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Of all the places we’ve visited, we always have a favorite, don’t we? That place you come back to whenever you can, and feel a squeeze in your heart when you have to leave.

For us this place is Florianópolis. Because we are simply in love with the island, and we always take the opportunity to return.

And it is not only one of the favorite destinations for Argentinians, because more and more Chileans are looking for these beaches in Brazil.

Where is Florianópolis?

Florianópolis is the capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, in the southern region of the country.

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The municipality is composed of the main island, the island of Santa Catarina, the mainland and some small surrounding islands.

What to do in Floripa?

Also known as the island of magic, Florianópolis is among the best beaches in Brazil.

The capital of Santa Catarina is simply fantastic. It has an incomparable atmosphere and conquers its visitors with so much natural beauty.

The beaches of Santa Catarina are preferred not only by Argentinean tourists, but also by many tourists from all over the world who come with their motorhomes in search of warm waters and fun.

And if you like trails as much as we do, get ready, because we made a list of the best and most beautiful trails in Florianópolis.

Florianópolis summer Shall we go?

What is the best beach in Florianópolis?

  • Joaquina Beach.
  • Mole Beach. Santa Catarina.
  • Barra da Lagoa Beach.
  • Galheta Beach.
  • Santinho Beach.
  • Mozambique Beach.
  • Brava Beach.
  • Praia dos Ingleses.

Beaches of Brazil Florianopolis map

Best places in Florianopolis:

Florianópolis map, What to do in Florianópolis

Some history of Florianópolis.

Initially founded as Nossa Senhora do Desterro in 1675, Florianópolis was part of the town of Laguna, and only in 1726 was it elevated to the category of Vila, thus dismembering itself as Laguna.

With its new strategic location, the island began to be occupied militarily. This fact contributed greatly to the occupation of the entire island and also to the development of agriculture and the cotton and linen manufacturing industry.

In 1823 the town was elevated to the category of city, becoming the capital of the province of Santa Catarina.

With a large investment of federal resources, this was a period of great prosperity for the exile, with the construction of public buildings, improvements in the port and the organization of cultural activities.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

In 1894, due to the great influence of Marshal Floriano Peixoto, the city was renamed Florianópolis in his honor.

Since the 20th century the city went through profound transformations, and today has its economy based on commerce, providing public services and tourism.

Transportation in Florianópolis

As in most of the capitals, there are some transportation options. The cheapest of them is always public transportation.

In Florianópolis, they work without major inconveniences, but they are not the best.

Buses sometimes take too long to pass and we can miss to enjoy our vacation as it should.

Uber works very well, as anywhere in the world. But it is a bit more expensive solution, considering that the island is great and the sights are far away from each other.

A very good option and I have also used on the island, is hitchhiking.

In Florianópolis it is very common for people to hitchhike, just because I talk to public transportation is not 100%. So if you are willing, it is a good option.

The last, and maybe the best option, is to rent a car.



Flights to Florianopolis

Among the airlines with direct flights to Florianopolis we find Latam, Gol and Aerolineas Argentinas.

To learn everything you need to know to choose a safe and cheap flight, we have created a complete guide.

Foz do Iguaçu to Florianopolis: In order not to travel to Floripa a long way by car, many choose to go by bus to Foz do Iguaçu, and from there take a flight. Recommended!

Car rental in Florianópolis

To rent a car, anywhere in the world, I use and recommend rental cars. It is not a car rental company, but a search engine.

It searches rental companies like Alamo, Hertz florianópolis, Dollar, etc, and shows you the cheapest option.

You can also count on combis, bus and Uber services.

Lodging in Florianópolis

Still don’t know where to stay in Florianópolis? Just click on the button below to see the best lodging options in the magic island.


You will be directed to the reservation, and by confirming through this link, the hotel you book will give us a commission.

Here you will be able to compare prices in Florianópolis for hotels, apartments and hostels among others, besides giving us a loving way to help keep the blog alive, always producing content for you. ♥

Floripa SC Tourism Brazil

If you decide to do tourism in Florianópolis, there is always lack of time to do everything we want. There are many options to do and a month is always short on the island.

To summarize, we will make a list of the things that for defiestaenamerica.club we consider Cool.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

If you are like us, who do not know where to start, this list will help you choose what to do in Florianópolis.

And also, if you want to know which are the best restaurants on the island, see the post to the end.

Florianópolis historical center

The vast majority of tourists who go to Florianópolis look for tours that involve more nature, such as beaches, trails and boat rides.

But as we commented before, the city is a tree full of history, gathering buildings and important facts for the culture of the state and the country.

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Florianópolis?

Walking through the historical center of Florianópolis can be a very interesting and enriching trip that will take you to another era, where everything was totally different from what we know today. Florianópolis places to visit:

  • Hercílio Light Bridge
  • Fernando Machado Square
  • 15 de Novembro Square
  • Cruz and Souza Palace
  • Public market in Florianópolis
  • Frontier of the North Sea
  • The north coast of Franco, reminiscent of the Copacana waterfront in Rio de Janeiro.

The best option for a walk/run, bike ride or maybe even take a boat ride.

The north sea border is a good option to spend the afternoon and watch the sunset, and then have dinner at one of the restaurants located there.

Often also happen on the north sea side, show open to the public, and of course, the famous Florianopolis New Year’s Eve.

We spent the end of the year on the island and it was fantastic. Still on the north sea front, there is a tour in Galeta, which visits the dolphin bay and much more.

Mozambique Beach

One of the beaches of Florianópolis that you should not miss is the Mozambique beach.

Little known among tourists, who tend to frequent the most top Floripa Brazil, as Jurerê and other famous, Mozambique has a totally different atmosphere from those mentioned above.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

There are no bars here, no street vendors, and it is not crowded either.

There are trees right up to the edge of the sand, with plenty of shaded space, and you’ll see plenty of locals enjoying «espetinhos» or impromptu barbecues.

The high and strong waves make Mozambique the perfect beach for surfers as well, and you will see dozens of them.

It’s not the best bathing beach, but it is possible to get in the water. And to tell the truth, the place is so good and beautiful, it won’t even matter.

Lagoa do Peri (Peri Lagoon)

With 5km², the Peri Lagoon is the largest freshwater lagoon on the coast of Santa Catarina.

Located to the south, it is also the largest source of drinking water on the island.

The site is a municipal park and also a biological reserve, rich in fauna and flora. On hot days, the park serves as a meeting place for picnics, sightseeing and refreshing baths.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

Much less explored than Lagoa da Conceição, in the peri lagoon it is still possible to find primary Atlantic forest.

A beautiful, preserved and quiet place, perfect to escape from the mass of tourist attractions.

We have made an article if you want to know more…

Tamar Project

This is one of the most incredible projects we can visit.

Created in 1980, the Tamar project was born with the objective of preserving the five species of turtles that cross the Brazilian coast, which are: stubborn, de-COMB, de- leather, green and olive ridley.

Although its main objective was the protection of sea turtles, it was necessary to expand the activities of Tamar, which today develops social activities with the communities.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

Research work is carried out to achieve sustainable development of the marine ecosystem and also of the communities.

This work of educating the communities aims to reduce the hunting of turtles, which were victims of this practice.

The results of Tamar’s research are extremely relevant not only for Brazil, but also worldwide, being presented in international conferences and linked in scientific journals and magazines.

The Tamar is present throughout Brazil, with research and visitation points.

Here you can find several animals with the species mentioned above.

In addition to seeing the animals, you can also participate in classes, guided tours and even witness the reintegration of the animals to the sea.

The Joaquina Dunes

Have you ever dreamed of snowboarding?

In the Joaquina dunes you can sandboard, which is very similar to snowboarding, with the difference that instead of eating snow, you eat sand.

And make no mistake, because it’s a matter of launching once and not stopping for the whole afternoon!

Ingleses Beach Florianopolis Brazil

The dunes are next to the Conceição lagoon, so you can meet both in the same day.

The boards can be rented on site and do not cost much, I think about 20 or 30 reais per hour.

Ribeirão da Ilha

Ribeirão da Ilha is one of the most traditional districts of Florianópolis, and is even the second oldest of the island, losing only to San Antonio de Lisboa, which we will show you later.

To visit Ribeirão da Ilha is to take a trip not only to the history of Florianópolis, but also of Portugal.

This is one of the neighborhoods that still keeps all the Azorean tradition, buildings and gastronomy, and walking through the streets, you will really feel the Portuguese climate.

Besides the historical and cultural side, Ribeirão da Ilha is still famous for being the largest producer of oysters in Brazil.

You will find several restaurants specialized in seafood, where you can taste this delicacy.

Pântano do Sul

Pântano do sul is a neighborhood in the south of the island, full of trails and nature.

Unlike the center and north of Florianópolis, this is a much less hectic neighborhood, although quite visited.

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

Tourists go there daily to hike the Lagoinha do Lagoinha do Este trail and visit the Arantes bar, but they don’t usually stay there.

We recommend staying there if you really want to escape the excitement and seek peace and quiet, because all the rest of the island’s attractions are far away, and the neighborhood structure is weak, with few markets and stores.

Eating and drinking in Barra da Lagoa

As we have already said, around here there are several options of restaurants and bars, including one of the favorite bars of the whole island is here.

For lunch we recommend Boni’s bar, which is at the end of the lagoon.

If you are thinking of having breakfast in Lagoa, we recommend the Emporio Lagoa.


They have many options of tasty and sweet ready, and also made on the spot, such as the delicious Bauru. Undoubtedly the best cost benefit of the region.

And now the best of all the tips: The Black Swan.

One of the first pubs we visited in Florianópolis and also one of our favorites.

Pub in the best English style, it is perfect to eat, drink craft beers and even enjoy all the things to do in Florianopolis at night because there is always a band playing.

Campeche Island Brazil

Many places in Brazil are called the «Brazilian Caribbean», and one of the most apt in this definition, without a doubt, is Campeche Island.

A truly incredible place, full of natural beauties and also a lot of history.

This is one of the most famous and visited places in the capital of Santa Catarina.

The main reason is the beach of the island (not to be confused with Campeche beach, which is located on the island of Florianópolis), which enchants with its crystal clear and crystal blue waters.

The fine white sand is perfect for lounging and enjoying the scenery, with sunscreen and a few cold beers.

The sea, calm and luminous, invites you to a refreshing swim that washes the soul.

Activities in Florianópolis: The visit to Campeche Island is limited.

Per day, only 770 people are allowed, and you can stay at most 4 hours on the island.

This is controlled because the island of Campeche is an area of environmental preservation, which leans as natural and historical patrimony.

It is there where the famous Florianópolis inscriptions are found, marks left by the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.

The meaning of these inscriptions is not known, however, it is believed to be a means of communication or a method of management of the society at that time.

To see the rock inscriptions, you pay separately, as you must take a guided tour, with the staff of IPHAN (Institute of National Historical and Environmental Heritage), which is the agency responsible for the preservation of the island.

In addition to seeing the inscriptions, by doing the trail you will also see the east side of the island and some places of tourist interest.

How to get to Campeche Island

To get to Campeche Island, there are only 3 regularized options, which is to go by collective boat, leaving from one of the following 3 points:

  • Barra da Lagoa
  • Campeche Beach
  • Armação Beach

The price may vary from one place to another and also according to the season.

The fastest trip is departing from Campeche beach, but it is not always available.

The good thing is to call first so you don’t waste time. Below are the contact telephone numbers:

  • Praia da Armação: (48) 98430-4097
  • Florianópolis tourism guide – Praia do Campeche: (48) 3338-3160
  • Barra da Lagoa Beach: (48) 3232-4019

Trails or Trilhas in Florianópolis

Florianópolis is a natural paradise with dunes, incredible beaches, waterfalls, lagoons and many trails. If this kind of adventure is interesting to you, this is the perfect place.

The trails are scattered all over the island, and reveal secrets that few know.

The most famous of these is the trail east of Lagoinha, which leads to the crown stone.

But beyond that, there are some other lesser-known and consequently more preserved trails.

Hidden places on the island of magic, which will delight nature lovers.

Book your tours in Florianópolis excursions

To make life easier for those visiting Florianópolis, there are two very nice city tours that cover practically the entire island.

Excursions in Florianópolis : The first one has an approximate duration of 7 hours, and goes through the following places:

  • Historical center (XV Square, Metropolitan Cathedral, public market and more).
  • Mirante da ponto Hercílio Luz
  • Beira Mar Norte Avenue
  • Mirante da Lagoa
  • Lagoa da Conceição
  • Joaquina Beach
  • Barra da Lagoa Beach

The second, is a very similar tour, but in the south of the island, one of the most beautiful and preserved parts of Franco.

The approximate duration is 8 hours and passes through the following points:

  • Ribeirão da Ilha
  • Lagoa do Peri
  • Armação Beach
  • Pântano do Sul

Where to eat in Florianópolis?

Florianópolis tourism does not stop, and it is also a gastronomic reference in Brazil and in the world, with options for all tastes and budgets.

It has options for everyone, from simple restaurants to the most refined menus, for people with a little more prepared pocket.

See where to eat in Florianópolis: downtown, Lagoa, beaches, Santo Antônio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha.

The great gastronomic novelty of the city center is the revitalization of the Florianópolis Public Market, which reopened in 2015 with a renewed cast of bars.

The classic Box 32 (Box 32 of the South Wing, tel. 48/3037-2661), famous for its appetizers made with highly selected raw materials, remains anchored in the South Wing.

The courtyard between the two wings has gained the look of a Biergarten, with tables served by the various surrounding bars.

Some of the new occupants emphasize Santa Catarina’s homemade beers and tapas, such as Boteco Vai Quem Quer (Box 2 of the North Wing, tel. 48/3037-2306), Balcão do Mané (Box 1 of the South Wing, tel. 3039-4443)

Beer Boss (Box 14 of the North Wing, tel. 48/3039-1014). Hours: 2nd to 6th from 7 am to 7 pm, bars until 10 pm; Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm, bars until 5 pm; 1st Sunday of the month from 7 am to 5 pm; other Sundays, closed.

How much does it cost to eat in Florianópolis

To get an idea, some prices of food we commonly buy on our family vacations:

  • Menu of the day (including drink) in the expensive area of the city R$ 28.
  • Full menu in fast food restaurant (big mac menu or similar) R$ 25
  • 500 gr (1 lb.) of chicken breast R$ 9
  • 1 liter (1 qt.) of whole milk R$ 2,60
  • 12 eggs, large R$ 8
  • 1 kg (2 lb.) tomatoes R$ 5.52
  • 500 gr (16 oz.) of national cheese R$ 14
  • 1 kg (2 lb.) of apples R$ 4.60
  • 1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoes R$ 2.88
  • 0.5 l (16 oz) of domestic beer at the supermarket R$ 5.10
  • 1 bottle of good quality red table wine R$ 35
  • 2 liters of coca-cola R$ 7
  • Bread for two people, 1 day R$ 3,21

Where to drink in Florianópolis

After so much food, how about sitting down and having that craft beer? As lovers of a good beer, always looking for good bars where to spend pleasant moments, and in Florianópolis there are many of them.

Drinks on the beaches of Brazil Florianópolis

Among the highlights of the region are the Irish pub The Black Swan, John Bull Floripa, which offers rock concerts, and Santa Club Lagoa, with events of various rhythms.

And for those who like handmade beers, the tip is Books & Beers, which has an unbeatable atmosphere overlooking the Lagoa da Conceição!

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

Florianópolis party! In the region of Beira-Mar Norte and Floripa Center, in addition to the good restaurants in the region for those who prefer a lighter night, there are the Didge Steakhouse Pub, the Boteco da Ilha, the Botequim Floripa, the Lontra Bar and The Roof, lounge on top of the Majestic Hotel.

Also in this area is Fields Floripa, with shows by renowned Brazilian artists.

Not far from the city center and with a very democratic profile is the Mercadoteca Florianópolis, a space with different establishments, which works well for lunch or coffee, but also has happy hour and restaurants with live music!

New Year’s Eve in Florianópolis Brazil

The Florianópolis New Year’s Eve night is considered one of the most beautiful in the country, and not for less.

More than 20 mins of fireworks, along with several shows on the edge of the northern sea, well in the style of Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the article on where to go in Florianópolis on New Year’s Eve.

The climate is very calm, safe and familiar, with a very good structure, counting with restrooms, infirmary and a good number of policemen to guarantee security.

Find your flight to Florianópolis SC

Check out Florianopolis, departing from Sao Paulo. Or click on one of the options to change the departure city and travel dates.



Parties in Florianópolis What to do at night?

For those who like to shake, the programming can start on the same day, because in Jurerê Internacional, main beach if you like to party in Florianópolis, there are several beach clubs, such as Parador P12, where you can enjoy the best electronic parties in Florianópolis.

Donna Jurerê Internacional, Acqua Plage and Café da Música are other places to go at night in Florianópolis.

These spaces have refined atmospheres, some of them serve lunch and during the afternoon/evening turn into a ballad.

Also in Jurerê there are nightclubs such as Milk Club, Posh Club and Stage Music Park.

How much does it cost to eat in Florianópolis?

Florianópolis, What to do in Florianópolis

Where to go in Florianópolis at night? The advice is to keep an eye on the schedule of each venue to find out what happens in each one and the events during the period of your trip.

The lagoon is another area of the city that is very popular among those who enjoy nightlife.

The neighborhood has several restaurants with live music, as well as bars, discos and pubs to visit in Florianópolis.

Weather in Florianópolis – Santa Catarina, Brazil

Know the extended Florianópolis forecast and make sure your days at the beaches are the best.

Weather Florianópolis January : At this time of the year, the heat is in full swing, so recommendations on protection should be taken into account.

Which are the cleanest beaches in Florianópolis Brazil?

  • Lagoinha do Leste Beach. The wildest beach in Florianópolis is also considered the most beautiful by residents and tourists……
  • Campeche Island……
  • Daniela Beach…..
  • Joaquina Beach……
  • Praia de Praia Lunar…..
  • Praia da Galheta…..
  • Jurerê Internacional……
  • Praia de Moçambique.

Which is the best family beach in Florianópolis?

1 – Lagoa do Peri (South of the Island) Lagoa do Peri
2 – Daniela (North of the Island) Praia da Daniela
3 – Do Forte Beach (North of the Island) Praia do Forte
4 – Jurerê Internacional/Jurerê Tradicional (North of the Island)
5 – What to do in Canasvieiras (North of the Island)

Florianópolis Island Airport

The international airport of Florianópolis is named after Hercílo Luz, and has been granted as a private initiative in auction held in March 2017.

The winner of the process was the concessionaire Zurich International Airport AG, which as of January 2018 will begin operating the airport for the next 30 years, according to the concession contract signed with the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

Distances from Florianópolis to:

  • Distance to Piratuba 428 km
  • Distance from Florianópolis to Meia Praia 65 km
  • Distance from Florianópolis to North Beaches of Brazil 3470 km
  • Distance to Buzios 1303 km
  • Floripa to Patagonia Argentina 3148 km
  • Distance from Buenos Aires to Florianopolis via Uruguay 1660 km

What to do in Florianópolis in the rain?

Check where to go, the places that are perfect to go in the rain and Florianópolis prices in this special article. Click here

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