e24650_ ✈❤ What to do in Jericoacoara Brasil| Tips, beaches and party!

Jericoacoara is one of those paradises that fit the travel profile of almost everyone.

Not surprisingly, it is one of the best destinations in Brazil and, without running the risk of being exaggerated, on the planet itself, where the best activities take place during the day.

Not that the night doesn’t have its thrill, but the natural beauties are really the main course around here.

Where is Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is at the western end of the coast of Ceará, 300 km from Fortaleza, 200 km from Parnaíba, in Piauí, and 385 km from Barreirinhas, in Lençóis Maranhenses.

Jericoacoara how to get there

Jericoacoara Regional Airport, inaugurated in June 2017, is located in the neighboring municipality of Cruz, just over 30 km from the town of Jeri.

What to do in Jericoacoara Brazil

  • Gol flies to Jericoacoara every 4th and Sunday, departing from São Paulo (Guarulhos).
  • Blue flies to Jericoacoara via Belo Horizonte on the 3rd, 5th and Sunday, in flights coordinated with the company’s network. (Tuesday’s flight originates in Campinas, with no change of aircraft).
  • There are no flights between Jericoacoara or trips to Fortaleza by air.

What can we do in Jericoacoara Brazil?

The good winds that blow over Jeri have carved the various rock formations that stretch along the coast.

The highlight is Pedra Furada, a half hour walk from Jericoacoara town. They were also responsible for the formation of the dunes that unveil the sunset and indicate the way to the crystal clear lagoons.

They are also what make the region a favorite of windsurfers and kitesurfers, who invade the area between the months of July and November.

Jericoacoara Hotels

Before continuing, taking a moment to book your next hotel to Jericoacoara will take care of much of your preparations.

Jericoacoara Beach map For that, we leave you jericoacoara places all inclusive hotel, hotels, houses and resort on this map.


Our recommended accommodation in Jericoacoara, Brazil all inclusive:

  • Vila Kalango Jericoacoara: The rooms have thoughtful details that surprise you…It’s like sleeping in your dream tree house, but with all the comforts you need. Excellent Jericoacoara all inclusive!
  • Hotel Jericoacoara Blue Residence: Good breakfast and the restaurant is very good. Simple, Mediterranean style food at reasonable prices and very attentive service. The rooms are spacious and comfortable.
  • Jeri suites Hostel Central: The location is excellent. Quiet atmosphere. The staff is always willing to help.
  • Pousada Blue Jeri: Jericoacoara gay The Blue Jeri Inn is a gay friendly hotel and welcomes travelers with total respect for their privacy. Another option, Viva Jeri pousada.

Jericoacoara Beaches and Lagoons

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this town: there is plenty to do in Jericoacoara beach.

So, whether it’s paid tours in the surroundings or free tours inside the village, you will live unforgettable moments. Let’s go?

Jericoacoara Main beach

Shallow beach with a strip of sand that varies according to the tide, right in front of the village of Jericoacoara.

What to do in Jericoacoara Brazil

Reserve at least half a day to relax here. You can choose to stretch out your beach towel or yoke on the sand or stretch out on the loungers in the restaurants.

Malhada Beach, Jericoacoara photos and fun!

Walking to the right of the village, you will find the most deserted beach in Jeri.

When the tide is low, natural pools form on the shore, leaving those who don’t enjoy the waves a bit calmer.

The downside is that there are not as many bars and restaurants as the main beach.

The best way to enjoy Malhada beach is to go in a group. It is never good to stay in an area isolated from everything and everyone without known company.

Lagoa Azul

Smaller and more touristic. Perhaps that is the best way to define Lagoa Azul.

It is one of the stops for buggy and 4×4 rides in the region, where visitors, especially in high season, eagerly compete for a space in one of its hammocks on the water.

Lagoa do Paraíso

In the flood season, it can become one with the Blue Lagoon. The fact is that it is a much larger space, with more or less crowded spots.

The most common stop for those who have been doing the buggy ride is the chiquetoso Alquimista.

No wonder: the place is a paradise and also rewards buggies that bring customers.

Another way to access is through the vans that take you to Lagoa do Paraíso from the town of Jeri (Rua São Francisco).

In this case, it is worth choosing one of the inns with restaurants on the shore of the lagoon and settle down on their loungers.

What to do in Jericoacoara Brazil

The Lua Cheia Lagoa restaurant is one of the stops there and has sand service at much more affordable prices than the Alchimist. On the way back, leave it with the van or ask the restaurant to call one.

Tatajuba Lagoon

It is more accessible for those coming in buggies. Nearby, there is a restaurant with a «live» menu, where you can choose, right there at the table, the fish you want to have for lunch.

But I’ll tell you something: the prices are compatible with the peculiarity of the thing. A portion of shrimp with side dish, for example, is in the range of R$ 80, much more expensive than several restaurants in the city.

Another activity on site is to go down the improvised slide to the lagoon (R$ 5 to go down) or stand (R$ 20 for half an hour).

Praia do Preá Beach

These are not the beaches for relaxing, but for kitesurfing or windsurfing. It is even possible to stop for a while to take some lessons.

It is a 20 minute buggy ride from the town of Jericoacoara and has options in Jericoacoara accommodation for those who may be interested.

Traveling along Praia do Preá, watch out for surfers. It is advisable to see the areas where they concentrate to avoid any accidents with their boards.

Pôr do Sol Dune

The best place of all, without a doubt, is at the Sunset Dune. In a daily ritual, about an hour before sunset, people gather to mark their place at the top of bendita.

So, don’t be rude one at a time: if you want a good spot, reserve yours and don’t get in front of the people who came early for it (I ask with all my affection, okay?).

To watch the sunset, nowadays there is even a small tent that sells drinks at prices similar to those seen on the main beach.

If you prefer to economize more, buy something at the village market and enjoy the view in the same way.

When the sun goes down, everyone cheers, another end-of-day tradition in Jeri. At the exit, you can choose to walk down or, for the more radical, skirt the steepest part and overlooking the beach.

Pedra Furada: on foot or by car

One of the most popular postcards of Jericoacoara, the Pedra Furada, is perfectly visitable on its own.

One way to get there is to walk 30 minutes along Malhada beach, which is only possible at low tide. Therefore, it is worth asking at the pousada to check the tide time or do it online.

The route is very interesting, with the right to the rock formations scattered along the way that make beautiful pictures of Jericoacoara!

On the way back, it is worth taking the Morro do Serrote, in a hike that requires less effort and still allows a different view of Pedra Furada.

What to do in Jericoacoara Brazil

For those who are with children or simply want to avoid fatigue, it is worth taking a carriage ride to Morro do Serrote.

The only effort, in this case, will be to go down to the postcard. But that’s a good thing.

  • The guides in the area consider it a complicated ride to charge to go along for the ride. Honestly, it’s unnecessary.
  • If you are alone, prefer to go at peak times, when people are heading to the Pedra Furada. Usually in the morning, on low tide days, this is a good opportunity.
  • Don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen. At Pedra Furada there are people selling water, but it’s a bit more expensive than bringing it (which is normal, right?).

Buggy tours in Brazil Jericoacoara beach

By 4×4 The main tours are to the west and east of Jericoacoara, and usually leave at 9:30 am, returning to town at 3 pm.

On the west side (more attractive, by the way), you have the opportunity to visit the Mangue Seco, cross the Guiriú River and go down the dunes, with a lot of excitement.

There is also an optional visit to the cavalo marinhos colony in the mangrove swamp (R$ 15). The last stop is Lagoa de Tatajuba.

The walks on the east side of the city include a stop to walk to Pedra Furada, in a much shorter version than Praia Malhada, where it is also possible to visit Pedra do Frade.

Then you will visit the famous Sloth Tree, Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraíso.

Nights and parties in Jericoacoara

The lack of street lighting and the consequent illumination of the restaurants create a very special atmosphere in Jericoacoara.

It even gives an impression of calm in the village, but don’t be fooled. Here, forró also animates the nights and takes until dawn.

Forró behind the church», for example, has its flyers and unusual hours (for example, 22:37) scattered among visitors at dusk.

The Dona Amélia restaurant, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, is another option for those who enjoy rhythm.

For those who enjoy a live show, SambaRock, next to Jeri’s square, is a must.

The bebidinhas are due to the small drink stands that are set up after dark near the main beach.

After the tiredness, at 2:00 a.m., the traditional Santo Antonio Bakery becomes a delicious snack option.

Things not to do in Jericoacoara Brazil

ATV rides

ATV rides offered in Jeri (or anywhere with lots of sand) are not a good option. Yes, for those who are not used to it, the steering in the middle of the sand is contraindicated.

The risk of accident is a high price to pay and a boring souvenir for the trip. Besides, it costs almost as much as a buggy and only two people are needed.

Climbing the Pedra Furada

Place on one side of the scale the wonderful photo and tans on Instagram, on the other side, the possibility of getting hurt.

Now, remember there is no emergency care in Jericoacoara, is it really worth it?

What to do at night in Jeri Brazil?

  • Jericoacoara beach
  • Sunset dune
  • Rock with holes
  • Sloth Tree and Preá Beach
  • Diving in Jericoacoara and relaxing in the waters of Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraíso
  • ATV ride through the dry mangrove swamp to Lagoa da Tatajuba
  • Nightlife: Forró in the village and Samba Rock on the main street.

Jericoacoara and the fun of diving in Brazil

Scuba diving in Copacabana Brazil is an activity that many tourists practice as an option in the vacation package.

However, in Jericoacoara it should be the first thing you should do, as it will be something unique and unrepeatable!

What is the best beach in Jericoacoara?

Among the best beaches in Jericoacoara, the Main Beach of Jericoacoara. It is the beach right in front of the village, where you reach the main street of Jericoacoara.

You will also find the secluded beaches of the Jericoacoara National Park and the beaches of Lagoa do Paraíso.

When to go to Jericoacoara?

  • The rainy season in Jericoacoara, from January to June.
  • Guaranteed sunshine in Jericoacoara, from July to December.
  • High season in Jericoacoara: January, July, August, October, November and December.
  • Mid season in Jericoacoara, February, March and September.

Where is the best beach in Jericoacoara to stay?

  • Praia Principal – Where the best hotels are located.
  • Downtown Jeri – Strategic location.
  • Residential area – Cheap inns.
  • Near Praia Malhada – Luxury hotels with the best view of Jeri.
  • Praia do Preá – Another town, another style.

Jericoacoara festival nights

Jericoacoara center offers every year festivals of the most varied that will make your vacations special, check the dates in case they coincide with your trip:

  • Jeri Digital: month of June, Polo de Atendimento de Jericoacoara
  • Choro Jazz festival: month of December, jericoacoara festival
  • John John Rocks Jeri: reveillon Jericoacoara, Arena John John John Jericoacoara
  • Jeri Brasil Sport Music Festival: month of October, Jericoacoara National Park

When is the best time to go to Fortaleza?

The best time is between July and December, when the sun is guaranteed, as well as the winds.

The rainy season is from January to June, and the probability is higher between March and May.

What to do during the Jericoacoara Carnival?

The municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, in the state of Ceará, where Jeri is located, organizes a lively street carnival with the participation of several carnival blocks, which guarantees a good dose of fun during the Momo festival.

Some hotels and pousadas offer a special private program for guests during the season, however, most travelers enjoy the days of revelry enjoying the natural beauty under the long and delightful sunny days of the Ceará coast.

If you’re looking for fun, tranquility and ease of getting around, you’re sure to love spending Carnival here.

What is the closest airport to Jericoacoara?

The closest airport to Jericoacoara is in Camocim, and there is a 60-minute flight connecting Fortaleza-Camocim by Correta Turismo, in twin-engine planes.

The airport from Fortaleza Pinto Martins to Jericoacoara has daily flights from several capitals in the country and abroad.

Distances to Jeri Brazil

  • São Paulo Jericoacoara: 41 h (3,072.9 km) by BR-135
  • Distance Jericoacoara Maragogi:17 h 22 min (1,205.3 km) by BR-304
  • Distance Jericoacoara Ceará: 6 h 17 min (471.1 km) by BR-403

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