it because we believe that Maragogi is the best and deserves to be visited calmly, we indicate at least 2 full days there.

And also because these tours leave very early, at 4 or 5 in the morning, it is very hectic and exhausting.



What is the best time to travel to Maragogi?

As in any beach destination, to make the most of your vacation in the most famous destination on the coast of Alagoas, you should inquire about the best time to go to Maragogi.

After all, if you have to deal with rain during your trip, you will break part of the charm of this paradise.

what to do in maragogi brazil

Without further ado: the best weather in Maragogi happens from the second half of September to February.

Apart from the constant heat, in these months of the year the days are usually blue skies and it almost never rains.

Even so, you should know that at other times of the year it can be a beach. However, keep in mind that cloudy days will be more frequent.

Maragogi all inclusive and your family vacation

If you go to Maragogi, you will find a simple environment, a small town and plenty of relaxation.

Many of the people who visit the place want to escape from the rush of the capitals and enjoy the atmosphere of a quiet place, with beautiful beaches, one for each day of the trip.

The differential of the city is that its beaches, almost always accompanied by coconut trees, adopt completely different shapes, compared to high tide and low tide.

What to see in Maragogi

On several beaches it is possible to walk several meters into the sea without the water level rising too high.

Among the beaches are Barra Grande, which has a sand bank, Antunes and Ponta de Mangue, in addition to walks to the natural pools: Galés, Barra Grande and Taocas.

what to do in maragogi brazil

To go to Porto das Pedras, you should visit the Peixe-Boi Project – which contributes to the preservation of this curious mammal – and Patacho beach – full of coconut trees, where tranquility reigns.

Other places that can make a good day out are Japaratinga and São Miguel dos Milagres.

Maragogi recommended lodging

Although this is a small town, it has several lodging offers.


From pousadas to spend a couple of days, since we do not need more time to see everything.

Unless you opt for one of the 5-star resort hotels in Maragogi. In that case, you will want to stay and live.

Maragogi accommodation

We found four options that we believe must meet to have a good rest: Comfort, good service and attention and that the price is in line with what is offered.

  • Maragogi Pousada Maragolfinho: Very tasty and complete breakfast table, a small but very cozy place, full of good vibes from everyone. It has people specialized in giving you tours of the main attractions.
  • Maragogi Booking Pousada dos Cabanos: Having breakfast while contemplating the beautiful beach of Maragogi is priceless! Excellent service, with offers of guides and a very good price!
  • Hotel Pousada Olho D’água: Charming place, with swimming pool and viewpoint to the coast. Outstanding service, with staff that understands the language very well, making our interaction easier.
  • Maragogi Salinas All Inclusive Resort: For the most exclusive! This 5 Star Resort has several swimming pools, exclusive access to the beach, huge rooms and exquisite food. The Maragogi Suites is expensive, but if that’s not a problem for you… it’s the first choice!
  • Maragogi Grand Oca Resort: If there is such a thing as paradise… this may be the perfect place. The Grand Oca Maragogi 5* top accommodation, has swimming pools, palm tree filled parks, VIP access to the beach, etc etc etc. A recommendation, enjoy the option Maragogi – Grand oca resort – 8 days.



Maragogi Beaches to Visit

As the Coral Coast region, of which Maragogi is part, has several beautiful beaches, we suggest that you do not limit yourself to only one city and take walks in the region.

what to do in maragogi brazil

It is possible to visit several places by car or take buggy rides.

Maragogi Xaréu beaches

If you are looking for the best beach in Maragogi, one of them is Xaréu, a beach about 8 km from the center of Maragogi.

It is close to a small village with summer houses and does not have much commerce on the sand or much movement of bathers during the week, which makes it ideal for those traveling in search of tranquility.

Galés – Natural Pools of Maragogi

The tour to the galleys of Maragogi is an unmissable program in the itinerary of those who visit the city of Alagoas.

Those who go there do not regret it, such is the beauty! The galleys are natural pools formed by coral reefs at low tide.

Burgalhau Beach

Clear sands, paradisiacal sea with few waves – Burgalhau has the same landscape as other beaches in the region, but is ranked by some visitors as one of the best beaches in Maragogi Brazil.

In addition to the coconut trees and reefs that can be seen at low tide, this beach is also the mouth of a river.

Japaratinga Beach

Japaratinga is a neighboring municipality of Maragogi and gives its name to the main beach of the city.

what to do in maragogi brazil

The place has a bucolic aspect, weak waves and a very beautiful sea. Surrounded by countless coconut trees, Japaratinga beach is ideal to forget the movement of the big capitals and simply relax.

Barra Grande Beach

Barra Grande is one of the coolest beaches in Maragogi. Its waters are clear, calm, ideal for families with children or for those who prefer to enjoy a sea-style pool.

Boqueirão Barrier

Barreira do Boqueirão is one of the famous beaches of Japaratinga, a neighboring town of Maragogi.

This beach has a small stretch of sand and some restaurants and bars near the sea that offer the structure that a tourist needs to spend the day.

Bitingui Beach Maragogi Beach Brazil

Bitingui is one of the beautiful beaches of Japaratinga, a neighboring city of Maragogi.

It is a paradise for those who travel in search of tranquility and want to enjoy a practically deserted landscape.

During most of the year, Bitingui, although beautiful, does not receive many visitors, which makes it a pearl of the Alagoas coast.

Diving in Maragogi

With so many natural pools, warm and clear waters, Maragogi has become an ideal destination for diving.

Nudist beaches in Brazil, naturist beaches in Brazil

Many people who go to the region look for companies specialized in diving to make their baptism or at least make a guided dive, that dive in which the person remains in the company of an instructor all the time.

Buggy ride in Maragogi

Taking a buggy ride along the coast is one of the most fun programs in Maragogi.

You will have the opportunity to visit several beaches in the same day, make stops to snorkel, take pictures of the region and get to know details that sometimes tourists end up not knowing.

What is the best natural pool in Maragogi?

The people of the region usually call the three sets of natural pools near the coast of Maragogi «galleys».

what to do in maragogi brazil

There are three pool areas: the «main» galleys (in front of the Maragogi salt flats); the Taocas (in front of Maragogi beach); and the Barra Grande (in front of Barra Grande beach).

You can also enjoy the fun at Maragogi Park.

What is the most beautiful beach in Maragogi?

  • Peroba Beach. It is the first beach after the border with Pernambuco, coming from Recife, 12 km from the town of Maragogi……
  • Ponta de Mangue Beach…..
  • Beaches of Antunes and Xaréu…..
  • Burgalhau Beach…..
  • Maragogi Brasil Beach…..
  • São Bento Beach.

What is the center of Maragogi like?

Maragogi’s city center is only good for going to the great bars and restaurants that overlook the sea.

Other than that, stay away from the central beach. Dirty place with garbage scattered on the sand and pavement. Cloudy water.

What to do at night in Maragogi?

Maragogi is not a destination for parties and nightlife. The truth is that the city has a quieter atmosphere, ideal for resting, daytime activities and enjoying the sea. Don’t travel expecting a lot of fun at night.

Although nightlife is not one of the highlights of Maragogi, the city does have some options.

maragogi brazil night

Those traveling focused on relaxation or enjoying a good meal can take advantage of the great restaurants the region has to offer and dine on a good lobster or shrimp, with the right to listen to the symphony of the waves as a soundtrack, if the restaurant is near the sea.

Here you can see where to eat in Maragogi. Another popular option is to visit the town’s small handicraft fair, where there are some stalls selling food.

For those who prefer something more lively, two options in Maragogi are the Pub Kinoas, which often hosts DJ’s and the Ponto de Encontro, with live music. Another alternative for those who want a place for drinks is the Russo Gastrobar, which has a wide drinks menu, including craft beers.

Where to eat in Maragogi

Beyond the sea, it is worth spending some time with the gastronomy of the region.

Fish and seafood dishes are on the restaurants’ menus and have the advantage of being served fresh.

Maragogi village: To taste a local creation, the tip is to go to Aunt Marlene’s house and see how the gum cakes are made, also known as sequilhos, a local cookie.

what to eat in maragogi brazil

If you want to do a different program, go to Fazenda Marrecas and enjoy the day in the middle of nature, horseback riding and a bica bath.

Meeting Point

Maragogi city: The Meeting Point is one of the bars on the coast of Maragogi and one of the options to enjoy the nightlife of the city.

The place usually has live music on busy days and is one of the night spots.

Dona Marlene’s House – Pastelería Goma (Gum Cake Shop)

Gum cake, or sequilho, is a typical Maragogi cookie. You will hardly pass through the road that crosses the city without the irresistible gum cake offered to you on the way.

That’s why there’s nothing better than knowing the place where the delicious cookies are produced.

Do Mano Restaurant

Start planning a trip to the beach and you will probably come to people’s minds with fish and seafood.

Maragogi is no different from other coastal towns in this regard, the marine cuisine is very strong in the city.

Maragogi in Brazil Tapioca de Marta

For a late afternoon or evening snack, our suggestion is Tapioca da Martha, made with coconut, as is traditional in Alagoas.

The place is simple and serves a variety of tapioca flavors at a fair price.

Pizzeria Regina

Well known in downtown Maragogi, Pizzeria Regina is a restaurant option with potential to please different tastes, since its extensive and varied menu includes pastas, meats, appetizers and sweets.

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