The city of Búzios, in the Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro, welcomes visitors eager for lots of beach, samba songs and sun. Perfect to enjoy your best family vacation.

But not only that, as Búzios delights in the inns and stone streets, for its excellent gastronomy, for a good variety of irresistible «lonjinhas» and for being a destination that combines comfort with dazzling landscapes.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

The city of Búzios remains charming all year round, but of course the temperature variation and the high season greatly influence the weather in Buzios.

And in this case, we are not necessarily talking about the weather forecast, but the number of tourists who go there to enjoy the beach days. Buzios videos to get ready.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

Búzios is located very close to Rio de Janeiro, which is exactly the reason why it is one of the favorite destinations among cariocas to get the weekend.

So if the weather forecast is sunny, you will hardly find Buzios quiet on Saturday and Sunday.

How to get to Búzios?

Where is Buzios? The city of Búzios, located 170 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the big star of the lake region, where you can also find Arraial do Cabo, Saquarema, São Pedro da Aldeia and Iguaba grande.

The most common route to Búzios is from Rio de Janeiro, where the airports of Santos Dummont and Galeão are located, with flights to Buzios Latam arriving from all over the country. There are no airports in Buzios.

Buzios by bus

The bus route to Búzios is also very quiet. For those who arrive in Rio de Janeiro by plane and need to go to the Novo Rio bus station to take the bus, the best option to start the route is to use the bus known as «Frescão«.

It departs from Santos Dumont Airport and Rio de Janeiro International Airport and drops off passengers at the Novo Rio bus station.

Very practical, fast and cheap. The cost of the trip is less than 15 reais, much less than what a cab would cost.

Without a doubt they also offer car rentals in Buzios, rental vans and combis for all tastes.

To Buzios by plane

The small airport of Cabo Frio (CFB) is a still not very viable alternative for those who want to arrive by plane to the lakes region. The place receives mainly chartered flights.

Commercial flights are quite limited and still at high cost, not being a good option for most tourists seeking the region.

Flights are operated from Confins International Airport in Belo Horizonte, and the only airline to make the trip is Azul.

Map of Buzios

Búzios is located in the Atlantic Forest biome and its vegetation is classified as open arboreal steppe, also known as Caatinga Fluminense, a fragment of the semi-arid northeastern vegetation.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

map of buzios, buzios guide

What to do in Buzios Brazil?

When we start our trips to Buzios, we will find that there are open sea beaches, with waves suitable for surfing; others with sea worthy of being called swimming pool. There are long beaches, with large strips of white sand and virgin vegetation.

Other beaches as small go unnoticed to the eyes of the most hurried tourists, but the fact is that one of these beauties will surely take your heart.

How about starting your tour in Buzios with Buzios Geriba Beach, the busiest town in town?

Then try small Havens, such as Azeda and Azedinha, João Fernandes and João Fernandinho, Ferradura and Ferradurinha and Tartaruga.

There are also visitors who will be delighted to find almost deserted places. For them, the tips are Praia do Foca, Praia dos Amores and Praia Tucuns.

Not to mention Praia Olho de Boi, especially dedicated to the practice of naturism.

There is also the Brava, with a full of luxury and another for those who want to get in touch with nature, and Praia do Forno, with an incredible pink sand.

It also has the bustling beach of Armação and the beautiful sunset of Manguinhos beach.

But if you really want to go a little further, you will surely reach Praia Rasa, Praia Caravelas and Praia de José Gonçalves.

Buzios kitesurfing, waves and snorkeling in Buzios

Spending the day enjoying the beach is really wonderful. But you can also enjoy taking delightful schooner and speedboat rides, try some stand up paddle and kayaking, surfing and windsurfing, snorkeling or scuba diving, take a streetcar route through the beaches, rent a buggy and even horseback riding.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

If your preference is even for aerial views, try visiting the Mirante de João Fernandes, Mirante da Brava and Mirante do Forno.

To go even higher, take on a paragliding jump and even a helicopter ride.

Buzios Buggy Rental

In the hotels in Buzios you can ask for buggy rentals, where you can tour the most fun medanos of Brazil.

Buzios vacations and how to enjoy the city

Bustling and always lively, Buzios is able to entertain the traveler 24 hours a day. And when we talk about 24 hours, it is not an exaggeration. The Buzian ballads usually end when the sun rises.

And just fix it with another day at the beach so you don’t stop. But calm down! It is not necessary to live directly in the night of Búzios. Before, you can enjoy a bit of the charm of the city.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

Enjoy the afternoon to stroll through Orla Bardot or Porto da barra. Both places offer a spectacle worthy of several photographs.

The sun sets into the sea and forms a wonderful landscape with the anchored boats.

To enjoy the moment, sit in one of the local bars and enjoy the evening with a good gelada beer and freshly baked snacks. One of the best programs in town!

You can also swap the beer for a delicious natural juice and an Acai berry.

And if the sunset doesn’t present a promising spectacle, return to the Pousada and enjoy the afternoon by the pool. Many of them have landscapes as beautiful as the sea.

Buzios Shopping

Tourism in Buzios is varied, and those who can’t resist some shopping have one more reason for happiness in Buzios.

The main stores for your shopping in Buzios are on Rua das Pedras, but you will find commerce also on Avenida José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, where there are many options of stores with handicrafts and local products.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

For art workshops, visit Praia dos Ossos, where there are good options for exclusive shopping.

It’s worth a hop in neighboring Cabo Frio, where Rua dos Bikinis offers almost 100 stores specializing in swimwear.

It’s crazy! And speaking of neighboring, the entire lake region is wonderful.

If you have a few moments after Buzios, you should also take a ride to Arraial do Cabo.

Buzios Weather windguru Buzios

The main goal of those who visit Buzios are the beaches. And it could not be different. The city offers more than 20 good options for visitors.

The most surprising thing is the fact that the best beaches in Buzios are very different from each other, which makes it even more irresistible to go through several of them in the same trip.



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The Main Beaches of Buzios

Bardot Beach Buzios

On the edge of Armação beach, Orla Bardot welcomes visitors with a beautiful view and an extremely rural Buzios climate.

It is a place to stroll quietly, enjoying the scenery of boats and colonial mansions at sunset. Excellent to start your excursions in Buzios.

Porto da Barra

Another of the activities in Buzios is to visit the entertainment complex located on the beach of Manguinhos attracts the beautiful look and the good menus of the restaurants.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

One of the attractions in Buzios is Porto da Barra, built in the eyes of the sea, offers an incredible cool and cozy atmosphere for those who wish to continue enjoying after the beach.

Praia Brava Buzios Br

Don’t take away the name. Praia Brava has nothing to do with an annoying atmosphere – quite the contrary! It is probably one of the most attractive portions of sand in Buzios.

Armação Beach

The main tourist spot in Búzios, Praia da Armação is one of the busiest places in town.

The beach is not the best option for bathing (in fact, you don’t see bathers there either), but it gathers good attractions.

Praia Azeda Búzios

The stairway leading to Praia da Azeda is one of the most beautiful visuals of Búzios.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

The beach is small, charming, with a calm and colorful sea. Praia da Azeda is one of the most sought after by tourists.

Azedinha Beach

If Azeda is already beautiful, what about Praia da Azedinha? The small beach is next to Azeda and has a shorter stretch of sand and a more integrated environment with nature.

The two are separated by a stone path that serves as a passage for visitors who are in doubt between the two.

Praia da Azedinha has a very calm sea, plenty of shade under the trees and a public willing to simply enjoy, without worrying.

As the physical space of the beach is quite limited, it usually fills up very fast, especially on weekends and high season.

Ferradura Beach Buzios

Ferradura Beach offers calm and shallow waters, pedal boats, SUP, kayaks, chairs, umbrellas and several gastronomic options.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

That’s it, everything parents need to go to the beach with the little ones and enjoy your family vacation.

Ferradurinha Beach

Unlike the beaches of Azeda and Azedinha and João Fernandes and João Fernandinho, Praia da Ferradurinha is not next to Ferradura beach.

This can be a little confusing for those arriving in Buzios for the first time, but nothing that a visit to each of them does not solve. reveillon buzios, partying in america, family vacations

Praia Foca Buzios

The small seal beach, little known by tourists, is one of the most beautiful corners of Búzios and deserves several visits.

We speak in several because the beach suffers a little the variation of the tide and every hour of the day presents very different characteristics.

Tartaruga Beach

Formed by two portions of sand separated by a beautiful stone path, Praia da Tartaruga combines beauty with good infrastructure.

The beach manages to maintain a rustic air, with kiosks made of wood and typical seafood menus.

Caravelas Beach

Almost at the exit of Búzios and quite hidden from the eyes of tourists, Caravelas beach is practically unknown to outsiders.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

It would be totally true if there were not the presence of a spa (not necessarily luxury), which transforms the beach of Caravelas in an almost exclusive environment for diners.

The access to the beach, bordering the Residential Condominium on site, scares away the most unsuspecting tourists.

Don’t be fooled by the current or the gate at the dirt road entrance and keep going! All Brazilian beaches are public.

Praia do Geribá Buzios

It is among the most popular and visited beaches in Buzios. Geribá is a love among tourists and locals, especially for those who like big beach (are almost 2 km), lots of sand, movement and infrastructure. Geribá marks one of the main points of accommodation in the city.

João Fernandes Beach

The show begins when the horizon shows the beautiful sunset merged with the sea of João Fernandes beach. It is difficult not to be enchanted.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

The beaches of João Fernandes and João Fernadinho are neighbors and there is no land connection between the two.

João Fernandes is the busiest side, the longest stretch of sand, where restaurants, stalls and fun will be guaranteed.

João Fernandinho Beach

There are those who do not get to this little piece of paradise simply by being hooked by the neighboring, and the most agitated, João Fernando beach.

It is in João Fernandinho, however, that the beauty of the region is even more intense.

Olho de Boi Buzios Beach

Aimed at the naturist public, Praia Olho de Boi is a hidden fortress in Buzios. The trail leading to the site starts at the right corner of Brava beach.

What is the best beach in Buzios?

Praia do Forno. Praia do Forno is the most hidden and, therefore, also the most reserved for those who want to escape from the badalação.
Among the best beaches in Buzios Brazil it is followed by:

  • Praia João Fernandes beach…..
  • Tartaruga Beach…..
  • Azeda Beach…..
  • Azedinha Beach…..
  • Ferradurinha Beach. ….
  • Praia Brava Beach…..
  • Olho de Boi Beach.

What to do in Buzios at night?

When night falls, the temperature in Buzios tells us it’s time to hit the Rua das Pedras.

You can’t deny that it’s the biggest gastronomic center of the city. Not only that, it’s full of live music, delicious bars and lively people.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

It’s the perfect place to start the night. Choose your table and drink a tasty caipirinha or a well gelled beer, keep an eye out for the locals and enjoy chatting in several languages.

That’s it! Búzios offers a beautiful mix of Brazilians and gringos. All together and happy make Buzios nightlife one of the best features of the city.

For those who enjoy good live music, the most requested are the super decorated Mr. Brad Food and Drinks, always with Samba do pagode and quiet.

The Havana Courtyard, with Blues, jazz and the classics of Caribbean music; and the House of Rock and Roll, with good rock and blues bands.

For those who want to combine food with quality ambient music, it is worth going to the Annex Bar, or Celestinnas (with the best burger in town) and the refined Buda Beach.

The truth is that Rua das Pedras has a great offer of good bars. Evaluate the music you like best (be sure to look at the prices, some are «bem carinhos») and go in to be happy.

For all nightclubs, it is necessary to consult the schedule in advance. Many parties occur only during the high season and it is common for some places to close their doors the rest of the year.

When you are in town, be sure to look for information about the festivities that will occur on those days… and enjoy!

How much does it cost to eat in Buzios?

When to go to Búzios on vacation

Accommodation in Buzios

Búzios is the city that offers the best lodging options in the lake region of Rio de Janeiro.

The local charm is reflected in the Pousadas and hotels ranging from the cheapest and youngest hostels to the most refined and elegant boutique hotels in Buzios accommodations.

When to go to Búzios on vacation

Prices in Buzios accommodation, our recommendations:

  • The Buzios Garden pousada: The price-quality ratio is very good, good breakfast and the location is very good. The vans pass by the door and there are beaches nearby. Recommended the packages to Buzios for excursions.
  • Domus 7 Buzios: The vacation homes are ideal for guests seeking autonomy and tranquility during their vacation.

The service and friendliness is like being with family, lots of tranquility and advice. Gaele is a genius!

  • Buzios Internacional apart hotel: Bed, air, bathroom, kitchen, location, everything perfect! The main thing, the super excellent location.
  • Buzios Beach Resort: One of the best hotels in Buzios. This luxury resort is located in Armação dos Búzios, 100 meters from the beach. It has a large outdoor swimming pool with exclusive service and elegant rooms with balcony and views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Others: Buzios vila do sol, Buzios resort beach, Buzios beach international apart hotel or the Buzios pousada Abracadabra and Buzios la Pedrera Small.

Buzios hotels on the beach

  • Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa: The warmth of the place and its staff. The ideal location, everything super clean, excellent breakfast! The views are spectacular and the attention to detail makes it unique.
  • Buzios hostel: Great breakfast, everything always clean, 10/10 service, help to hire and other services such as tour guide and other tours in Buzios.

There are more than 400 options for all tastes and all prices, surely one of them will fit your desire and especially in your pocket!


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