e24650_ ✈❤ 24 Tips What To Do in Fortaleza Brazil Tourist Attractions

Leisure, rest, fun, shade and fresh water in the capital of Ceará Brazil.

If you think of tourism in Fortaleza Brazil, you think of shade, fresh water and lots of fun, we can say you’re right. And write it down there, you have much more to be surprised and to know.

The capital of Ceará is a true tropical oasis ready to receive visitors throughout the Brazilian year.

High temperatures, ever-present sea breeze, incredible beaches and leisure for all tastes are the calling cards in the city of Fortaleza!

What to do in Fortaleza tourist attractions

Are you ready? We have prepared 24 hot tips of what to do in Fortaleza to leave your itinerary with your face and unmissable!

What To Do in Fortaleza

Then get your sunscreen, kangaroo and goggles ready to start your tour with 🙂 🙂

Fortaleza, here we come!

Unforgettable tips to enjoy Fortaleza at any time of the year!

How to get to Fortaleza Brazil?

There are daily and direct flights to Fortaleza Brazil from the main capitals of the country for your family vacation.

Travel to Fortaleza by plane

Pinto Martins International Airport: Located in the geographical center of Fortaleza, it is the third busiest airport in the Northeast Region.

Address Avenida Senador Carlos Jereissati 3000 – Serrinha – Fortaleza (Ceará) – 60,741-900

To Fortaleza by car

  • Coming from the South, Southeast and Northeast capitals (except Teresina and São Luis): access by BR-101 (to Natal), BR-406, BR-304 and BR-116.
  • Coming from Maranhão: access by BR-135, BR-316 (up to Teresina), BR-343 and BR-222.
  • Coming from Piauí: access by BR-343 and BR-222.

By bus to Fortaleza

Itapemirim, São Geraldo/Gontijo and Guanabara companies have left from the main capitals of the country.

Rent a car

The best way to get around Fortaleza and see the surrounding attractions is by renting a car. The best option is RentalCars.

It is quite easy to drive around the city, with Avenida Beira Mar being the starting point for most tours.

What is Fortaleza Brazil like?

It is an area where many hotels are concentrated, excellent for those who want to stay in a place with a good location, allowing activities on foot.

What To Do in Fortaleza

The sea is calm in this area, with few waves and firm sand. Many people take advantage of the region for sports, cycling and walking along the shore.

Meireles, with its tents, has a very good structure for those who want to enjoy the sea, but it is important to remember that some stretches of the beach may not be suitable for bathing.

Accommodation in Fortaleza Brazil Booking

Compared to other northeastern capitals of the same size, such as Recife and Salvador, Fortaleza has a good performance in the hotel sector.


Its hotels have good standards and very professional service. The resorts are all outside the city.

Those who enjoy more beachfront accommodations may consider the kitesurfing lodges in Cumbuco. Among them we highlight:

  • Fortaleza Brasil Hotel Vila Gale: A 5-star hotel with all the comfort and excellent attention that Brazilians always offer. At 9.5 km from Pinto Martins International Airport, it has a swimming pool, spa, gym, excellent food.
  • VG Fun Travel: Several leisure options and several structures to ensure your fun and your best stay. Such as swimming pools, sauna, games room, gym and other leisure options.
  • Crocobeach Hotel: Located in front of Praia do Futuro, the Crocobeach Hotel is full of activities, comfort and excellent treatment.
  • Ecco Hotel Fortaleza: Located 10 km from the North Shopping Mall, Ecoo Hotel is the best ranked in the list of positive comments by tourists from all over the world.

Where is the best place to stay in Fortaleza?

When thinking about staying in and around the coast, we basically talk about three regions: Iracema, Meireles and Mucuripe.

Of these three neighborhoods, the stretch of beach that includes the Meireles shore is usually the most crowded, and it is in this region, even, where the famous Handicraft Fair is located.

The best beaches in the capital of Ceará

Fortaleza tourist places you need to visit on your family vacation:

1 – Meireles Beach

Relax with incredible images that premiere on the beach of Meireles. Shade, due to the trees along the promenade, and the sea breeze will not be missing in your visit.

What To Do in Fortaleza

Keep your disposition to visit at the end of the day the famous Feirinha Beira Mar.

The beach in the Meireles neighborhood, in the Nautical Club district, is one of the busiest in the city.

Beira Mar Avenue has several tents, sports courts, the Handicraft Fair and, moreover, it is close to the Japanese Garden and several restaurants.

2 – Mucuripe Beach

White sands and that cinematic look, with sea rafts and coconut trees, are the calling card of Mucuripe Beach.

The beach is very close to the Fish Market, where you can buy fish and have it prepared on the spot. Delights of Ceará!

Mucuripe, near the port pier, is one of the main beaches of Fortaleza.

What To Do in Fortaleza

It is home to several fishing boats, the Fish Market and a boardwalk that is being renovated to improve the waterfront.

It is a great place for those who want to eat fresh fish and seafood, because this beach is the Mercado do Peixe, a market where you can buy fresh seafood to take home or ask to be prepared in time to eat there.

Despite being very beautiful, having a very calm sea, with practically no waves, the water quality of this beach may not be suitable for bathing – see the bathing bulletin for more information.

If you want a quiet place to spend the afternoon, Mucuripe is a good option.

3 – Iracema Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Fortaleza, it is located on Iracema beach where the Ponte dos Ingleses or Ponte Metálica is located, a famous tourist spot in the city.

Walking there in the evening and enjoying the sunset will be unforgettable!

What To Do in Fortaleza

The Espigão de Iracema offers one of the best views of Fortaleza. The place is simple, but ideal for hiking outdoors, walking without compromise, taking pictures of the city, and thus ensuring a postcard-worthy record.

The place is also a strategic point to enjoy the afternoon – if you have enough time, watch a sunset from there because the view is beautiful!

Fortaleza, Brazil security: Walking around the region, it is worth warning not to go out with valuables, as insecurity reaches to the outskirts of the city.

4 – Praia do Futuro

With options of tents with complete infrastructure to enjoy the whole day, Praia do Futuro is one of the tourist places in Brazil that you should know.

With a total of 25 km of coastline, Praia do Futuro is an urban beach of Fortaleza and is a favorite of both residents and tourists.

What To Do in Fortaleza

The waters are clean and with strong waves, which allows the practice of some sports such as surfing and kitesurfing, but the highlight even lies in the large beach huts.

And don’t think they are those cake and beer stands set up on the sand, no… the «tents» of Praia do Futuro are real restaurants on foot on the sand, which even have air conditioning and water slide for the kids!

There are many mega tents available, with different profiles. For example:

  • Crocobeach is the best infrastructure;
  • Daycare Brazil has a young audience;
  • Catacumba specializes in the LGBT public;
  • The most renowned is the Chico do Caranguejo tent (which will impress you with the structure!);
  • Itapariká is suitable for those with children;
  • Vila Galé is ideal for those seeking peace, one of the best as well.

What catches the eye is the glamour, isn’t it 😉.

Fortaleza Brazil excursions

Cabins are an excellent option to enjoy the beach without having to worry about anything. And Praia do Futuro tents are the queens of butlery:

What To Do in Fortaleza

Tours and sightseeing in Fortaleza

5 – Itapariká

Toboáguas, swimming pools and fun with the kids.

6 – Crocobeach

Shows by local artists, swimming pools and lots of good life!

7 – Nursery Brazil

Seating and an amazing free deck for selfies? you found the place!

8 – Beach Park Fortaleza

Near Fortaleza, Beach Park is a water park for the whole family. Toboáguas, toys, pools and many other attractions.

Located in Aquiraz, a neighboring city of Fortaleza, Beach Park is today one of the main tourist attractions of Ceará.

The development has taken such a big shape that it is no longer just a water park, but a complete tourist destination – many people travel to the region exclusively to enjoy the structure of Beach Park and its hotels.


What To Do in Fortaleza

The complex currently has 3 resorts and a hotel, all of which are close to the water park.

Its attractions are very varied and new attractions are launched periodically.

One of the Beach Park’s biggest hits is Insano, a water slide with a 41-meter drop in about 5 seconds!

It is one of the highest water slides in the world and, besides being really crazy about the descent, it offers an incredible view of Porto das Dunas!

Another popular attraction for thrill seekers is the Arrepius, where you enter a capsule whose «floor» opens at your feet.

9 – Tourist attractions Brazil and Fortaleza IPark

If Beach Park is highly sought after for its water attractions, the I-Park is ideal for nature-related activities.

In this 170-hectare park, visitors can climb trees, kayak, pedal boat, zip line, climb a climbing wall, stand up paddle board, wakeboard, archery, dive in the pool and much more.

What To Do in Fortaleza

It is a good place for those who want to spend a day out of the city, doing family activities, with the opportunity to practice different types of sports, always in contact with nature.

In the same place is the Museu da Cachaça, a well-known attraction in Fortaleza that shows the processes of brandy production.

10 – Chico do Caranguejo

Thursday is crab day in Fortaleza. And to enjoy one of the best in town, Chico do Caranguejo will not disappoint you.

Typical food, entertainment area and live music to complete the package.

11 – Juarez Ice Cream Parlor

Super traditional, the Juarez ice cream parlor has ice cream made from fresh and typical fruits. It has guava, jackfruit, cashew and a huge list of flavors. It is located in the neighborhood of Aldeota 🙂 🙂

Fun with friends in Fortaleza

12 – Sea Dragon

The Centro de Arte e Cultura Dragão do Mar (Sea Dragon Art and Culture Center) gathers in one place everything a tourist likes: bars, music, museums and a bit of cultural options.

What To Do in Fortaleza

The Museum of Cearense Culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Multigaleria, the Planetarium and the Joaquim Nabuco Cinema Foundation are part of the complex. So if you are a culture lover, Dragão do Mar is another place to visit in Fortaleza Brazil.

13 – Fortaleza Tourism in the English Bridge

Strolling along the Ponte dos Ingleses and watching the sunset on Iracema beach is one of the things you can put on your list of things to do in Fortaleza.

The bridge is a symbol of the city and was built at the beginning of the last century by a company of British engineers, hence its name.

It was used for port activities in the region, being the embarkation and disembarkation point for ships, which could not get too close to the shore of the beach.

It is 800 meters out to sea and they say that, if you are lucky, you can even see dolphins passing by!

Cultural tours in Fortaleza

14 – José de Alencar Theater

The charming José de Alencar Theater is located in the center of the city. A super cool tour for those who enjoy architecture and art.

Teatro José de Alencar fortaleza

In the same building are the Carlos Câmara Library and the Ramos Cotôco Gallery. A 3 in 1 tour to get closer to the beautiful culture of Ceará.

15 – Museum of Ceará

To enter the list of service cults, the Museum of Ceará has a beautiful collection of indigenous artifacts and works of string literature worth visiting.

The building is also a separate attraction, as it dates back to the 19th century.

16 – Martyrs Square (Public Visit)

Praça dos Mártires, also known as the Public Promenade, is the oldest square in Fortaleza.

In the middle, take the opportunity to rest in the shade of century-old trees and, at the same time, make sure the clicks from the front to the sea are amazing 😉.

The Public Tour of Fortaleza – officially Praça dos Mártires, but known by many other names in the past – is one of the oldest squares in the capital of Ceará.

Martyrs Square fortaleza brazil

Its construction began in 1864 and the site was built on three levels of elevation, each intended for a social class at the time of its construction – rich, middle class and poor.

Some years later, the lower levels of the plaza were deactivated and the main level was also divided into three classes.

It is a space that is part of the city’s history, where people enjoyed themselves, talked and got some fresh air.

Although it has been abandoned for years, today it is a pleasant place to walk or rest on one of its benches and under the shade of the trees.

The square is well wooded and even has a baobab, a large tree of African origin. Another highlight is that the place has a beautiful view of the sea.

17 – Unifor 2022 Cultural Space

Contemporary exhibitions and a lot of art in the space recognized as Tourist Heritage of Fortaleza.

Shopping Tour in Fortaleza

18 – Fortaleza Brazil Tourism and CEART

The Ceará Handicraft Center – CEART – is a place that gathers works of several artisans from Ceará and is a good place to find regional handicraft products.

This center is located in Luíza Távora Square, which many families visit on weekends for children to play.

ceart fortaleza brazil

The space houses pieces from several local artisans and has well-finished works, made in materials such as wood and ceramics.

Often the products sold there are more refined and exclusive, so prices tend to be higher than in popular markets.

It is a place where you can find a different handicraft, which escapes the usual.

19 – Central Market

If you’re on the team that doesn’t return home without a little travel souvenir, you’ll love the Central Market.

From handicrafts to blouses, the market has a little bit of everything. One of the best places to guarantee super authentic local products.

20 – Emcetur

Near the Public Promenade and the Central Market, the Ceará Tourism Company or Fortaleza Tourism Center, is a little corner made for tourists (and shopping).

Based in the former Public Prison of Fortaleza, here you will find products made by the tenants of Ceará and very typical food.

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Places to enjoy the night in Fortaleza

21 – Mercado dos Pinhões

Forrozinho on Saturdays and the feirinha de orgânicos on other days, the Pinhões market is very versatile.

It is worth checking the program and making a visit with lots of aroma and flavor.

22 – Beira Mar Fair

A sea of stalls appears on Beira Mar Avenue, on Meireles beach, as soon as the sun sets.

With almost three decades of existence, the Beira-Mar Avenue Handicraft Fair is one of the best places to buy handicrafts in Fortaleza and one of the places that does not go unnoticed in the tourist itinerary.

It is a large, open-air fair, ideal for buying regional items.

The fair has a great location for tourists, on the promenade of Meireles beach, and offers a wide variety of products.

There you will find assorted chestnuts, dresses, handbags, leather shoes, embroidered fabrics, cachaças, accessories made with golden grass, crochet and lace products, paintings, wood products and much more!

23 – Pirate Bar

The Pirata Bar is one of the most famous and must-see bars in Fortaleza Brazil. Far beyond the atmosphere to serve food and drinks, the establishment is a real point of culture and party on the beach of Iracema, which bombs every Monday.

Created in 1986 by father and son, the Pirate Bar is built on a maritime theme.

In addition to shows, the place is also the scene of exhibitions, plays, festivals and events.

24 – Arre Égua

The zabumba rolls freely to return home with the sharpest forró. Learn more here.

  • Fortaleza Brazil inhabitants
  • Population: 2.643 million (2018)
  • Time zone: UTC-3
  • Climate in Fortaleza: tropical

What is the best beach in Fortaleza for swimming?

Your trips to Fortaleza Brazil should be surrounded by beaches, music and fun?

1 – Praia do Futuro. If it’s the sea you want in Fortaleza, Praia do Futuro is soon the most popular beach in town and always full of people…
2 – Porto das Dunas
3 – Iracema and Meireles
4 – Cumbuco
5 – Prainha
6 – Morocco Branco
7 – Praia das Fontes
8 – Flecheiras

What are the best neighborhoods in Fortaleza?

  • Meireles Neighborhood
  • Bairro Aldeota
  • Poo Park
  • Mucuripe neighborhood
  • Iracema Beach
  • Dionísio Torres Neighborhood
  • Guararapes Neighborhood
  • Fátima District

Fortaleza Brazil surf

PRAIA DO FUTURO: It is the favorite of tourists and also very constant to receive waves throughout the year, but strong winds sometimes damage the swell, when the wind decreases (from December to May) is when the sea is more suitable for practice.

EAST-WEST BEACH: It is a beach very frequented by residents and very good for surfing. It has ideal conditions for any level of surfing and the conditions are almost always very good.

TITANZINHO: Considered the best surfing peak in Fortaleza and where the high waves roll, it is the cradle of surfing in the city.

How far away is it?

  • Praia de Iracema to Praia de Meireles: The total distance from Praia de Iracema to Meireles is 2 km.
  • Distance Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro: 39 h (2,582.0 km) by BR-116

Fortaleza Brazil what to do when it rains?

The weather in Fortaleza Caerá is usually quite suitable for going to the beach and having fun during the day, however, in case you are caught by an untimely rain, it is important to have some excursions prepared to make the most of your trip!

What to do in Fortaleza?

  • Visit the Museu do Ceará
  • Shopping at the Central Market
  • Go to the Theatro José de Alencar
  • Tour the Tourism Center
  • The best hamburgers at Porpino Burguer

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