The answer is quite clear… because if you are looking for a great trip, whatever your destination, the one in which you can bring home only good memories, you know that you should consult practical tips and essential information that will help you protect your family’s health and make your vacation pleasant and peaceful.

Here, you will have access to information to help plan for those looking to spend time away from home or abroad.

Need travel assistance for going to Brazil this 2023?

The Ministry of Health portal presents guidelines for preparation, during and after the trip, both for Brazilians abroad and foreigners traveling in Brazil.

Travel Assistance in Brazil

And wants to share it with you. Let’s go?

Basic guidelines for travelers’ health

The Ministry of Health presents below a series of general care and guidelines that people should follow before traveling and at their destination. Among the guidelines are:

  • See a doctor four to eight weeks before traveling;
  • Asking your health care provider to help prevent illness and injury;
  • Undergoing necessary examinations and vaccinations.

IMPORTANT: Do you need to use medications while traveling? Don’t forget to always carry with you your prescription and the amount of medication needed for the entire period you are traveling.

Protecting your health is essential to have a healthy and peaceful trip!

Basic travel assistance care in Brazil

Brazil is a country with tropical and subtropical climate. The traveler is recommended to drink fluids constantly to avoid dehydration and some other measures to maintain the quality of the walks and trips.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes. They will give you safety and protection against insect bites such as mosquitoes and accidents with poisonous animals.
  • To protect yourself from the sun, cover up with appropriate clothing, wear a hat or cap and sunglasses. Avoid direct sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Use sunscreen with a protection factor appropriate for your skin color, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Even in the coldest places, your skin will be protected from the sun’s rays.
  • Use repellents when necessary.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water several times a day, especially before eating food, after using public campaigns, visiting markets or places with a high flow of people.

Important difference between travel insurance and traveler’s assistance

Marcos Chiabo, Regional Director of Assist-365, explains that «with travel insurance, in the event of a claim, the passenger pays and subsequently requests reimbursement from the company».

He continues: «On the other hand, with the help of assistance, the traveler asks the emergency center to coordinate the different services without having to pay money.

Travel insurance is a more functional method in developing countries, where travelers have high credit card limits to meet a cost and then reimburse it.

In Latin America, the average traveler has less credit and does not always deal with English to easily settle payments at the destination.

What travel assistance do you recommend for Brazil?

Here are a number of companies that offer good travelers’ coverage.

Some can be enabled through your bank card, others can be added as an additional to your insurance company that you use all year round. And others can be contracted specifically for that period of travel.

  • Compare BR Travel Insurance
  • Assist Card Management Travel Assistance in Brazil
  • Affinity Travel Insurance
  • Travel Ace Special 60K Travel Assistance for Brazil
  • Seguro Viagem ITA Nacional
  • Seguro Viagem Assist Card AC15 – Latin America
  • Global Trabel Assistance Seguro Viagem GTA Bronze

Mandatory vaccinations if you travel to Brazil

Legally there is no vaccine that obliges you to travel to Brazil, however, it is highly advisable to be vaccinated against yellow fever, especially if you travel to risk areas such as Bahia, Iguassu Falls, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and the Amazon.

It is advisable to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, diphtheria tetanus and rabies.

We recommend contacting a Vaccination Center to obtain all the necessary information.

How to buy a travel insurance 2023?

In a practical and simple way, it is possible to obtain, through the Internet, relevant information to compare and request specific quotes for the purchase of travel insurance.

The first step is to perform a search according to the destination you wish to go to. Next, enter the period in which you wish to travel.

Remember to mark the day of your departure, rather than the day of arrival at your destination.

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