It’s time to enjoy all that the capital of Paraná has to offer for your family vacations, either taking a light snack in the subway or in the panoramic bus of the Tourist Line.

In Curitiba, the most charming thing is to be able to enjoy it as a resident. In the same places where tourists circulate, Curitibanos also walk.

It is a place for those who like to live in a destination as if it were their own home.

Sticking to the small local customs in the company of the piás and gurias who love this city so much.

Vacation in Curitiba Brazil PR

Feeling at home in Curitiba (Curitiba in Spanish) is not difficult. The city invites you to stroll around, is easy to get around and you will soon have picked up a bit of the charming local accent.

Curitiba Brazil location

Where is Curitiba? The city of Curitiba is located in the southern region of Brazil and is the capital of the state of Paraná. It is 400 km from São Paulo and 1,440 km from Brasilia.

what to do in Curitiba Brazil

The main route for tourists to reach the city is by air.

The largest airport in Curitiba is the International Airport of Curitiba – Afonso Pena, located in São José dos Pinhais, 18 km from the city center. Other ways to get to Curitiba are by land, bus or car.

Arriving in Curitiba by plane

Those who choose to arrive by plane will have mainly direct flights from São Paulo, Campinhas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Londrina, Foz do Iguaçu, Cascavel, Maringá and Campo Grande.

There are no direct flights from cities in the north and northeast region. For those coming from these places, stopovers or connections will be necessary.

The flight time from São Paulo is only one hour, while from Brasilia the flight time is 1h55.

How to get to Curitiba by bus

There is a great offer of buses to the city of Curitiba and it can be a good option especially for those who live in nearby places, such as São Paulo.

The average cost of the ticket between the capital and Curitiba is R$ 80 and the trip takes 6 hours.

The Rodoferroviária de Curitiba is very centrally located and makes life much easier for the traveler.

Getting to Curitiba by car

Traffic in Curitiba is not the worst and for those who live in nearby regions it can be a good option to travel by car to the capital of Paraná.

The 400 km drive from São Paulo has an average duration of 5h30.

The main access roads to Curitiba are: BR 116, connecting Curitiba with São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul; BR 376 and BR 101, connecting with Palhoça – SC; and BR 277, connecting with the coast of Paraná.

Hotels in Curitiba Brazil 2022

In the map of Curitiba you can locate the best places to visit in Curitiba, the best hotels, aparts and if you are looking for Curitiba hostel, because the offers are of the most varied.

The recommended ones are: The Bourbon Dom Ricardo Aeroporto Curitiba Business Hotel. The Curitiba hostel Jardim Botânico or the Pousada da Paz.

Curitiba Brazil transport and the Curitiba 2023 Tourism Line

To begin to understand the city, how about a ride on Curitiba’s most famous attraction?

what to do in Curitiba Brazil

The Linha Turismo is a panoramic bus that runs through practically all the tourist spots in the city.

Practical and efficient, it’s a great starting point. After a short drive, you will be able to face the capital of Paraná more easily.

Other tours in Curitiba are also worth doing, now accompanied by local guides.

And there are no better guides than the locals themselves. It is worth doing the Walking Tour through the Historic Center, the different bike circuits with the Kuritbike and even try the unusual Curitidrinks, Curitidoce, Tour Comida de Boteco and the Tour Cervejeiro.

Tourism in Curitiba 2023 Things to Do

1. Curitiba Botanical Garden pr Brazil

One of the first things to see in Curitiba is the main postcard of the capital of Paraná, the Botanical Garden of Curitiba, is part of the imagination of every tourist who has thought of going to the city.

This will probably be the first target of visitors who arrive there. And the reason is easy to understand: the Botanical Garden is one of the most visited in the world.

2. São Lourenço Park Brazil Curitiba

Along the circuit, the vegetation leads to the Parque São Lourenço ares of Central Park.

The central reservoir, which helps in the fight against floods in the region, further beautifies the landscape and is an invitation to the practice of physical activity and fun.

3. German Forest Curitiba Brazil

The view at the top of the lookout is breathtaking. The German Forest offers one of the best spots in Curitiba to observe the city near the Serra do Mar.

what to do in Curitiba Brazil

The green area – 38,000 m² and located in the area of the former Schaffer family dairy – has an exuberant nature and several spaces that pay homage to the

4. Pope John Paul II Forest and Memorial to Polish Immigration

Inaugurated in December 1980 to commemorate Pope John Paul II’s visit to Curitiba in June of the same year, this forest pays homage not only to the pontiff, but also to the Polish people, who are an important part of the city’s history.

5. Zaninelli Forest Curitiba Pr Br

The place where there used to be a quarry for the exploration of granite now serves for the search and dissemination of knowledge.

The recovered area of Zaninelli Park is home to Unilivre – Free University of the Environment, where academics from all over the country debate important environmental causes.

6. Curitiba’s Historic Center

Largo da Ordem is the starting point of the city of Curitiba. It was there, on these cobblestone streets, that the Vila de Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais was born, at the end of the 17th century.

In the following century, the town would gain prominence and also the name of Curitiba.

7. Monument to Curitiba

Located in the center of the Historic Center, the Curitiba Memorial is a great space for cultural production.

The modern building, built to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Curitiba and inspired by the design of pine trees, contrasts with the buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

8. Paraná Curitiba and the Ukrainian Monument

Part of the Tingui Park, the Ukrainian Memorial was built in honor of the centennial of Ukrainian immigration to Curitiba.

what to do in Curitiba Brazil

It was in 1891 when eight Ukrainian families arrived in the city and initiated the immigration process that brought to Curitiba more than 45 thousand inhabitants from that country.

9. Curitiba Municipal Market

Founded in 1958, the Curitiba Municipal Market is a meeting point for residents of large fairs, whether for shopping or eating.

The space offers dozens of tents with condiments, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, sausages, meats and all kinds of good ingredients for a delicious dinner.

10. Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná (MAC)

* The MAC is temporarily housed in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Installed in a building dating from 1928, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paraná receives since 1970 a collection for the preservation of works by local and national artists.

11. Holocaust Museum of Curitiba

A tribute to the victims of World War II, the Holocaust Museum of Curitiba recalls the moments of horror experienced by Jews and other victims of the Holocaust.

The museum has a collection of objects and photographs of the period.

12. Railroad Museum

Part of the attractions of Shopping Estação, in downtown Curitiba, the Railway Museum is a tribute to the railway past of the state of Paraná.

Both the shopping center and the museum operate in an old city station, where the preserved façade is an important part of the collection.

13. Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON)

The unusual format earned the Oscar Niemeyer Museum the nickname «Museum of the Eye» among residents.

Designed by the architect and artist after whom the museum is named, the MOM is the best space dedicated to art in the city of Curitiba.

The Museu do Olho has a permanent collection as well as traveling exhibitions.

14. Curitiba sightseeing and the Panoramic Tower

The view at the top of the Panoramic Tower is 360 degrees. The observatory, unique in a telephone tower in the country, allows you to see the city of Curitiba from 100 m high.

what to do in Curitiba Brazil

At the top, you can see how the capital of Paraná managed to maintain urban growth in balance with green areas.

15. Cable Opera House and Paulo Leminski Quarry

The unique architecture of the Cable Opera House makes it one of the most beautiful buildings in Curitiba and, therefore, one of the most visited by tourists. The place, in practice, is a large theater and a show house.

16. Barigui Park

One of the biggest unofficial symbols of Curitiba, capybaras reign on the lawn of Barigui Park.

The place is one of the most sought after by residents on days when the sun decides to appear.

The park is crossed by the Barigui River and has a lake that provides a beautiful setting for the sunset behind the city buildings.

17. Curitiba Tanguá Park

This park offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city of Curitiba.

When the rain gives respite to the residents and the clouds open the way to the sunlight, it is in Tanguá Park where the Curitibanos run to enjoy the sunset.

From the top of the 65-meter viewpoint, on the edge of an old quarry, visitors have the opportunity to contemplate the spectacle framed by 235,000 m² of green area.

18. Tingui Curitiba Park

The name is a tribute to the original indigenous peoples of the lands of Curitiba.

Surrounded by a lot of vegetation, the Tingui Park is one of the outdoor spaces preferred by the inhabitants of Curitiba.

Among capybaras, jogging tracks and many bicycles, it is possible to enjoy the open sky days in the capital of Paraná.

19. Train ride from Curitiba to Morretes with Serra Verde Express

It is a bit old-fashioned. From Curitiba station, the train leaves for the city of Morretes.

The ride, on the Cutiriba-Paranaguá Railway, passes through the Serra do Mar, offers beautiful scenery and is a real return to the past.

what to do in Curitiba Brazil

Unusually in Brazil, in Curitiba you can experience the delicious balance of the train and, of course, enjoy a delicious barreado in the restaurants of Morretes.

The train ride lasts approximately 4h15, where 110 km of tracks are traveled amidst breathtaking scenery.

20. 24 Hours Curitiba Street

For more than 10 years, the 24 hour street has ceased to be so. In spite of everything, it seduces Curitibanos in search of delicious food and gastronomic delicacies, besides being a postcard, with the clock at the entrance and the tubular-framed corridor.

21. Curitiba Rua das Flores

This little piece of Rua XV de Novembro, known as Rua das Flores, is for pedestrian pleasure only.

Right in the center of Curitiba, this promenade opened in 1972 allows you to walk among historic buildings, lively commerce and many bars, restaurants and cafes.

22. Santa Felicidade

A little corner of Italy in Curitiba. This is how the Santa Felicidade neighborhood can be defined.

Homage to a former resident named Felicidade Borges, benefactor of the Italian peasants who had recently arrived in the city, the place presents a bit of the traditions and, of course, the delicacies of that country.

Curitiba Restaurants

Think fast and name a typical dish of Curitiba. We know that the task is not easy. Much is said about the gastronomy of the northeast, Minas Gerais, Amazonas….. But it is rare to hear about the cuisine of Curitiba.

However, we have good news! The city has typical dishes and we can guarantee that they are delicious.

Get to know the menu of the capital of Paraná and take advantage of the constant cold to delight yourself with good and hot meals.

One of the most typical (and delicious) dishes of the region is the Barreado.

The preparation begins with the cooking -always in a clay pot- of a portion of meat for more than 12 hours. The meat is untangled and forms, with the spices, a tasty sauce.

Try the dish at Farnel, a restaurant specializing in Paraná cuisine in Curitiba’s historic center.

Meat such as sirloin and duck can handle it. The intense flavor is one of the best and a good place to try it is Bar do Alemão, located in Largo da Ordem.

Legal bars in Curitiba

If you don’t give up a busy night schedule while in Curitiba, the good news is that there are many great bars there.

Located in the Batel neighborhood, the classic Hard Rock Café Curitiba is a stop that attracts most travelers.

In the same neighborhood, in the swanky Shopping Batel, the Gards Rooftop makes the turn for those looking for a more refined and intimate atmosphere.

Best bars Curitiba: The alternative footprint in the same region is the Hauer shopping center, where dozens of bars gather with thousands of people on the sidewalk.

Already around the Civic Center, I recommend all the bars I met during the Food Bar Tour: Fantinato Grocery Store, Amsterdam Lounge Bar, Village Brewery and Mr Hoppy Beer & Burger.

Does Curitiba have beaches?

Beaches in Curitiba? There are no beaches in Curitiba, but that doesn’t mean the coast is far away. There are good beach options just 100 km from the city.

The quiet Praia do Leste is the closest option, just over 90 km from Curitiba.

Best beaches near Curitiba Brazil

  • Caiobá Main seaside resort of Matinhos, Caiobá is divided between Praia Mansa and Praia Brava: both beautiful and cozy.
  • Praia da Fortaleza – Ilha do Mel.
  • Farol Beach – Ilha do Mel
  • Guaratuba Beach
  • Pontal do Paraná

Temperature in Curitiba

In Curitiba, summers are hot and mostly cloudy; winters are short, cool and partly cloudy and it is wet throughout the year.

During the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 10 °C to 26 °C and rarely drops below 5 °C or rises above 30 °C. Check the weather in Curitiba pr Brazil at the moment and for the next few days here. Source: and Meteored.

The best time of the year to visit Curitiba Br

Curitiba Brazil tourism highlights that from early March to mid-May and from mid-November to mid-December, with a peak in the second week of April.

Distances to Curitiba

  • Curitiba Buenos Aires: 22 h (1,824.1 km) by RN14
  • Curitiba Florianópolis: 4 h 20 min (306.6 km) by BR-101

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