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Our family vacations began, and as we approach Villa La Angostura with the car, we feel how the landscape begins to change, to transform.

And it is because this town has a nickname that deserves all its recognition, and that all tourists can not avoid doing … and is to repeat the word «Que belleza!

Villa La Angostura «The Garden of Patagonia».

Nicknamed the «Garden of Patagonia», Villa La Angostura has long been a vacation destination for wealthy Argentines.

Today it also attracts international tourists who have left Bariloche for something a little more relaxed.

Charming, cozy and surrounded by mountains, Villa La Angostura is home to lakeside beaches, wood and stone architecture, and the relatively small but impressive Los Arrayanes National Park.

Perfectly situated along Lake Nahuel Huapi, visitors have plenty of options when it comes to boating, sailing and kayaking.

Although the town remains quiet and beautiful, it certainly offers tourists plenty of dining options, spas and tour companies offering a variety of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, fishing and biking.

Villa La Angostura How to get there

Located in the department of Los Lagos, in the south of the province of Neuquén in Patagonia, Villa La Angostura should be a must if you are looking for tourism.

Starting to enjoy the scenery for its cabins in the woods, beautiful lodges and hotels… and for its beauty, its food, its hills and its people… all in one place!

From the North along the Route of the 7 Lakes that you can take in San Martin de los Andes, you will have about 90 km traveling through the mountain lakes with beautiful views along the Route 7 Lakes.

Villa la Angostura distance Neuquen and other towns

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Nestled in the northern sector of Nahuel Huapi National Park, surrounded by lakes, forests and mountains, it is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Patagonian Andes, earning the nickname «Garden of Patagonia».

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Villa la Angostura What to do 2023

The options in Villa la Angostura will make your family vacations allow you to do everything you can think of.

Canopy, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, hiking, tracking, enjoying the famous Patagonian lamb, excellent wines and a pleasant company.

Puerto Manzano

At 70 km from San Carlos de Bariloche and a few kilometers from Villa la Angostura, Puerto Manzano emerges with its lake, cabins, hotels and landscape.

A place to practice a wide range of water sports, hikes, excursions and all that Puerto Manzano has to offer.

what to do in villa la angostura, villa la angostura patagonia, villa la angostura argentina, villa la angostura argentina

In winter comes the ski and snowboard season in Cerro Bayo, with ideal slopes for the whole family.

From mid-October the fishing season begins and in summer it is the ideal time for trekking, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking and all kinds of adventure tourism.

Within the village there are trained guides willing to show us everything the place has to offer.

Victoria Island – Villa la Angostura

When in 1620 Captain Juan Fernandez arrived at the Nahuel Huapi looking for the mythical City of the Caesars, he saw the island and deduced that it was ideal for the refuge of that lost community where the white men discovered the key to happiness.

Located in Lake Nahuel Huapi in the province of Neuquén, Victoria Island has an area of 31 km², which are protected since 1934 by the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

what to do in villa la angostura, villa la angostura patagonia, villa la angostura argentina, villa la angostura argentina

Victoria Island is divided into three areas, two intangible and one, central, which can be visited by tourists.

In the remote past, it was inhabited by indigenous communities that left marks of their presence with cave paintings in the caves found on the island.

Los Arrayanes National Park

Conceived for the conservation of the extraordinary myrtle trees, a type of Chilean myrtle, it is one of the smallest national parks in Argentina, but well worth a visit for a great walk through its ancient preserved nature.

what to do in villa la angostura, villa la angostura patagonia, villa la angostura argentina, villa la angostura argentina

Many visitors take the 12-kilometer trail from the port of Villa La Angostura to reach the forest of myrtle trees that are between 300 and 600 years old.

Others go mountain biking or on one of the tourist boats that navigate the Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Quetrihué Peninsula

Walk along the Quetrihué Peninsula, where these thorny myrtles are found; the pedestrian path you will use is made of wooden planks to protect the ground around them.

After seeing the forests, visit the log cabin there where you can have a snack, or go sit on the rocky shores of the Patagua Lagoon.

See recommended hotels in Villa La Angostura, Argentina

Los Arrayanes is a natural reserve located in the department of Los Lagos; it occupies 1753 ha of the Quetrihué peninsula.

There we will find Puerto Pañuelo, which is a passenger port located on the Llao Llao peninsula, on the Nahuel Huapi lake. It is located 25 km west of the city of Bariloche, Argentina.

The port was built in 1965 by the National Administration of National Parks, as part of the tourist infrastructure provided to Nahuel Huapi National Park.

It serves as a starting point for lake excursions around Nahuel Huapi Lake, to enjoy the majesty of the Arrayán and its famous «Bosque de Arrayanes», and to Puerto Blest, Lake Frías and Cascada los Cántaros.

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Cabins Hotels and Lodging in Villa la Angostura

Quality rooms, international level hotels, inns, cabins, hostels, camping sites and mountain refuges are some of the most desirable tourist areas.

Other recommended places to stay in this paradise are:

Flights to Villa la Angostura

The best way to get by plane to Villa la Angostura is to take a flight to San Carlos de Bariloche.

There are several reasons: there are regular flights, knowing that there are about 80 km distance between Villa la Angostura and Bariloche, and you can stay a couple of days before traveling or before returning home.

The offers of flights to Bariloche are several, so we leave you, first an article on how you can find the best cheap flights and a link to the different airlines.

Patagonia Restaurant, where to eat in Villa la Angostura

In addition to the dreamed landscapes of lakes and forests, Villa La Angostura offers the delight of a gastronomy that uses regional ingredients such as deer meat, trout, Patagonian lamb and wild boar, pine and cypress mushrooms, and red fruits such as cherries, raspberries or strawberries.

A tour around some of the best restaurants in town. Here are some of them…

The traditional «Patagonian lamb» is an animal raised at the foot of its mother, reaching between 60 and 90 days of life with a live weight ranging from 19 to 24 kilos. Once slaughtered, this animal produces cattle ranging from 8 to 12 kilos.

what to do in villa la angostura, villa la angostura patagonia, villa la angostura argentina, villa la angostura argentina

The Patagonian region produces more than 15,000 tons per year of excellent quality lamb, which is sold in most of the world’s most demanding markets, such as the European Union.

The meat of Patagonian lamb has characteristics recognized worldwide as it is lean, tender and has an exquisite flavor.

This is due to the extensive breeding in a pure environment of natural pastures, where the best butcher lambs in the country are produced. The most used cuts are: loin, rack, ribs, shoulder, saddle and leg.

Activities and much more Villa la Angostura

Horseback riding, canoe rides, Arrayanes forests, bays, residences, museums. There are endless activities to do in Villa La Angostura, and it is up to you what to see and what to do.

And not only on sunny days you can enjoy, because if you wonder what to do in Villa La Angostura when it rains, the options may be good time to:

  • Enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with cake.
  • Visit the flea market.
  • To assemble the groceries at the supermarket.
  • Enjoy a delicious Patagonian lamb.
  • Short walks, if there is little rain.
  • Villa la Angostura, what to do when it rains… always has options!
  • Shopping at the Crafts Fair

Villa La Angostura has a number of high-end stores as well as local handicraft items available for the discerning souvenir shopper.

At Bahía Mansa you can tour the craft fair where artisans gather every day at the port to sell their wares.

You will find leather, silver, wood, clay and wool products along with artisans showing their techniques and chatting about their work.

There are original ceramics, knives, ponchos, hats and candles, as well as traditional Mapuche items such as loom-woven clothing.

You can also buy some regional foods, such as smoked venison, trout and wild boar, as well as homemade jams and jellies.

The most exclusive shopping in town can be found along Arrayanes Avenue.

Cerro Bayo

If you’re here during ski season, venture to Cerro Bayo, a boutique (i.e., small) ski resort that offers 20 miles of slopes and lifts, along with warm family-friendly restaurants, cafes and bars.

You can ski, snowboard, snow tube, toboggan and cross-country ski on the various terrains here, and there’s something for all skill levels.

what to do in villa la angostura, villa la angostura patagonia, villa la angostura argentina, villa la angostura argentina

Crowds are minimal compared to some neighboring ski resorts, even though it is only 15 minutes from Villa La Angostura.

There is a ski and snowboard school for beginners and some off-piste action and terrain parks for the pros.

In the summer you can still visit to ride the chairlift and enjoy panoramic views or do some hiking, including one to a waterfall.

For more info, visit the Cerro Bayo page.

Sailing on the Nahuel Huapi Lake

One of the favorite activities of many tourists in Villa La Angostura is sailing.

Local guides will arrange a sailboat for you to navigate Lake Nahuel Huapi from Puerto La Mansa, making stops at Los Arrayanes National Park, Victoria Island and several different beaches.

Many trips include a gourmet lunch of smoked trout, venison and cheeses or even a barbecue accompanied by wine.

Patagonia Sailing is one of the oldest sailboat charter companies in Argentina, and they will create customized itineraries ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on how much you enjoy the sailing lifestyle.

If you prefer motor boating, visit Bahia Brava, a company that also offers excellent tours, picnics and customer service.

Rio Bonito Waterfall

Just an hour and a half hike along the Bonito River, this beautiful hike is perfect for people who aren’t looking for anything too strenuous.

Off the road to Cerro Bayo, you’ll find a steep trail that leads to a viewpoint of a plunging waterfall.

Touring Villa la Angostura on horseback

See the glittering lake scenery and snow-capped Andes from the back of a well-trained horse as you ride through the hills around Villa La Angostura.

Companies can arrange horses for all levels of riders, even beginners.

Some rides will take you through the nearby Nahuel Huapi National Park, while others will take you along the winding trails around Cerro Bayo and Cerro Belvedere in the summer.

what to do in villa la angostura, villa la angostura patagonia, villa la angostura argentina, villa la angostura argentina

Venture through forests and across rivers with your gaucho guide, and maybe even stop for a bite to eat along the way while enjoying the views.

There are several companies, but in this small town Cabalgatas del Tero is quite popular.

Green Lagoon

Get away from the crowds by walking to this peaceful little oasis in the middle of nature.

During your hike you will pass under thick canopies of rainforest and almost feel like the area is situated in a mild microclimate.

This allows for the variety of wildlife, including the many species of birds and trees you will find in the area.

Take a walk around the freshwater lagoon with the backdrop of those ever-present snow-capped mountains as you experience the tranquility of being secluded in the woods away from the city.

Many people take bikes to ride the trails or books to sit and read here.

Hike to Belvedere Viewpoint and Inacayal Waterfall.

For a tougher hike and some rewarding views, take enough water and some snacks for the day and head up through Mapuche territory.

The Belvedere lookout and Inacayal waterfall are within walking distance, as long as you’re ready to hike through the woods and conquer some steep slopes.

The viewpoint will allow you to contemplate the imposing Nahuel Huapi Lake and some parts of Correntoso Lake and the mountains that mark the border with Chile.

Then follow the signs to the Inacayal Waterfall, and after a walk along the Las Piedritas stream, you will pass through thick ferns and other vegetation to face the mighty waterfall.

Kayaking on the lakes of Villa la Angostura

Take to the waters of one of the many beautiful lakes in the area and spend the day communing with nature.

You can hire guided excursions to Lake Espejo, named for its mirror-like qualities, which lies on the border with Chile, or continue on to nearby Nahuel Huapi.

Beaches, Water Sports and Fishing

Between the recreational offerings of Nahuel Huapi and Correntoso lakes, you’ll have your hands full.

hether you want to relax on the shore and swim or try windsurfing or fishing, you will find it in Villa La Angostura.

The Nahuel Huapi is the place for water sports and sport fishing, where you can catch brown trout, fontinalis and rainbow trout.

Or if you like the beach, you can visit the Correntoso coast – many locals gather here and you’ll find camping facilities, bathing and warm waters.

It is backed by scenic mountains, and you can also find boat rides and horseback riding.

Other beaches near the town include Playa Mansa and Brava, as well as the Bahia Manzano resort.

Salomón 42k Villa la Angostura

The Mountain World Cup is no longer a dream, but a beautiful reality. More than 400 competitors from 38 countries compete in the beautiful landscapes of Villa la Angostura for medals in 14 and 42 km courses and in the junior category.

This year it was announced that the final of the Salomon Golden Trail World Series 2023 will be held in Villa La Angostura, the 19th edition of K42.

The six races in the Golden Trail World Series are Zegama Aizkorri (Spain), Marathon du Mont Blanc (France), Dolomyths Run (Italy), Sierre Zinal (Switzerland), Pikes Peak Marathon (USA) and Ring of Steal Skyrace (Scotland).

The dates are November 5 and 6 in Villa La Angostura during the K42 Adventure Marathon.

Once again, the streets of Patagonia will have the best riders in the world.

What to do in Villa La Angostura in rainy weather

It may just happen that in the middle of a family vacation you will have a few days of rain or drizzle, and for that reason we have compiled a list of what to do in Villa la Angostura when it rains.

Walking, hiking and trekking: Villa la Angostura in the rain does not have to be a reason for frustration, and an excellent idea is to wear waterproof shoes for hiking, perhaps a pilot to protect yourself and go on expeditions in the area. I assure you that you will not regret it!

Hot chocolate and cake: gather the group and head to the cafes and bars to enjoy some excellent cups of chocolate and cake.

Shopping at the flea market: another way to take advantage of the day and know what to do with rain in Villa La Angostura is to get interesting items at the flea market.

Take advantage and do the shopping: What to do on a rainy day in Villa La Angostura?

Well, take advantage and do the shopping for the week at the supermarket, flea markets and take advantage of the offers that are constantly published.

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